General Factual Information

I’ve seen all the SLEEPCHAMBER mentions in Sites to notice that they take All their info from Wikipedia. Word for word in most instances. Not only iz WIKIPEDIA incorrect in what they are poorly publishing but if YOU attempt to try to ‘correct’ ANY dates, matrix numbers, etc YOU are automaticlly rejected if YOU have or have ever had Anything to do with the Bio. YOU are rejected for fear that incorrect or bias info may be published. Seems pretty logical indeed. “We have seen your facebook page, and are connected to the John Zewizz. We can not permit YOU to contribute”. Yet the disadvantage in this form ov publishing iz that YOU are still only getting one side ov the Story. What’s been printed. What others have claimed. (I’m not even getting this). If the people in the Bio are not allowed to contribute or correct what gives the Press or other contributers any more credibul. Az far az PHOTOS or a LOGO they too are rejected countless times. I have had many who photographed SLEEPCHAMBER in Performance. Some Pros too. They have complained that WIKIPEDIA waz impossible to work with and had a reason for NOT publishing photos taken by them. Obviously not a friendly attitude. WRONG or MISSING ? …. Where should I begin next ? I mean, WIKIPEDIA iz responsible for providing the Internet info on all subjects. Many access their info for Facts & Truth.

I will remove theze pages when JOHN ZEWIZZ bio iz Corrected & Updated-WIKIPEDIA. It iz actual SLANDER. My Proof iz all right here ~ John Zewizz~

WRONG~ “THE OTHER SOUND mag waz a Propaganda Vehicle for Inner-X and the Musick sold in Zewizz’s record shop Innersleeve Records”. (check covers on Zewizz on Zewizz page). Over 90% are Not on Inner-X-Musick. And are European Musicians. I’m also Alive and Well at 67. So, I guess ending with Me fading away into addiction waz not really where the Info on JOHN ZEWIZZ ends ? “In 2007 when SLEEPCHAMBER reformed and began Rekording again”….(then Nothing)…. I would not give a class student a C+ on this so called BIO homework. If YOU dont like Me get someone else to write it. MISSING from Wikipedia bio iz also Historical Documentation ov Record manufactures refusing to make My Bands Albums: (kinda important in Bios) SOUND CHOICE Magazine called them and did a piece on The LP Covers & the Musick.

I personally have Nothing against WIKIPEDIA. Yet, if they are going to Publish a Bio on YOU and your life. Lets get it Fucking right first. I’ve worked in Musick and publishing. Throw in Video production, distribution, and the rest. I deserve better than theze Lazy cheap shot info pieces. Overview ov the writer ov this page shows no respect or concern about the project that iz being composed. provide the Info that explains the Page Info contains no focus and a lack ov direction. (It goes from 2007 back to 1980’s The Other Sound). Just kinda abandon on the Page. Much like the Layout ov a lumber pile. Even now, when WIKIPEDIA haz been called out for a really poor Bio. When there obviously iz more than Half the important info vague or absent. I have along with the Photographers ov the Photos GIVE PERMISSION to access ANY photos & Logo to WIKIPEDIA. For the use in the Bio they have on JOHN ZEWIZZ.

Here iz yet another official document where SLEEPCHAMBER cassette covers for the Cassette “LIVE AT THE AIR STATION” were seized being called ‘Obscene’. 1987. There haz also been packages ov the SEXMAGICK RITUAL vinyl LP being seized in Japan.


Az ov today 3/10/22 this iz what’s sitting around in the Studio still to finish. . Waiting for overdubs and Vocals. Ya, I’ll admit it. Most ov the hold up iz The Lyrics. Politics keeps evolving and in very large ways. Trying to keep the Lyrics current iz important theze days. Even in the Underground todays politics are more paramount than My sexually fetish songs. A great evolution in humankind haz happened. Its called “The Great Awakening” (I’m sure YOU have heard). This evolution in self consciousness haz evolved mans processing ov information to be instant. If YOU understand this it means that humans are thinking differently. Some can adapt. Yet, some can not. Well, lets stop here … My Lyrics will be darkly created from My last Stand against Censorship and Freedom ov Expression. And what I mean by Expression iz Eroticka. The beauty ov the Flesh. Not the perversion ov the Flesh. (This iz infantile and defective). The Flesh should be Adored az a Sacrament ov pleasure, desire and enchantment. (Lyric State ov Mind).SORRY ~ Me and Eugene Difrancesco are waiting on the time we can get together to rekord LEON RUSSEL”S “Tight Rope”. It will be a strange Fit , but We will see. Another ‘cover’ will be a Rolling Stones song. “THE SPIDER & THE FLY”. Its complete. It features GENESIS P-ORRIDGE on piano from a 1984 sessions. An Issue we are having iz with this Track. I can just say the word. And its on the CD. But I respect the other people around Me and their opinions. This iz the Last SLEEPCHAMBER CD. Its important because this landmark will reflect where SLEEPCHAMBER haz brought Me. PROBLEM Being that the Song sounds Great. Finding a place where it fits iz difficult. Its not really the same Digital Sound that most ov the other Musick iz on the CD. Someone claimed that it sounded like a JOHN ZEWIZZ Solo track. I do have enough material to release another CD (a Solo) by Christmas. But I want it on this CD for a reason. There haz been a decision by Me to Master the Songs in a cascade ov dialogue and treated sounds. Between each song a connecting atmosphere ov voice, synth waves and sound. I am also accepting Files-(short) No more than 5-min. If YOU want to appear on the release az a contributing supporter and if used YOU get your name on the back ov the CD. I’m being brief to get in az much az possible. Others working on the SLEEPCHAMBER CD are Tick, Ashley Swanson, Eugene Difrancisco, Spike Devitt, Kay Tue, Bob Avakian and others to be announced. There will be a mega-mix ov types ov “SUCCUBUS” … Mixes and a remix. There are about 3 instrumentals. Very aggressive and Industrial . The other Songs are a mix ov the SUCCUBUS trance style to psychedelic oldies…I don’t know. You got a general idea. Its really got a few styles ov Musick. Lyric’s may be too heavy for YouTube. Mixing them in a way they flow iz gonna take all the time. (I say shit like this every release). This iz az good az I could explain. Titles and maybe demos next month. Possible Release Date ~ September 2022. (No Title Yet) .


I have unreleased WOMEN OF THE SS material. Rekorded in 2014. The quality iz digital. I have had more problems with this musick than YOU can imagine. I’m looking for a label for its release. A CD-there iz no Video. NOW, before YOU start. Serious Offers Only. Contract/advance. … Contact Here………… One track iz posted on YouTube. WOMEN OF THE SS~ MY PAIN GARDEN . (below)

Az most ov YOU know, Everything released by SLEEPCHAMBER iz Out-ov-Print. I am now ready to License Any ov the SLEEPCHAMBER LPs or CDs. Digital Masters Available. Simple contract. Single run. No Relicensing to 3rd party labels. First contacts get first choice. CONTACT :

Private Live SLEEPCHAMBER Video

I’m really sick ov all the ‘Lockdown’ bullshit. I am working on a Private SLEEPCHAMBER Performance. I found 2 locations. One iz an actual FREEMASSION Lodge. The other iz an underground lounge. The material haz not been chosen. I’m sure its not going to be all instrumental. I’m guessing saying New & Old songs. Instrumental opening-Maybe ! This iz taking much more than I imagined. THE LIST ::: I got A BAND-(around), I got PLACE, now I got to get equipment, cables, lights, video cameras-(2), fog machine, stage design, layout and concept. This will be a ‘Live Stream’ video on RUMBLE ? Will let YOU know. Now all I need iz a tiny bit ov Fucking Help from Anyone involved ,,, This iz actual drama within. Everyone wants to be part ov This. Other than that, They could care Less.