Released az a C-60 cassette, A VHS Tape, A Vinyl LP, and a CD. Released in 1987. Featuring atmospheric sound with important mystical titles. Many people claim its their favorite Musick by SLEEPCHAMBER. Hate it, or Love it. Here iz part ov its History ~

My interest in Sex Magick started in 1969 with THE ROLLING STONES Release “Their Satanic Majesties Request”. To Me, already a STONES fan waz captured by the Musick and its obscure enchantment, attitude, and image of this release. . The Musick sealed My obsession being attracted to a group ov anti-social rebels. That the establishment disliked and feared. My admiration ov complex adventure begins. Especially az in those days (60’s) Musick waz a run-away pop attraction to all younger people. I waz not the ‘Air-Guitar’ type. My attraction waz the obscure, bleak lyrics, image and respected questioning ov predictable expectations. The electronic transformation ov Blues Musick being unchained with just the right amount ov Rock innovation by THE ROLLING STONES ::THE BLUES. “Their Style”. captured my darker interest and curiosity. Then a book called “Up and Down with The Rolling Stones” by Tony Sanchez waz published. An exploitation ov the rogue Bad Boys ov dark Pop Musick. No it did not start with Throbbing Gristle az most critics claim. I’m much older than that. I liked TG, but THE ROLLING STONES Folly, Sexuality, Dark Blues and Anti Social attitude waz my interest. After Christian education and conditioning I waz ready to challenge society with my own Alpha concepts and attempts to investigate my own Individuality. Including potential.

A book written by a total observer. Forgetting hiz emotional sense ov journalism. Entertaining enough with rumors and stories that would show up for years later. Still shaping their rogue image. Brief portions ov uncertain events that sound like Spells, Drugs and Magick waz being performed by some members ov THE STONES. Theze rumors along with the Musick mysticism waz the total package attracting my interests. The unpopular side or shadows ov a this Pop Rock band seduced many. Everyone haz a dark-side or a attraction that invokes a special emotion. A secret. A fantasy. A wish. An attraction you find exciting and possibly thrilling. An altering challenge to your psyche. In the 1960’s I had such an obsession to THE ROLLING STONES image, sexuality, and their threat to the Establishment .

Major influence on SLEEP CHAMBER Magick / Tribal Musick

There waz always endless info on THE ROLLING STONES ‘rouge’ side. So I grew curious with everything. (Up until SOME GIRLS 1987). I dropped My younger obsession or worship and sold almost 100,000 ROLLING STONES records to open a vinyl record stone -(INNERSLEEVE RECORDS-100 BRIGHTON AVE-Allston, Ma.) And began making My own rogue experimental Musick shortly later. The ROLLING STONES era with BRIAN JONES waz my favorite. It iz the most interesting, progressive and unusual. Brian Jones waz on the same wave az THE BEATLES Producer. He waz even spending time with THE BEATLES during SGT PEPPERS LP. Rekording horns and other exotick instruments for them in the studio. Convincing the rest ov THE STONES that THEIR SATANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST release waz the proper modern production to go.

Major Influence on SLEEP CHAMBER Magickal / Tribal Musick.

I had yet to experiment with many drugs. Just a Philosopher by nature. My Will waz born out ov adventures in my Life. This Musick waz known az “Psychedelic”. To me it waz much more. Stimulating my Psyche to new life possibilities. . The interest in Occult Magick and Divination began in the early eighties. My interest in mixing My own concept ov Musick inspired by The ROLLING STONES obscure style ov ideology ‘ (especially by their release THEIR SATANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST (1969). Enchanted Me much like all other fans and admirers. I felt a real different emotional attraction to this release. Nothing satanic or demonic. It waz more like a personal concept that felt important for my Will to understand. My own attractions to sound and designing Musicks. I waz always interested in constantly moving forward in life. I went through ‘Puberty’ late in My youth. (18-21). My Roman Catholics upbringing stunted My natural sexual urge to investigate my own sexual potential. Strange az it seems, I feared my ignorance to sexual nature. It what waz conditioned into me by Nuns at Catholic School. I seemed to blindly respect authority. Until this door opened into my mind.


JOHN ZEWIZZ at Sisters Wedding 1982
Dinny Lane & John Zewizz 1982
JOHN ZEWIZZ with Fathers younger brother 1982

After studying my first crude sexual encounter. I became overly sexual in my romantic intentions. “Getting Laid” …waz My strongest urge. I seen this az puberty evolving in my 20’s instead ov my teens. A possible emotional insecurity ? Eventually also learning if you are not a ‘good-fuck’, that word passes along too. I found I had bekum stimulated by all sorts ov unique fantasies and waz eazy to arouse. Experiencing many sexual situations focused me to obsessive fetishes. I knew how to ‘Fuck’ and how to ‘Love’. How to Romance. Later how to Enchant. I waz heading to a period where mysticism and sex crossed paths.

JOHN ZEWIZZ-1984 by Judy Timpa

I educated myself with Eastern books on Eroticka, mysticism, sex rituals, yoga, then into hormones, animal musk glands, aphrodisiacs, pheromones, potions and more. Not only for the Power ov Seduction. (well, maybe sometimes)-More for the respect ov something that iz one ov the most powerful emotional weapons to our consciousness, but the mystery ov its potential in our understanding our social enjoyment. The most euphoric state ov consciousness which exists.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ROMAN CATHOLIC FAMILY ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

IRISH-Grandmother-McSweeney./ ENGLISH MOTHER-Britton-(Dorchester 1964)- JOHN & Sister CAROL

I kum from a Roman Catholic Irish father-(Master Sargent in the Army an MP and Drill Sargent). While abroad with the US Army he met my Mother in the UK. Mum waz an English Protestant young woman. Basically pretty opposite in certain Virtues. Other than meeting in a UK Pub and hooking up. It waz the end ov WW2 and American yanks were a catch for UK women. ‘The Yanks’ were going back home to ‘The States’. Life in the U.K. waz grim. The USA waz everyone’s dream ov The Perfect Life. My Mum got pregnant. The question ov abortion waz on the board. My Mum waz almost 18 and My Dad waz an American visiting soldier. For details that matter not …Events unfolded and the Doctor visit waz changed to getting Married in England then move Me and Mum to America. I waz told this by My Mother one night after maybe a few too many cocktails. My First brush with a Reaper. The 1st ov many.

I waz educated in a strict upbringing ov Roman Catholic beliefs and virtues. I waz a devout Catholic and waz conditioned by an all Nun environment. Ensuring I waz taught not only Biblical beliefs and teachings but discipline and self control. It waz brutal. My social surroundings were built in by all my neighborhood friends ov Irish and Italian decent. Much ov discipline and behavioral control revolved from a small neighborhood in Dorchester, Mass. Although I followed a rebel view ov social behavior within my group then. I received most ov the 7-Sacraments ov the church like Baptism, Communion, Reconciliation, Confirmation yet not Marriage, Ordination or Extreme Unction. I also practiced their Rituals. The Stations ov the Cross, The Holy Rosary, fasting, Lent, Ash Wendzday, Novenas, while going to Requiems-(Mass for the dead) and more. A big thrill waz to go to ‘Midnight Mass’ on Christmas. I waz a model Catholic for sure.

John Zewizz in 7th grade-St. Peters School-Dorchester 1960’s.
MUM- British subject new to American cultures 1960’s
DAD- Typical Irish Catholic. Full Military 29 years- (Master Sargent/) ARMY MP /Drill Sargent


I said my prayers in full every night. Believed all the translations. I knew nothing but the belief ov God by means ov the Catholic church. I attempted to join both the church choir and the alter boys. Yet, waz rejected by both for some reason. -(Bypassing any potential ov possible molestation by priests or clergy). Even being engulfed by the religious order I waz still seen az a non conformist within their flock. Know this … Me walking within you … iz something I had to understand and remember from my childhood. Acting out az a normal youth I enjoyed more than conforming. By constantly being hit with the ‘Rat-Hand’-(a ruler to the knuckles) and on occasion a hard slap across the face. Hair pulling waz also common. I kept my hair az short az possible -(a buzz cut) I waz instinctively conscious, even at the early ages from 1st to 8th grade that the Nuns were basically older women lacking patience and carried the disposition ov elderly women and emotionally obsessed with their objective. We were taught that they were Devine connections to Jesus Christ. An Order ov sacrosanct wives. Discipline waz their tool ov teaching. It waz in the time period where the Mass waz spoke in Latin. They rang chimes and bells during the Mass. The high pitch ov the metal bells waz very interesting to me. Az I seen the reaction ov the others to theze frequencies. They burnt Frankincense and Myrrh resigns that were very potent in smell. I found all the Rituals fascinating. The higher elements ov spirituality have more potential to me than just my current belief system. Even the Hierarchy ov the Priests, Cardinals, Monsignors, and Bishops waz somehow admirable. Immortals in perspective. Demanding only the most highest respect. I remember a girl in 6th grade who had been caught whispering during a Monsignor’s visit to our classroom. After he departed, the Nun grabbed her and dragged her to the front ov the classroom by her hair, humiliating this poor girl while literally beating her till she pissed everywhere. Good ole Sister Mary Francis never yielded through the 2-minute assault. The classroom waz all in shock. Fear ov the Nuns waz az bad az the fear ov going to Hell. Which we were reminded about almost each day…. “A burning in a Sea ov fire, where you are begging God for a drop ov water on your tongue”….

JOHN, MUM, DAD, CAROL -(1963) Dorchester

In the 1960’s The Catholic Church went into an evolution where the Mass waz done in English now. They even had singing Nuns briefly on occasion. (recall being hit for observing one Nun had great tits)…it waz amusingly funny to us male boys at that age. What waz also very curious to me waz the power I witnessed in the Holy Rituals and their serious dedication ov worship to the solid gold Ritual Objects and other Spiritual items. Like the Tabernacle, Holy water, Communion wafers, Triple candle sticks, Scapulars, and all other sorts ov sacrosanct items. Not to mention The Litany ov the Saints and the endless history ov Martyrs and Profits. Theze would later direct my foundation to how I established my own Belief system.

Tabernacle Door – I own ….Solid Gold ?
JOHN, Large Doll, and Sister CAROL -(1964)- I use to stand it up, in the dark. Before she went to bed. The oversized Doll waz a simple way to tease my sister. The Doll iz strangely large. (For a Doll ?).



I waz taught in the 3rd grade something they introduced az “Speed Reading”. Having learning problems -(A.D.D.)-in those days it waz an unknown condition. An assimilation into an educational system that failed me. I turn back and wish I had more common sense, and attention controlling over my Ego. I resented my intention ov a Virtue for ‘Pity’. Future conflict would only have me questioning myself. Second guessing everything. (Insecurity)- If you are smart enough, how much loyalty and respect iz enough ? I had observed closely the elder Femme Fatal emotions. I started observing all emotional events. Towards the end ov SAINT PETERS School 8th grade. I found myself proud. I accepted 95% ov all social issues due to my conscious intentions without question. A natural trust in what iz right. Your Belief system keeps you content and fulfilled. Az long az you are at one with your own True Will. My spiritual insight waz complex. Always being challenged. Also being exploited by other arms ov the same root belief system. I waz growing anxious with religious mysticism. Even Exorcism’s. I had questions. I needed salvation where I would search for understanding. Surrender and Salvation both questioned my faith. Especially after entering the public school system after 9-years ov Catholic education. . I allowed this spiritual entity to access my ego ? Or … waz it a possible true path to understanding ? (10th grade). I transitioned from City ov Boston public high school-to Silver Lake Regional high school-Kingston. Also a traditional public school. Ov course I had major problems. Everybody does when you are uprooted in your youth. Teachers see a group ov students and can be somewhat poorly individual in educating. Nuns…they do not operate az Individuals. They really do work like a collective. I studied this behavior. I also knew the difference. Generations ov children follow the footsteps ov their family members in Catholic Schools. Much like college legacies. I reflect back now. And see their failures. Reflecting the surrender where I waz told by a few teachers. That ,,,, “If I sat at the back ov the classroom, and waz quiet…You will Pass” ,,, Sounded like heaven to me. I had to obtain all my knowledge and wizdom in Life from its experiences. Never Confuse Education with Intelligence. ~

JOHN ZEWIZZ & younger Sister in the 1960’s

I waz seen az unruly and disruptive to myself and others. When adding this to being unable to process the SPEED READING concept, I failed and waz forced to repeat the 3rd grade. And continued the Speed-Reading practice for a few more years. Still unable to adapt this technique. This iz where I believe I developed a form ov Dyslexia. To this day my mind reads ahead ov a sentence and fills in words by assumption. (always wrong). Its also why I later adapted my own form ov spelling. Which I conditioned myself into an individual form on Nonconformity. I have spelled like this since 1979. Years after graduating High School in 1974. Some forms ov the spelling fall into similar Occult spelling ov words. Known az a form ov an anti social, non conformist gesturing. Az you can see a path waz almost instinctive being formed.

St. Peter’s Parochial School Dorchester, MA
Saint Peters 8th Grade Graduation 1969 -(Find Me)-

I waz understanding my own ‘Rights ov Passage’. The formula to control directions are intentional experiences for choice in the final result. You also know to use Logic to avoid any emotional instability. Az hard az it iz. Your survival in life depends on understanding Your Ego ~

JOHN ZEWIZZ Graduates Jr. High School -St. Peters-Dorchester 1969




Drugs, alcohol and tobacco play large roles in growing up. My first drug experience waz LSD. I waz forced to take it before even experimenting with weed or alcohol. Simple peer pressure. Little did I know theze experiences ov city public school and inner city street fighting would be very handy in my next transformation. To suburban high school.


JOHN ZEWIZZ-(Graduation from High School) 1974

Since I waz from ‘Boston’ I waz constantly having to prove myself. Az a city import. I had enough friends like myself. Known az ‘Freaks’. (Individuals) that refused to join the jocks or nerds. Not a week went by that I did not have to fight someone. My ‘shag’ haircut and bell bottom pants only encouraged many ov theze challenges. I stood by my own belief and instinct that original behavior ov rebellion waz worth the insight and reputation. All the struggle would satisfy my need to understand my own Individuality logically in time.

Understanding instinct ov typical common behavior iz Awareness. Very difficult emotion to master. Yet, if you are aware and can see your own Ego. Reflection iz a very powerful insight ov consciousness to access. The Past only haz an effect on the future if your Will grants it. I waz starting to understand Eastern Philosophy. I really found it refreshing and humble to understand and accept my strengths along with my weaknesses.

JOHN ZEWIZZ 1985 by Judy Timpa
Darline Victor & John Zewizz 1985 by Judy Timpa


My next evolution waz drugs. They followed me out ov High School into my adventures ov being a Drug fiend. A Poly substance user. After years ov experimenting with all kinds ov substances. I still only seen the behavior az a ‘Thrill’ seeking interest. I enjoyed the constant choices ov drugs. I waz looking for ‘Kixx’. Not running from any emotional damage. I Started with pills. Nothing hard to begin with. I only enjoyed what waz currently available. And there waz always a good deal ov choices. For the 60s-1985 the vast assortment ov drugs available waz unique. Yet, if you understand the Time-Line ov drugs you understand my adventure through my youth without direction.

Also just az popular were the ‘chemicals’ like LSD, MDA, PCP, STP, THC-(which waz really PCP), Mescaline, Peyote, Angel Dust-(smokable PCP) Hash, and Psilocybin mushrooms. The vast amount ov choice waz endless. (PCP iz a horse sedative). Very common in the suburbs, where horse farms are a regular part ov most neighborhoods. Sold in High School az “THC”. Many see drug use az shameful. I took that road thru life. I regret very little. They were introduced into our everyday life. If you can handle your shit ~ I got No Complaint ~ I am not ‘Pro Drug’ and lack any shame for my Life or history ~ I WAZ A APEX DRUG FIEND. I look at it az experience and experimenting with my own mind-set. Many would disagree, which I understand. In hindsight. Yet, Life iz so short you should wallow in your unique Individuality.


~ In the times that I waz working on SEXMAGICK RITUAL my focus on drugs became unimportant, routine, and somewhat boring. I waz now more interested in Alchemy. I spent much time making special blends ov Incense for live performances in SLEEP CHAMBER. I also educated myself with Tinctures, Potions, Exotick herbs and plants. This took all my focus off drugs and replaced them with elements ov scientific Divination.

JOHN ZEWIZZ 1982 Pembroke `

I waz building my Transformation consciously for obscure and unusual individuals. (Females Mostly). Late sexual development directed my focus on sexual situations. Everyone remembers their first ‘Intense euphoria’. Where you felt the Power ov Lust, emotionally surrendering. And also thrilling with short breaths and hard heart pounding. Leaving you light headed and fever some. That “Thrill” iz what drawers you to a private emotional state ov euphoria. , Your enchanted fascination with something that haz a profound emotional effect on you. You are stimulated with the emotion ov arousal. One ov the most intense experiences that human beings can experience and yet not fully understand.


When you can combine certain emotions together the experience can be a powerful Invokation ov Magick. Understanding mixing Emotions together can contain pure psychic energy ov higher Spirituality. . This insight demands more commitment for proving your Will iz ov higher ability. When you focus on (Shit) how you even got this deep. I saw the pain and sadness in my reality. How much did I maintain ? And how emotional too. This state ov arousal became a behavior pattern. After that first out ov control orgasm I understood a direction to choose.

JOHN Zewizz- Pool Party- Kingston 1973 by Terry Difrancisco
JOHN ZEWIZZ & British Grandfather 1972

Before you knew it all those different kinds and varieties ov pills became unavailable. in less than a year opiate pills (Perks, Vikes, Oxys,) dried up. After that all you could score waz with the ‘Hard Shit’ Cocaine, Heroin, Ketamine, Meth, MDMA and its offshoots. The thrill seekers, Artists, Bands, Elites, and eventually you question how serious iz your Ego In Time. You surrender to the next batch ov drugs. Freedom from familiar Reality to curious and emotional attraction Chasing the Fever. Your Desire will always betray you. The drive ov your obsession will trigger you to test potentials. Releasing endorphins instinctively seducing your logic. Unexpected Betrayal must be observed seriously.



I met MALCOLM SMITH in Harvard Square in Cambridge in 1983. He had called me about a review ov SLEEP CHAMBER ~ vinyl EP “Speak in Tongues” 7″ record review he saw in BOSTON ROCKK -(local Rock Newspaper). We got together and saw interest in each other. We both liked Kaos and mischief. Not to mention Industrial Musick . INVOKATIONERS from The SEXMAGICK RITUAL Concept: ( Musicians)- JOHN ZEWIZZ, MALCOLM SMITH, JONATHAN BRILEY, RICHARD GELLER, LARRY VAN HORN, DARLINE VICTOR.


Malcom waz a very Ego driven Individual. I waz somehow into hiz unique Industrial sound ov DOKUMENT and the original style ov musick. AkA-(Dokument Project)- Malcolm waz like many musicians I meet. Potential yet no interest or exposure. Somehow, where Malcolm and Me …and (TOPY) …broke, I encouraged Malcolm to exploit his unique form ov Industrial Musick, Between him and Jessie they released 10 copies ov their first cassette. It waz later released on Inner-X-Musick the following year.

SLEEP CHAMBER~ Instant Access TV- Malcolm Smith & John Zewizz 1984

We had done some SLEEP CHAMBER / DOKUMENT Shows in the 1980’s. I Had DOKUMENT open for SLEEP CHAMBER in Boston shows. Malcolm’s influence in my experimenting interests with concepts in SEX MAGICK. Also a person who waz more interested what PTV waz doing ? And how Genesis P-Orridge felt about things. We were learning at the same time how our SEXMAGICK waz hard to direct the way our emotions caused distracted decisions in us. I waz still attempting to question how the Magick waz playing out in reality and it works on its own. . We also made the ‘same’ mistakes. Me and Malcolm were over-kum with Ego and Pride. Shamefully and predictably. The release ov the SEXMAGICK RITUAL Material waz our experiences, failures, Egos, and rewards ov selfish Desires. It waz a slow and very patient way ov understanding why our behavior enfolded within the rules ov Kaos. The release ov the first SLEEP CHAMBER self titled Vinyl LP-(1984)- contained poor quality mastering. The release contained Live material from our performance at THE MARSHFIELD RANCH HOUSE-(1984). Malcolm constantly stated it waz SLEEP CHAMBERS most powerful performance. I agreed. SLEEP CHAMBER waz playing more tribal-electronic-ritual pieces in the Live sets in the 1980’s..

DOKUMENT _ Malcolm Smith & Jessie Last / by John Zewizz-The Other Sound 1984

My Sexual interests and fetishes were drawn to graveyards, and the romance ov dark uncertain thrills. I waz already very well read in Viking & Greek Mythology from the comics to the Historickal hard covers. Magick waz only a right turn from the direction I waz following. Malcolm seemed to be on the same track. So we ran in the same direction. The cover to BABYLON record waz me during a SexMagick ritual. Naked, completely anointed in ritual oils and laying on a grave stone. A blue candle waz also included. Invokated & photographed by RACHELLE ROYER.

JOHN ZEWIZZ during Ritual by Rachelle Royer 1985 -(2nd cover)-
JOHN ZEWIZZ~ during same Ritual by Rachelle Royer 1985 -(!st Babylon Cover)-
GENESIS P-ORRIDGE & JOHN ZEWIZZ 1984 (Cambridge)- by Malcolm Smith

I learned in the 80s that Magick iz for the Sacred. Anyone who practices Magick and Spiritual consciousness iz responsible for all adepts insight. That find ways ov influence ;Away from What We Already Fear : With Malcolm’s Ego and high bizarre IQ he waz constantly a force-to-be=dealt=with. He waz always chiming from Crowley’s “Book ov the Law”… I joked with him saying they were looking for a “Young Crowley” for a Major film from Crowley in youth to elder. Everything an uncontrolled Ego would bite at. Malcolm waz Great to have Fun with. Malcolm did not really do Drugs. He waz a “Beery” mostly. …Skinhead style and attitude. Yet not a real political Skinhead. Too Liberal. Both ov his parents were Harvard College Professors. (HUH ?)- Malcolm had a very high IQ. Again hiz parents were Harvard College Professors (hurray !)..yet, something Musickly I observed in Malcolm but had a very great flaw to hiz insight. Hiz Ego. Instinctively my Alpha Ego waz constantly teasing hiz Ego. Did I mention he haz a photographic memory ? He waz a very obvious distinct character in Harvard Square in Cambridge. Where the scene contained Punk Rockers, Skinheads and young female runaways. Everyone knew him.

DOKUMENT- Malcolm Smith & Jessie Last in Inner-X-Studio 1983-by John Zewizz / The Other Sound
DOKUMENT Philosophy / The Other Sound 1984

I Increased experimenting with drugs waz altering the company I waz keeping. It waz growing much darker. Another evolution in my Reality. I started meeting more extreme people. My quest for adventure grew. This iz where I started meeting underground groups that were using hard drugs and hard sex. Till now, my influence were parts ov the underground culture and sexual scenes. Like S&M, Bondage and Fetish scenes. I waz ahead ov the current scenes by years. Pushing past theze groups were Cults that practiced Occult Magick and Sorcery and az much Gay- Bullshit-“wanna=bee somethings”…Its actually sad and sick at the same time. There waz respect and friendships all around. My goals were to learn az much az I could understand. Magick waz just the next step in the direction in my evolution ov a quest to satisfy the need for knowledge and adventure. Theology only balances out if you understand both sides. Like the concept ov The Ying & Yang. We exist in a ‘Duel Reality’. Understanding there waz no authority to your destiny and choices. You answer only to yourself. Problems being ,that you were kidding yourself and you did not figure out that most ov your work and understanding waz rooted in guessing. Many Occult science books written about SEXMAGICK, KAOS MAGICK, ENOCHIAN MAGICK, etc, drew from many ov the same paths ov The Kabbalah. In some countries MAGICK iz Not mystical. Just typical. I learned early in being shipped around schools that everything you have been taught, iz mostly a LIE. A Deception for all reasons. What you learn is experience in Life iz priceless. Choose to Control your own Destiny and not settle for a Fate predicted. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Malcolm had called me a few times wanting to ‘Hang-Out’ and maybe ‘Jam’. I said Ok, We got together at this apartment and talked Musick. Had some wine. Jammed on Korg-MS-20 & Korg MS-50 interface. Plus a lot ov little gadgets I grew fond ov. We did some studio work and I had DOKUMENT open about 3-4 shows. I even played in a few shows in DOKUMENT.

DOKUMENT Synth set-up 1083/ The Other Sound

We were both on the same Magick hunt for answers. Malcolm and me became obsessed with SexMagick, Rituals and Blood. (early eighties)-We had collected a small group ov groupies (females)- who wanted full part in theze Blood scaring, Ritual cutting. It lasted less than 7-weeks. Known underground az -(TRINITY OV THEE X)- After Malcolm & Me grew bored with being “Psychic Skins” and the whole Sex-Cult scene. We needed organization. Yet, Malcolm and me were still very drawn with the SEXMAGICK that we were experimenting with, ritual and sigil events. Evoking sex situations through SexMagick rituals ov desire waz were our Egos first went. It took much more failures for us to understand how SEXMAGICK Sigils worked. Keeping a ‘Magickal Diary’ waz a must. Without one, you will never be able to reference your Spells and Invokations. We were told this by many experienced Adepts. Keeping track ov theze things are paramount. Failing to do so means your Ego iz self-centered and incompetent. I can not Enlighten you with Magick. Its a life time journey. Only tell you about the time and stories about the SLEEP CHAMBER – SEXMAGICK RITUAL release.

ANGELIC SIGILS by John Zewizz 2012


SIGILS by Austin Spare
JOHN ZEWIZZ by Judy Timpa 1987
Full Ritual Performance 1984- Boston
JOHNNY’ D’s -Boston / 1985 – 80% Ritual set
JOHN ZEWIZZ by Sue Chopelas 1987

Malcolm Smith adored ALEISTER CROWLEY. He found hiz writings to be fundamental in a way I dismissed. Crowley had some Great Times in Magick and Writings. Much ov hiz writings were very enchanting. Reading the books from those who knew him personally were more satisfying. Obviously much early Ritual Musick by SLEEP CHAMBER were influenced by Crowley’s writings. The Magick waz some ov the best. Reading CROWLEYS books and Manuscripts waz were I started with SEXMAGICK. The Books: 777, Magick in Theory and Practice, Book ov the Law, Diary of a Drug Fiend and The Book of Thoth all contained esoteric information and inspiration. But the ‘Man’ I did not care for. The more I researched him, the less I admired him. I’m not fond ov a sadist. It reeks ov insecurity. Never-the-Less … I felt hiz Ego waz unconscious to hiz Will. I would find much more insight in AUSTIN AUSTIN SPAR. Hiz Sigils, Automatic Writing and work with Kaos Magick. Other favorite Magus level Magicians I favored were JOHN DEE , ARTHUR EDWARDS and JOHN WILSON. Far less sadistic or Egotistical. The books written about the man CROWLEY were far more personal and interesting to me.

JOHN ZEWIZZ by Laura Graff

He’s a ‘POP Idol’ at this stage. This iz what happens in Theology. I waz observing the Laws ov Magick much like I had done in Christianity . Unless you observe both sides, You can not ‘Judge’ without clear and fair understanding ov both sides intent and salvation. The results always move on. Assuming you are OV TRUE WILL , My Respect – To All Adepts adventures.

Aleister Crowley
JOHN ZEWIZZ- (Temple ov Psychic Youth) I.D. 1985
JOHN ZEWIZZ 1985 by Judy Timpa

There were only very few Individuals That can bring contentment to the unhappy or in Turmoil. Certain Angelic Virtues are the Weapons that Destroy many Demons. THELEMA MAGICK :: Liber CCXC By Malcolm Smith: He iz a very Serious Crowley influenced Individual.


CD~ Track Listing


Images chosen from for CD Cover
COVER Used for DVD Reissue (Promotional Only)

VIDEOS::: DVD-Private Issue-(TR-XXX-DVD-0023)-( The Vision & Voice, Nessus, The Beast, Weapons ov Magick, Coven ov Angels-(TV”84), Into the Abyss-(Drum version), 23, Weapons ov Magick-(TV”84), Flesh Trixsen, (Live footage mixed)- Into the Abyss-(original version), Leviathan-(TV”84), Seduction. The -(TV”84) iz taken from the INSTANT ACCESS TV 1984 Show. (Rich Geller, Larry Van Horn, John Zewizz, Malcolm Smith).

When the CD waz getting ready to be mastered. I waz not ready. The SEXMAGICK RITUAL rekordings were in a few places. Gathering them up may have distracted my focus. The SEXMAGICK RITUAL release waz a simple and large demand CD in those days. Magick used in SLEEPCHAMBER Musick haz always contained intention. All were ritual invokations and enchantments. They contain elements ov purpose and desire. Some very personal, and some are forms ov enlightenment and experiments in chance. We do this Musick for mysticism and enlightenment. Never Satanic. Your attraction to this collection ov SEX MAGICK iz genuine. Its Musick. We took it seriously and it contains a collection ov Musickal trax that somehow you favor. What you will discover in Real Magick included in its intention and a mood. Magick in Musick iz never obvious. Az much az the Bloggers. A Million people love a Song by a Superstar … (it always fades)- Its a simple but a complex formula. The Struggle to be Special, Important, etc iz the sadist struggle that I see in Society. -(Rituals that included Sexual energy included in some rekordings.)

Cassette Track Listing

1): SEDUCTION…… 2) NESSUS -(4:30),….. 3) THE BEAST …..4) WEAPONS OV MAGICK ….. INTO THE ABYSS ……. 23 ……..(Side B-/ c-60) …..FLESH TRIXSEN -(complete piece)-

SLEEPCHAMBER~ SexMagick Ritual -(VHS Video-tape 1986) Inner-X-Musick

VHS~ Video Trax

There were two SEXMAGICK RITUAL VHS-Tape releases. (first release contained home videos and audience video ov Ritual pieces Live at THE PARADISE-Boston 1984)- Both VHS releases were less than 100 each. Some videos are floating around on DVD. I would say “NESSUS” iz My Favorite. Another master tape had remastered most ov the content. Also including a few more TV Videos…………. FIRST VHS RELEASE………..




INFO on VHS Release~


VHS~ Video Trax 2

SLEEP CHAMBER ~ SEXMAGICK RITUAL -(VHS Tape 1986). The other video released shortly afterwards had some simple digital upgrades to the original videos. (Some songs also are changed and improved).


THE VISION & VOICE. ..NESSUS….THE BEAST ……WEAPONS OV MAGICK -(TV)……INTO THE ABYSS 1 & 2 …..23……….COVEN OV ANGELS -(improved quality and sound ) :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::



The Vinyl LP ~ (LINK Contains vinyl-analog info)-


SEXMAGICK Trax for Consideration 1984 – 1986

ALL MUSICK Rekorded for SEXMAGICK RITUAL are True Audio-Grimoires. Each selected piece ov Musick stands for a Memory, Spell, Invokation ov a Special Ritual moment in SLEEP CHAMBER time. They represent moments and sound elements that stand for the intentional experiences SLEEP CHAMBER members shared personally and Magickly.

1) INTO THE ABYSS -(long version) …. (J.Briley-tapes/ J.Zewizz-percussion) 2) INTO THE ABYSS -(edited) ….(J.Briley-tapes/ J.Zewizz-percussion) 3) INTO THE ABYSS -(with Drums)….(D. Victor-drums/ J.Briley-tapes/ J.Zewizz-violin) 4) THE BEAST ….(M. Smith-ritual horn. percussion, D,Victor-bass. J.Zewizz-vocals, chains) 5) WEAPONS OV MAGICK -(Live MRH 1984) …..(see Performance band)- 6) WEAPONS OV MAGICK -(8:55) …..(J.Briley. J, Zewizz, M. Smith, Larry Van Horn) 10) WEAPONS OV MAGICK -(10:02)….(J.Briley, John Zewizz, M.Smith, LVH-) 11) 23 …… (Richard Geller-Sitar / vocals & synth-J. Zewizz) 12) THE VISION & VOICE …..(M.Smith, J.Briley, J.Zewizz-vocals) 13) SUCCUBI CIRCLE ……(D.Victor-Bass. /Bells-Flute-vocals-violin- J.Zewizz 14) MURDER OV CROWS ……(J.Briley-synths, J.Zewizz-violin. M.Smith~Synth noize- 15) LEVIATHAN ….. LEVIATHAN-(Live The MRH-1984)…..LEVIATHAN -(studio) 16) FLESH TRIXSEN* (edited)- ….. FLESH TRIXSEN-(Full Track / on Cassette only))*……(J.Zewizz. J.Briley. Larry van Horn) Over 30 minutes ov Musick. (WZBC-Boston 1988) 17) STAINED PRAYERS-(vocal/edit) ….. (Briley/Zewizz)- 18) STAINED PRAYERS -(6:54) ….. (Synth-J. Briley, Bass-D .Victor, J .Zewizz-synths)- 19) NESSUS -(2:29) …..(J. Briley-voice. J. Zewizz-synth, M. Moynihan-percussion) 20) NESSUS -(4:30)…. (J. Briley-voice, J, Zewizz-synth, M. Moynihan-percussion) 21) HAZAR …..(M. Smith-bells, J. Zewizz-Violin & Flutes. M. Moynihan-noize 22) SEDUCTION …..(J. Zewizz-Synth)- 23) SALT OV THE MOON ……(J. Briley-synth, M. Smith-percussion, J. Zewizz-violin/ guitar)) 24) DISTANT LIVES …… (Synths by J. Zewizz & M. Moyniham)-(left over from SUBMIT LP)- 25) DISTANT LIVES -(Live The Channel 1985 -(left over from SUBMIT LP)- 26) THE SPIRIT AND THE SHADOW…(J. Zewizz-horns, J .Briley-vocal & bells. M. Smith-synth and guitar) 27) SABBATH 23 …(The Witches Orgy)… LVH-percussion, J. Briley-synth, J.Zewizz-(horns)- 28) EDEN DIVINE -(3:23)…..(J. Zewizz-vocals,synth , LVH~ percussion, M. Smith-synths )- 29) EDEN DIVINE -(6:12)…..(J. Zewizz=vocals,synth, LVH-percussion, M. Smith-synths )- 30) SORDONIC CITRIX ……….(released later on SACROSANCT 1993 CD)…. 31) IKON GODDESS ………… Electronic piece by Malcolm Smith)- 32) LYNX INVOKATION…………………….(D. Victor-bass. J .Zewizz-violin, M. Smith- synths))- 34) NEITHER NEITHER -(info unavailable)_ Malcolm Smith, John Zewizz, LVH on Track. 35) SEPENSORTIA – ………..(D. Victor synth, John Zewizz-synth, M. Smith-guitar)- 36) SHEHAMFORASH -(2-versions 1983)- …….. (no info)- 37) NORTH by NORTH-(incomplete)-…. (No info)- 38) ALCHEMIST #1 / ALCHEMITS #2 ….(J. Briley, M. Smith, J. Zewizz) 39) AUREOLE -(early version)-….D. Victor-drums, M. Smith-guitar,,J .Zewizz-synths)- 40) BLACK MIRROR -M. Smith-synth & Bells, J. Zewizz-piano, Richard Geller-guitar)- 41) COVEN OV ANGELS -(MRH- Live 1984)- J. Zewizz, M. Smith, R, Geller, LVH)- 42) THE SCARLET PRIESTESS -(J.Zewizz-violin & Horns, M. Smith-synths, J. Briley-percussion).

SLEEP CHAMBER~ Alchemist #1 (Unreleased)- 1985

Other Musick exists without titles. The above are “Titles” written on the master ov the Musick format. The Musick reviewed for the SEXMAGICK RITUAL Release took from Musick starting in 1984. Up to Musick from 1986-(Live WZBC -Boston College Radio)-Live broadcast). “FLESH TRIXSEN” One extended improv piece ov tapes, violin, synth, percussion, vocals and horns. We instantly heard the potential ov its atmosphere. The Musick waz always a part in life. If you can observe and understand that SLEEP CHAMBER iz the madness. At some point the Tribal electronics waz a serious influence from BURNE & ENO- “My Life in the Bush ov Ghosts”…..It had a very profound influence on how I mastered and mixed now. The rhythms in trance loop-beats iz something I admire. I make a importance on the MARSHFIELD RANCH HOUSE-Marshfield, Mass Performance because We all seen the Magick ov the Musick SLEEP CHAMBER had the potential ov Invokating . Intentional or not, The power ov this empty audience show waz one ov the most Magickal performances the band ever performed. All agreed.

It waz a total hillbilly town. We were really out ov place. But none ov us minded. The soundman waz very friendly. Not to mention a pro on arranging our live sound. Out ov the complete set, I think I waz Unhappy with maybe only 1-song. The rest ov the complete set waz some ov the best Musick we had played to date. We wanted to improv the SEXMAGICK trax live. I waz shocked at the quality ov the soundboard and the improv harmony that made each song amazing. SLEEP CHAMBER had never performed such a powerful ritual set ov this Musick Live. Ever ~ BAND: (Richard Geller, Malcolm Smith, Larry Van Horn, John Zewizz )- -( The SET)- :: 1)- LEVIATAN….. 2)- UNIFORM ….. 3)- VIVISECTION…. 4)- VICTIM ….. 5)- INSPIRATION… 6)- ICEHOUSE …..7)-TIME RUNNING OUT …….8)- WEAPONS OV MAGICK ….. 9)- COVEN OV ANGELS

UNIFORM- Audio Live From THE MARSHFIELD RANCE HOUSE 1984/ Video dubbed over Song by BREX GREEN.
MALCOLM SMITH~ @ JOHNNY D’s 1984 by Judy Timpa
JONATHAN BRILEY & JOHN ZEWIZZ-(1st Briley Show)-MASS COLLEGE OV ART 1986 -(by Judy Timpa)-
RICHARD GELLER 1985 -The RAT-Boston-1985 -by Judy Timpa
WEAPONS OV MAGICK -Audio from MARSHFIELD RANCE HOUSE 1984-(video by Unclean Productions)-
LARRY VAN HORN 1987 by John Zewizz
RICHARD GELLER~ 1984 by Judy Timpa
SLEEPCHAMBER (4-track Reel ov SEXMAGICK Rekordings 1986)
MALCOLM SMITH & JOHN ZEWIZZ~ Paradise Theatre-Boston 1984
SLEEP CHAMBER (John Zewizz & Priestess PARADISR=Boston 1984) By Dinny Lane
LARRY VAN HORN & Priestess -(Paradise-Boston 1984) by Dinny Lane
FLYER from 1984 PARADISE-Theatre- Magick Ritual Performance.

In the early Performances SLEEP CHAMBER did more Ritual shows than song sets. The PARADISE Theatre performance waz our 2nd intoxicating insence and feather performance. It waz being called “Anti-Musick” and a “Black Mass” by local Rock mags. We did use az many Magickal Elements az possible. Accepted all rumors az publicity.

Michael Moynihan 1985 by Judy Timpa

Obvious all bands have fall outs with band members. Me and Michael got along well for sometime. Our ages differed by almost 8 years. He carried a sense ov frustration. He desired to accomplish more than he waz able to. I took him under my wings. I could always make him laugh. We got along good. It all changed when an uninvited Thomas Thorn uninvitedly showed up at my house one day. He waz a serious SLEEP CHAMBER admirer. He showed up with some cloths and a Guitar. I took him into SLEEP CHAMBER for about a year. A Couple ov costly studio sessions reflected waz he waz not a real musician. SLEEP CHAMBER played one show at THE RAT-Boston 1986 and a WZBC FM Live show. Problems arouse when him and Michael joined forces (being same age wize) and started to deceive me and SLEEP CHAMBER Musick. Starting with groupies and exploiting what they could from them. From bumming money to having them do and pay for their laundry and drinks. Presenting themselves az ‘Rock-Stars’. I let this slide although I did not care for it. Michael lived at home and Thomas waz staying at my place. Michael would have been fine if he had not sided with an outsider. Yet, he allowed Thomas to convince him they were better and stronger than SLEEP CHAMBER in 1986. Eventually Thomas had a girlfriend show up also at my place some time later. Searching for Thomas, the Love ov her life. She spent almost a month with me. I forget where he vanished to. To my advantage she waz extremely overly sexual. And after only a few hours ov arriving we were both were engaged in very lustful romance. I waz living alone, so it waz great. Still driving a train for the MBTA in Boston. So when I waz at work she spent the time alone in my place. I came to find out that a new band member Jonathan Briley had made an afternoon visit after meeting her the night before at my place. A major problem waz they had sex in my bed. They used all my essentual oils up and Jonathan punched a large hole in the wall in my bedroom. From orgasming I guess ? I waz not insecure, she waz still searching for her run away boyfriend Thomas. But the big hole in my wall and the use ov my bed waz a bit disrespectful I thought. I got over it because they both claimed that they were sorry. And that waz it. To me. Sometime later Michael and Thomas entered my place while I waz working. Now what I did not know waz that they had contacted Jonathan Briley and claimed that I waz talking Shit about him. Which I guess in some translation I waz. I had expressed that I thought Jonathan had more potential in hiz Musick … and I knew how to assist. (Draft him into SLEEP CHAMBER). Well, Michael and Thomas already had their beta plans for Jonathan. Releasing a cassette with a paper booklet ov hiz extreme philosophy and working az a trio group with him. Jonathan waz with them when they visited my place when I waz working. Up until now I had released a couple ov JONATHAN BRILEY solo cassettes on Inner-X-Musick. Returning home after work, I noticed some disruption on the shelves that stocked the Inner-X-Masters. The Jonathan Briley Masters were gone. I figured out almost right away what events may have happened. I called Michael instantly. He waz quite nervous and attempted to explain for me to ‘Calm Down’. He said that the three ov them were at Harvard Square in Cambridge. I waz driving a Van and said I’m on my way. At this point me and Jonathan were very close friends. More than theze two youngsters assumed. I had spent a lot ov time with Jonathan. Our philosophies were on the same wavelength. Michael & Thomas were young beta cubs to us. Still the atmosphere waz strained. I thought I waz going to have to fight Jonathan. I knew that he would win but I never give up. The other two, I could beat at the same time. I had a plastic bag ov human shit & piss I waz planning to drop on both ov their heads. When I arrived Me and Jonathan talked for awhile. I explained the bag ov shit. He asked me nicely ‘not to’. So, I did not go through with it. I reminded Jonathan ov our time together. How we were always there for each other. And how we lost our Fathers. Tears were shed and Jonathan left with me. All Michael and Thomas had to say waz they were mad I “Made Jonathan Cry”…(Part #2 to this Drama continues in SEXMAGICK RITUAL #2)

SLEEPCHAMBER~ The Vision & the Voice 1987
JOHN ZEWIZZ~ Horn & Vocals. MALCOLM SMITH-Vocals, JONATHAN BRILEY-Vocals. (Inner-X-Studio 10/86)-
SLEEPCHAMBER~ The Beast /1986 (Rekorded at Nnner-X-Studio) 10/1986.
John Zewizz-(laughing and chains), Malcolm Smith-(Ritual horn & rattle- drum), Darline Victor-Bass.
DEMON TRAP~ Traps all Ill-Willed Intentions towards Me-(0riginal)-
JOHN ZEWIZZ~ Inner-X-Studio 1987 by Judy Timpa
SLEEPCHAMBER~ Nessus -(edited version) 1986
Vocal-Jonathan Briley, Synth/wood wind chime John Zewizz, Percussion- Larry Van Horn Recorded at Newbury Sound 9/86 produced by Jeff Dovner.
SALEEPCHAMBER~ Succubi Circle (Inner-X-Studio) 6/1096.
JOHN ZEWIZZ~ Bells, Vocals, Violin, DARLINE VICTOR-Bass. JONATHAN BRILEY- backgrounds percussion-Noize
MALCOLM SMITH~Johnny Ds 1985 by Judy Timpa
SLEEPCHAMBER~ “23” -(official video)- Produced by John Zewizz-Arlington Cable Tv 1993,
JOHN ZEWIZZ~ Vocals- RICHARD GELLER-Guitar -LARRY VAN HORN- Bass & synth. (Rekorded at Inner-X-Studio 1982). Video by Paul Arnbold & John Zewizz.
RICHARD GELLER~ 1984 by Judy Timpa
SLEEPCHAMBER~ Weapons ov Magick-(!0:02) Longest version
JOHN ZEWIZZ~(Percussion, Vocals, Bell. JONATHAN BRILEY-Percussion, Bells, Vocal, synth tapes. Malcolm Smith-Tape loops.
Inner-X-Stddio-12/1984) by Paul Arnold
MALCOLM SMITH/ JOHN ZEWIZZ~ Arlington Cable TV 1986 “Weapons ov Magick” -by Judy Timpa
Malcolm Smith, Darline Victor, John Zewizz -Arlington Cable TV 1986 Performing “Weaponss ov Magick”-by Judy Timpa
SLEEPCHAMBER~ The Shadow and the Spirit~(Unreleased) March- 1986
RICHARD GELLER-Guitar. JOHN ZEWIZZ~ Horns & Bells. JONATHAN BRIKLEY-Percussion & Tapes. DARLINE VICTOR-Chains, (!985 Inner-X-Studio),
Jeff Dovner-Engineer.
SLEEPCHAMBER~ Priestess/Into the Abyss-(The CHANNEL 1985)- Soundboard tape-(Unreleased) Found on Bootleg CD-‘Shadow Spirits”
John Zewizz-Horns and percussion. Michael Moyniham- Synth & Percussion.
Released only on VHS Tape & Limited DVD. (Version #3 with Darline Victor)
JOHN ZEWIZZ from Arlington Cable TV 1986
SLEEPCHAMBER~ Into the Abyss-(Live FM from THE CHANNEL 1986 opening )-
DARLINE VICTOR~ Drums. JOHN ZEWIZZ~ Tapes and Horns. Andrew Woolf-~synth/percussion. , (!986 Inner-X-Studio) 1987
BLOOD SIGIL by John Zewizz 1987
SLEEPCHAMBER~ Hazzar / Murder ov Crows -( March 1986 Unreleased track0 INNER-x-MUSICK studio )
JOHN ZEWIZZ~ Flutes & Violin, MALCOLM SMITH-Synth, JONATHAN BRILEY- percussion loop
Engineer JEFF DOVNER./ Newbury Sound -Boston.
SLEEPCHAMBER~ Weapons ov Magick~(Unofficial fan video)- STROBE WARNING~

WEAPONS OV MAGICK waz rekorded and waz being performed since our early Ritual Performances. (1992-1993). Its first working title waz “NUMBER 9” the Beatles “White Album” piece in the early 80’s. . We evolved it into more ov a Ritual and Tribal Musick so it waz changed in where the Musick waz progressing. We added a Latin Mantra and assorted Guitar, hollow percussions and Thigh bone Horns. ( DOKUMENT also had a track by the same title.(“Number 9”). With the Frankincense incense tears and mixtures ov true resign brews Myrrh, Benzoin and formulas that include Monkshood, Datura, Jimson, Civet gland, and other assorted additives ov powerful Spell Invokating herbs SLEEP CHAMBER empowered the atmosphere ov this song every time we performed it. It really had a reaction on the audience. Hard to say exactly what. (to be sure)- Obviously Narcotic in nature. Different batches had different contents.. All were designed to alter the consciousness ov the audience opening the Adrenal Gland to full awareness. Between the incense and fog-machine, many had issues with too much smoke and fog. Videos were poor because ov fog and lighting. I also managed to grow eye cataracts in both eyes. Because ov too much smoke, my eyes grew skin over my eyes and pupils. I had to have pupil transplants. I had not realized that smoke could cause such damage. Yet my hearing iz above normal. Az I have been reminded and always protected my ears behind the monitors, sub-bass and dangerous frequencies.


Eventually. We sold some ‘batches’ at shows in the late 1980’s but az popular az it waz, making the mix felt like exploiting a sacred part ov our Magick shows. Much like the sacred “Oil-ov-AbraMelin” I designed a person batch constantly.. FUCK everyone’s ‘version’. YOU know the real fucking stuff, when you smell it. The pungent aroma ov true animal musk mixed with pure Frankincense, and cinnamon, iz the typical mixture. There are more than five different respected recipes. The true Magickal Odors iz how your body-odor reacts to a scent ov hormones. Unconsciously not understood to others old factory system. Magick combines all the human senses to one True Will in conscious focus and direction. The correct mixture ov this Sacred Oil haz a seductive nature to its exposure on others. It seems to trigger a primitive sexually emotional urge. I experimented with this potion many times. One ov my doors to studying Alchemy/ :

SLEEPCHAMBER Real Powerful Ritual Incense
SLEEPCHAMBER~ Stained Prayers-(Vocal edit). taken from a quadraphonic 4-track master used az intro in performance.

SEXMAGICK RITUAL waz a collection ov tracks that SLEEP CHAMBER waz performing live and the material had to be mastered and ready right after the release ov the 1985 vinyl LP~ SUBMIT TO DESIRE. I waz glad all the material waz organized and packaged to go. Ov course there were mind changes after it waz released. Many members start suggesting other trax not chosen. But you could play that 2nd guessing game all the time. And it still continues to go on after every SLEEPCHAMBER release. There still exists a Stereo remix ov WEAPONS OV MAGICK. Also a version played in a MIT Classroom ov Musick-Boston College by Darline Victor, Michael Moynihan and Me -It waz wild doing this piece for Musick students at MIT-Boston. We also replaced Saturday Morning Cartoons in Milton Mass on local cable TV in 1994 with a one hour Ritual performance. At 9:30 AM in the morning. And az you can see the Band iz quite unusual replacing Saturday morning cartoons.. Parents were calling and banging on the back door in anger. It waz Fucking crazy ~

SLEEPCHAMBER~ Weapons ov Magick -(Milton Cable TV-1986)-John Zewizz, Richard Geller, Larry Van Horn,

The Track “WEAPONS OV MAGICK” grew in popularity. It started out in 1982-83 and waz so muli-tracked with tapes, whispers, and the percussion and synth played over it . Later it waz looked at az one ov the bands more powerful and popular pieces ov Musick. Its really a true classic. It caused so much reaction in the early performances the Band started to use in in most live performances. It worked better on Radio or TV. Doing it live worked only once. In that WEAPONS OV MAGICK -(Live audio) video from MARSHFIELD Ranch House 1984. . The Track waz a hard to organize in live performances, . SLEEP CHAMBER did play it live in almost all the early FM Radio & TV performances. This waz the track that got us being called “A Black Mass”. ~ Especially with the Latin Mantra/Spell and the overpowering thickness ov Frankincense (The Churches own Pontifical blend). SLEEP CHAMBER played up the Occult rumors. None ov us were interested in true satanic practice. No matter what you think. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


SLEEPCHAMBER~ Weapons ov Magick -(Instant Access TV 1984)- John Zewizz, Malcolm Smith, Larry Van Horn, Richard Geller.
1987 SIGIL by John Zewizz -(Blood & Ink)-
Blood & Ink SIGIL by John Zewizz 1987

Mike Moynihan and Thomas Thorn both quit SLEEP CHAMBER in 1986 during BABYLON record rekording. “Too Disco” … Richard Geller quits SLEEP CHAMBER after Mike Moynihan graffitied a Swastika in bathroom at THE RAT Performance 1985-(first show)- Malcolm Smith quits SLEEP CHAMBER in 1985 before SUBMIT TO DESIRE sessions. Attempts MASSMAN-project after abandoning DOKUMENT and SLEEP CHAMBER. Jonathan Briley performs with SLEEP CHAMBER at Mass College ov Art-Palace Roads Theatre 1986. Joins SLEEP CHAMBER officially that year. The track “Flesh Trixsen” waz rekorded on WZBC Live FM. Boston College Radio-1986 (John Zewizz, Jonathan Briley, Larry Van Horn). The Edited version -(27:00)- waz included on the SEXMAGICK RITUAL Vinyl LP Release and the CD Later. “Flesh Trixsen” iz extended on the C-60-cassette to the complete Live performance., along with the track “Nessus”. longer than the vinyl LP version.

SLEEP CHAMBER ~ Flesh Trixsen -(LP Version) 27+ minutes

. Malcolm Smith leaves DOKUMENT and MASSMAN to move to Tibet and bekum a Tibetan Monk. John Zewizz shoots a quick video ov FATHER OV SIN by Malcolm Smith az MASSMAN. The track appears on the Vinyl LP -DRASTIC PERVERSIONS- 1984

John Zewizz starts a Collection ov Magickal texts painted in Blood, Kum and Ink. The Line up for the SEXMAGICK RITUAL waz quite by chance. Az you see it waz the quickest turnover ov Band-Line-Ups in SLEEP CHAMBER history.

FANZINE from 1986 /1987 period.

To be honest with you. The SEXMAGICK RITUAL release had a very important time period to be released. SLEEP CHAMBER had tapped into a new powerful direction in mystical Musick. It would reflect our most serious dedication to Musick. I had a projected intention. The ones that find that its release contains a questionable possession. Its Mystickal. Not satanic. (Never)- None ov the band members ever cared for the simple conscripts ov selfishness.

DEMON TRAP -SIGIL protection Trapping All Demons under My Will ~

The trax on the original vinyl LP – SLEEP CHAMBER – SEXMAGICK RITUAL (Trinity Records-Austria) ALL MUSICK: waz done by different members at different times. It waz a nightmare to Master. I kept thinking ov other trax that we were unsure ov. It waz also rekorded at 5 different rekording studios. Mastered at NEWBURY SOUND-Boston. 1986. I waz finding it difficult to perform all Tribal/Ritual Musick live. Unless you present a Full performance to the show its impossible to hypnotize or Enchant large audiences. That’s why SLEEP CHAMBER does both songs and instrumentals in a live Set. 1987 waz a slow year for SLEEP CHAMBER. Working in top order. JONATHAN BRILEY, JOHN ZEWIZZ and LARRY VAN HORN are the Band current Line-Up. I waz paying major cake for the follow up vinyl LP SPELLBONDAGE. We did SPELLBONDAGE in 4-10 hour sessions. Including Mixing and Production. Much thanx to PAUL ARNOLD. The chief engineer at Newbury Sound. Now a 24 Track studio.

JOHN ZEWIZZ 1986 by Judy Timpa

SEXMAGICK RITUAL . There are 2 styles ov SLEEP CHAMBER admirers. One only likes Instrumentals. The other likes it all the Musick Just try to Remember …. SLEEP CHAMBER does all kinds ov Musick. The Tribal /electronic Musick when We want to. AGAIN …SLEEP CHAMBER ~Does all sorts ov different Musicks. PAY ATTENTION ..

Edited Version ov Longer version. (Sex removed) FLESH TRIXSEN -(short version)-



1987 – Only 3-white label vinyl disc’s were manufactured from the TEST PRESSING ov the first vinyl album SEXMAGICK RITUAL . I received 2-copies off the Press from Austria. (Hand written titles) only. Paper info page taped to white blank cover. With Manufacturing info on sheet. Only for the most serious collector.


1991- Only 2- German Info CD-Discs from Manufacturer. TEST PRESSINGS. Info hand written black label. Back cover haz hand written Titles and info. SLEEP CHAMBER~ SexMagick Ritual (full CD) on Funfundiverzig Records -Germany

1986- VHS Video Tape-transfer to private DVD in 1992-(Inner-X-Musick)-TRXXX-DVD-0023- Not For Sale. SLEEP CHAMBER : SEXMAGICK RITUAL (DVD-Promo)- contains home clips, live footage and a couple ov Rare videos from the original VHS tape with a few TV Clips from INSTANT ACCESS TV Show from 1984 INSTANT ACCESS TV performance. There are 2 versions ov the VHS video Release. Original covers for VHS tape are Gray & White. (Same Covers). The Private Mini-DVD haz No label. And iz in a CD size case. The VHS reissue in 1988, waz remastered with improved sound and quality. Az with all Inner-X-VHS Videos- they are Mono. ( The Mini DVD Released iz in stereo ). The plan on the below 1989 video Performance waz to hang plastic curtain’s and squirt blood on them for the opening “Weapons ov Magick” track. Did not work out az expected. The AXIS-Club in Boston waz well known for their poor soundmen.

FLYER for AXIS-Boston 1989
SLEEPCHAMBER~ Weapons ov Magick- (AXIS-Boston 1989)- Poor Sound-Failed opening attempt. (Eugene Difrancesco, John Zewizz, Jonathan Briley, Arthur Woznic).


SEXMAGICK RITUAL LP Refused at Japan Airport 1989


(SEE Titles under CD RELEASE ):

SLEEPCHAMBER ~ SexMagick Ritual -(complete digital CD release)

FLESH TRIXSEN / SUCCUBI CIRCLE / THE BEAST / NESSUS / LEVAITAN / THE VISION & VOICE/ INTO THE ABYSS / 23 / WEAPONS OV MAGICK-(Live @ MRH 1984). :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

ABSTRACT NOTES~ The Only official Studio version ov “WEAPONS OV MAGICK” iz on The SATANIC SANCTION CD and the SEXMAGICK RITUAL VHS-Tape. The Original Master tape ov WEAPONS OV MAGICK got damaged and I never liked the copy ov it we had to release. FEATURING IN PART #2 – SEXMAGICK RITUAL. (Rituals, Spells, Sex, Magick)~ SEX MAGICK Rituals and Not being patient with what you were aware ov … and how the Virtues ov Magick really humbles the brute in all ov us. RACHELLE ROYER- (My Scarlet Priestess). Below – Next Time ~


Original Cassette & Label


The Continuing Story ov the Release and Adventures in SLEEP CHAMBER Magick ~

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