All products include Postage in the USA. AIR-MAIL / EUROPE~ (sorry) Postage iz Unreal. AIR-MAIL iz $15. per CD/DVD. -CASSETTES-$10. per tape. -VINYL – $15. per LP. The shipping to Europe haz bekum insane. Theze are the shipping rates. I tried to keep all products at the lowest price I could. If a product iz Sold Out, YOU will receive Credit towards other items or a Refund. PRODUCTS will change WEEKLY ! Az Items Sell I will add others (many) waiting to be posted. CHECK WEEKLY !! Remember theze are The ‘Last’ original Copies that Inner-X-Musick haz left. Most are one-ov-a-kind. Most are Out-ov-Print too. Some Items we have a few. AUCTION ITEMS- 23 day “wait” to see highest Bid.-(BIDS Posted). Highest BID in 23 days gets the Item. No Low BIDS excepted. Minimal BID iz where the Bidding Starts. (No Lower BID excepted). Products listed with picture and NO INFO we are checking stock. This “LIST” iz to get things moving. There will be VINYL, Cassettes, and much More …

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BACK-IN-STOCK -(Hat & Metal Pin SPECIAL- $23.)
SPECIAL -(Hat & Pin)- $23. USA only $30. Europe
JONATHAN BRILEY (European Complete Works-CD BOX SET)

JONATHAN BRILEY -European Release / “Complete Works” CD-BOX-SET w/booklet. ON SALE ~$50. Limited SALE ~ (USA only)

All releases by Inner-X-Musick and a BROKEN FLAG release. Material from 1984-1987. All CD covers are the John Zewizz Inner-X designed Cassette covers. (other than BROKEN FLAG). The Hulk ov true Industrial Muscle Musick without doubt. Theze rekordings are from the beginning to the end ov Jonathans Musick carrier. The Musick iz the domination and control ov Noize , Tape loops, Synth drones and electronic waves. Includes the all hiz vocal trax he rekorded az a Solo artist. Jonathan went beyond what rules were expected ov such original harsh Music Concrete. Titles ov all hiz trax are originals. Just az extreme az JONATHAN iz in real Life. A well read Philosopher. His work with SLEEPCHAMBER waz paramount. The only band member JOHHN ZEWIZZ allowed to sing in SLEEPCHAMBER (on the few releases he waz part ov in the band). . Yet, the songs are above many other Industrial Musick artists. JONATHAN BRILEY iz a real brut when it kums to Musick. Hiz rekordings from the 1980’s are not only priceless but a ‘Must’ to any and all Industrial collections. $100.-(USA) Not for sale to Europe. Will post a European distributor to contact.

ORIGINAL LYRIC Sheet by Zewizz – (highest bidder) “SUCCUBUS” (last Song released)

SATANIC SANCTION-CD (sealed)-(includes Bonus Trax) European Release-( Klang Galerie-Austria)~$20. EUROPE~ $40-(air mail).

JONATHAN BRILEY and JOHN ZEWIZZ got together in Inner-X-Studio in 1988 and rekorded this complete collection ov Ritual Musick within a month. Remastered at Newbury Sound-Boston by JEFF DOVNER. Some ov the Best Ritual/Electronic Musick ov its time. Released az a Vinyl LP by MMM-RECORDS-Italy then released with all material including trax not featured on the vinyl LP. Also features the studio version ov WEAPONS OV MAGICK-(1986). Includes 5 other trax not released.

SORCERY, SPELLS AND SERPENT CHARMS-CD-(sealed)- $25. Another KLANG GALERIE release from Austria. Much like their other Tribal and Ritual release this CD contains oblique electronics from different time periods in 2008. Plenty ov philosophy on the Musick, Spells, and Magick. Only a few available. USA-$25. EUROPE- $45.

SEREMONY-CD-(sealed). Panic Machine Records-USA. $30. EUROPE-$45.

This iz a very hard to find CD. It iz much like SEXMAGICK RITUAL release. Ritual electronics and tribal percussion. Rekording dates range from 1986-87 and 1988-89. Includes JONATHAN BRILEY, P.EMMERSON WILLIAMS-(az guest), and others.

ORIGINAL 1st 100 CD-with TAROT CARDS ~(HIGHEST OFFER) ~ 1-available
SONOROUS INVOKATIONS-(10″Vinyl) with ZEWIZZ Artwork Autographed -1992 (HIGHEST BIDDER)-

STRATOCAST~CD -(Live FM Show) 1/1/10 Broadcast. Limited Release. (Inner-X-Records) 3-copies open but MINT. $30. EUROPE~ $45.

The last FM Live broadcast done by the band. A mix ov STOLEN SLEEP trax and other improv pieces. Cover lay-out by TheBradMiller. Inside artwork by John Zewizz. Cover by P.EMMERSON WILLIAMS. A great gathering for a SLEEPCHAMBER return.

SILVERSTAR- MERRY X-MAS-(CD-EP) Inner-X-Records 2010. $20. EUROPE~ $35.

Done az a sort ov goof. There waz almost a Full CD worth ov Musick rekorded trying to get a Christmas sounding release. Theze were the only ones produced in time for the holiday. Contains 2 versions ov SILVERSTAR-(song). and 2 studio jams. Limited release.

WOMEN OF THE SS~ C-60 Cassette. New limited release containing rare material. A collection ov some ov their best trax. Including the vinyl 7′ single trax SS Orgy and SS Bitch.- $20. Europe- $26.

Gathering up many more items. A more complete list upcoming. Checking stock.

DOKUMENT Vinyl LP-Germany (USA ONLY) ~ $25.00
10″ Vinyl LP. (USA- $23. Europe~ $50.
SEXMAGICK RITUAL c-60 Cassette Some Trax Longer than LP – $20. EUROPE~$ 45.
Rare 7′ Vinyl picture disc (1-available/Mint) $100.
Live Box-CD Live trax from German Tour 1997 -$30. EUROPE~ $45.


Limited Edition Vinyl LP
Bootleg Live CD w/novelty snake
REISSUE ” SLEEPING SICKNESS” DVD -(Live 89-90) Different Shows from Boston-(Sept 1st) Pre-orders taken
REISSUE~ DVD – $23. (Available / September 1st)
LIVE @ THE LIMELIGHT w/BARBITCHUETTES- DVD-Reissue-(Great Performance)-$23. in September 1st.
SPELLBONDAGE vinyl LP with Sticker & AUTOGRAPHED by BRILEY, ZEWIZZ & VAN HORN 1987 (Highest Bidder) ~ MINT
WOMEN OF THE SS ~ 7′ vinyl single
Rare & unreleased Box CD

SOUNDTRAX~ 2008-Box CD – Designed and trax chosen by Brad Miller. Contains all Instrumental trax. No Songs. SUCCUBI SISTER contains LAURA GRAFF doing spoken word. There are 2 different versions. Pretty much the same. Except a few were numbered on the back. $30. EUROPE~ $45.

7’Vinyl single- KUM KLEOPATRA/NESSUS-(Live on WZBC 1986) $50. EUROPE $60.
STOLEN SLEEP CD-2009 (2 available) $40. EUROPE-$55.
RARE Live @ CHETS 1984-CD (2 available) $60. EUROPE-$70.
SIRKLE ZERO-CD BID- Highest BID by April 23rd. (Will list highest serious BIDS)-MINT
STRIPTEASE CD- Greatest Hits $50. EUROPE~ $65.
Bootleg CD Contains Unreleased Studio Song session. $50. EUROPE~ $65.
Download/Promo CD- 25 made. Different versions $75. EUROPE- $85.
Electronic/Ritual CD-(Used copies) VG condition $20. EUROPE~ $30.
VINYL Live LP / Limited Edition ~#952 ov 1000 hand numbered copies. $75. (Mint)
ITALIAN ISSUE / USA ISSUE also available -(different version on 3 Songs)-September 1st
MESCALINE DREAMS -(REISSUE DVD)- $23. (Available September 1st) pre-orders OK
STUDIO DISC -(pre release SORCERY, SPELLS & SERPANT CHARMS-CD) contains some different trax ,original Title. HIGHEST OFFER ~More info soon with Cover Layout, hand written info. ONE OV A KIND.
Individual package ov 15 Flyers, hand bills, etc. (original 90’s) Available in SEPT.
ZEWIZZ / SLEEPCHAMBER Unreleased Studio demos. Limited Bootleg edition-100 copies. (1-available) HIGHEST BIDDER

New Items to be Listed SOON. Sorting out My Storage Unit. FULL ov goodies, one-ov-a-kind etc. (Many hand written Master DVD rekordings, Flyers, CDs, Cassettes, Vinyl, and MORE.) ~