1993 SLEEPCHAMBER RELEASE. REKORDED at NEWBURY SCHOOL OV MUSICK BAND: (Elaine Walker, Laura Chopelas, Ashley Swanson, John Zewizz) CD Release on FUNFUNDIVERZIG Records-Germany. 12″ Vinyl 5-Song Remix on Inner-X-Musick.

This release iz My Favorite. I waz working with ELAIME WALKER. I met her in the circles ov people who hang around the Musick scene. She waz a singer for a band called DDT it waz punk and goth. She strayed to her own project ZIA which could not get off the ground much like DDT. They had followings, just local though. Nothing International. I had tried to snag ELAINE in 1986 az a solo artist. She shied away and lost her direction. When ELAINE waz invited to join SLEEPCHAMBER in 1992 she told Me it would be for only one product. A CD release. She still doing ZIA and waz teaching Musick at Berkley School ov Musick so I really did not have to take long to say “Sure” and agree Then onto what kind ov Musick we were going to. I explained the direction I wanted to go in. All the drum programs and beats were mastered in Berkley School ov Musick digital studio by ELAINE. I remixed a few arrangements and added Violin. I wrote all the songs. Then mastered the songs from an 8-track. The Instrumentals were rekorded at Inner-X-Studio. They were some dark instrumentals I had been working on. SWEET DREAMS SWEET, COUITUS INNTERUPTUS-(w/Elaine) and SERPANTS EGG.

Elaine Walker -MANRAY 1993 (by Luna Tsuki)

I had a fight with ARTHUR WOZNIC and he quit. I needed a keyboardist to finish up Performances and do a New CD. ELAINE waz one ov the most eazy going musicians I’ve ever worked with. She waz a Pro and talking Jazz Scales. I had no idea what she waz suggesting. Somehow, We made the Musick SLEEPCHAMBER Musick. Elaine waz the arranger for the Drum & Bass lines for CATWOMAN, ANIMAL MAGNETISM, COCKWORK, and COITUS INNTERRUPTUS. I did the rest ov the Percussion on SIAMESE SUCCUBI. (Instrumentals). The Songs were rekorded at Berkley School ov Musick. I did the Guitar, Sax & Violin Overdubs at Inner-X-Studio. Along with the Vocals. In CATWOMAN I used Malissa from WOMEN OF THE SS to say ..”Do You Think You are Man enough ..” Sample. I waz better with My Violin on this CD. It blended with ASHLEY SWANSON’s guitar. The Song Lyrics were a Evolution to Me in Song Writing.

Elaine Walker @ MANRAY 12/94 by Luna Tsuki

LAURA CHOPELAS slid in a few Sax pieces and did Great Job on songs like ANIMAL MAGNETISM. (some versions better than others). LAURA iz a Pro Sax player. She came to me from a Boston based Ska-Band called BEAT SOUP. I waz also dating her sister SUE CHOPELAS who waz a photographer taking pix ov SLEEPCHAMBER when I met her. Laura waz also a BARBITCHUETTE. When she waz not dancing, she waz playing Sax. Working with ELAINE WALKER, LARISSA, LAURA CHOPELAS and LAURA GRAFF brought a New Atmosphere to the SIAMESE SUCCUBI CD & DVD Videos for sure. LARISSA-(left/ LAURA CHOPELAS-(right) Photographers unknown.

I am NOT a musician. Just image Me making the sounds I wanted her to play. She did a great job dubbing in what I wanted for the arrangement. Laura did amazing playing on RED PANTIES. I waz not looking for a Sax player. Laura waz a BARBITCHUETTE first. I later brought her up on Sax for a few SLEEPCHAMBER Songs live. SNAKEBITE, CATWOMAN, KISS THE WHIP, RED PANTIES, ANIMAL MAGNETISM.

Laura Chopelas @ MANRAY 93 by Luna Tsuki
Laura & Sue Chopelas & Jullie-AXIS-Boston 90″ by Ann Costello-(First BARBITCHUETTES)

Laura waz a perfect fit for SLEEPCHAMBER. She had that Betty Page look. Laura iz in SLEEPCHAMBER videos and the EROTICK FANTASTICK film/video. This waz the first time I waz working with two females az musicians. DARLINE VICTOR waz a major player on the SUBMIT TO DESIRE Songs. Doing all the Bass and Drum trax on the songs. I still had ASHLEY SWANSON on Guitar even though ARTHUR WOZNIC had quit. We worked together dubbing the guitar trax. Ash waz a great guy to work with too. Relaxed and fully chilled. It helped that he just happened to be a Graphic Designer too. Designing several CD covers, stickers and more.

Ashley Swanson @ MANRAY 92 by Laura Graff

Some ov the Best Performances were the Songs from the SIAMESE SUCCUBI release. They became regulars in the live set. Like CATWOMAN, ANIMAL MAGNETISM, and ANAKONDA. The live Performances by the BARBITCHUETTES to theze songs were also some ov the best. The “BATMAN” movie waz just released that featured CAT WOMAN. So finding promo items to throw into the audience only added to the CATWOMAN song. CATWOMAN waz the first song rekorded for the SIAMESE SUCCUBI release. A Brief video about CATWOMAN history in THE BARBITCHUETTES by John Zewizz~

THE CATWOMAN STORY – with John Zewizz

SLEEPCHAMBER waz performing CATWOMAN in earlier sets az ELAINE WALKER provided the Drum Program and SLEEPCHAMBER performed it ‘Live’ az far back az 1992 I think. We did not have the CAT-Suit but had the Song. Az Songs were Mastered We played them ‘Live’ until there waz a Complete CD to arrange a Set. CATWOMAN waz being Performed live before the rest ov the CD waz finished. The image ov a CAT WOMAN grew from Cat masks and latex outfits to real CATWOMAN latex suits. I went through at least six different CATWOMEN. The women playing CATWOMAN changed quickly to having a real outfit. A CAT SUIT .One amazing Performance included two CATWOMEN. BARBITCHUETTES “LuLu” and “Sandra” at Avalon-Boston 1995. (REMOVED once from You Tube for “Extreme Sexual Content”)

SLEEPCHAMBER~ CATWOMAN X2 -(Avalon-Boston 1995)

SIAMESE SUCCUBI waz somewhat a reflection ov the Erotick relationships I waz having in 1992 with some ov THE BARBITCHUETTES. Certain songs are about Fetish adventures and romance. I waz very much interested in rubber, latex and PVC outfits. I waz seeing LAURA GRAFF at the time. Laura waz the backbone to keeping Me going on this release. She waz a photographer, artist and a BARBITCHUETTE. (My Queen for 5-Years)- Laura also appears in some ov the Videos from SIAMESE SUCCUBI. Only 2 videos from this video DVD are permitted along with a ‘Sign In’ Block on You Tube. The other videos are much too Sexually Erotick. Thats how I got Banned from You Tube. They remain Private. After selling out ov the DVD it waz never reissued. We plan on including the complete DVD release Download on this Web site along with other videos Not Allowed Anywhere. Always Check !!

Original DVD First Cover. All Video by John Zewizz 1993

SLEEPCHAMBER~ “CATWOMAN” -(official video)- edited for You Tube version

Original version haz No Blocked sections

YOU need az many people with multiple talents to keep SLEEPCHAMBER going. Now most ov YOU can guess that THE BARBITCHUETTES went from 0% Strippers to 90% Strippers in the ten years they Performed with SLEEPCHAMBER. I waz using a lot ov drugs. Pills and powers. There waz also much use with the BARBITCHUETTES too. I tried to discourage drugs and inner-band relationships because I knew the problems that would arise. There were fights with band members dating BARBITCHUETTES -Like Me. Yet, I waz the leader. When a BARBITCHUETTE had a fight with a band member -(happen twice)- THE BARBITCHUETTE would Not Perform in a show because ‘They’ were fighting. This leaves Me short pick ov the Pride. When I had an ongoing relationship with BARBITCHUETTE Semiramis she got very possessive. Told the other BARBITCHUETTES Not to interact or touch Me. I noticed this instantly. There iz no place for a relationship in a band like SLEEPCHAMBER. Or the BARBITCHUETTES. Most ov them being bi-sexual did not create any issues other than straight BARBITCHUETTES. I figured out an answer. Don’t mix them. Just like certain friends YOU know will not mix well.

SIAMESE SUCCUBI CD Cover layout Laura Graff by John Zewizz


The Sexual activity waz az Crazy az the drug use waz. During the release ov SIAMESE SUCCUBI I believe SLEEPCHAMBER had their best and most experienced BARBITCHUETTES. The most intense performances were after this release. I think some ov My best lyrics. Back to the Sex …. THE BARBITCHUETTES were like a gang ov Vixens. There waz no fill. I hand picked 95% ov them. Laura brought in the other 5% try outs. There waz a ‘Rumor’ that YOU had to sleep with Me to bekum a BARBITCHUETTE. (one girl asked in front ov girlfriend Semiramis). Who could say ? I said it waz crazy. I did get My fill. I had New BARBITCHUETTES say to Me during introductions “I’m not gonna Fuck You”. Yet, theze Females only fell Charm to vanity and romance. And did. But there iz nothing worse than a girl who pretends she knows about some ov the Fetishes I waz singing about or enjoying and did not. There waz a New S&M B&D scene emerging in Boston. MANRAY waz the main Club. Cambridge-Mass. We had been a natural since our aura from 1985 with the release ov the vinyl LP SUBMIT TO DESIRE. So when SIAMESE SUCCUBI waz released in 1993. The Fetish scene waz only a year old. And SLEEPCHAMBER had played their first B&D BALL. 5/2/92. This band line up and new Songs were the most popular. The Fetish Scene waz unorganized and desperate. SLEEPCHAMBER had played with THE BARBITCHUETTES at MANRAYS “NEW YEARS EVE Performances” in 1992, 93, 94, 95 then 2001. Here iz a 2-Camera shoot from the First B&D BALL at Manray. “SUBMIT TO DESIRE” ~(Show Removed by You Tube)-


MANRAY 1993 Performance-missing last Song

Original color choice for Cover

There were all types backstage at MANRAY. A collection ov friends. All being into the alternative sex scene. I had made up rules for THE BARBITCHUETTES by now. I had some good experience behind SLEEPCHAMBER & BARBITCHUETTE Performances. I knew what I expected from everyone. So I designed some


{1} I First blocked All Males from the BARBITCHUETTES Dressing Room. (except Me). No matter who YOU are. No Exceptions. No boyfriends, girlfriends or husbands. No Club Owners or staff. Keeping My Emotional Anticipation controlled. {2} Never any eye-contact or interaction with the audience. BARBITCHUETTES are Unobtainable and always in Control. Confidence iz Power.

{3} No borrowing someone else’s outfit without permission. Be ready for your Song. {4} No drugs backstage. Very Limited drug and alcohol use during Performance. {5} Outfits must be all Black or Red in some cases. Must be Fetish gear ov some sort or mixture. No responding verbally to the audience. {6} At the end-ov-the-Performance, follow John off the stage. Some encore’s Musick can last 12-15 minutes. I leave half way. The BARBITCHUETTES are My Pride. They must adore their Alpha. Serious ? …SURE I did it. That’s what we all believed in. Or it would not have worked.

I would assign what BARBITCHUETTES were in what song. I assigned how many BARBITCHUETTES would perform in each song. From the SUCCUBI release I had BARBITCHUETTE~ LuLu az CATWOMAN since she had a real latex CAT Suit. She waz a Cat-Lover, and could move. Not a stripper, a Fetish performer. I assigned BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis to perform ANAKONDA. Sadly the shortest song and Semiramis had so much to give. I can get no argument from anyone that she waz the Best. Tumblesalts with thigh high boots and then land on a split. Also a contortionist who could wrap her legs behind her head. Theze songs were made for My Vixens.

I had to reach in My book ov Trix to use new stage props. I waz already using a blend ov frankincense and mixed narcotic herbs burning az incense. Also directing the Fog machine into the audience. I moved on from the ‘Silly String’ and whipped cream-(that would sour under hot lights and smell like puke)- a one time experiment. It waz onto high powered fans and down feathers. When we could not get feathers we used everything from VHS tape, foam peanuts, shredded papers and anything the BARBITCHUETTES could make a complete mess with. Always during the final song. I even gave out old lady double D bra’s (autographed) about 30 ov them. When going home we saw a guy wearing the Bra backwards over hiz leather jacket. A great laugh~

BARBITCHUETTE~ LuLu az CATWOMAN (Limelight NYC 95) by Luna Tsuki
SLEEPCHAMBER~ CATWOMAN-(Theme)- Sign In to see Cover
BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis-(Club Babyhead-Providence RI 1993) by Luna Tsuki

BITCHUTE had a problem right away with this version ov Live ANIMAL MAGNETISM.

SLEEPCHAMBER~ Animal Magnetism -(Middle East Club 93)

There waz always something kinky going on at MANRAY. I don’t know how much waz real passion or just plain playing around. There were people getting whipped on the dancefloor. They even built a heavy duty wooden rack. I walked in the ladies room to a surprize ov a BARBITCHUETTE giving a ‘golden shower’. Oral sex (both ways) waz not unusual in dark corners. The whole place smelled ov hormones. Theze events seemed to give permission or reason to Sexually get uninhibited. There were several times I had to block a BARBITCHUETTE from pulling My cock out on stage. I only allowed ‘dry humping’. Things were great. But things were getting out ov bounds. Never underestimate BARBITCHUETTES high and full ov lust, vanity and attention. There were several Performances in this time period that I had to quietly remind some BARBITCHUETTES that there were limits and laws. And SLEEPCHAMBER waz already breaking some ov them. One CATWOMAN wore a ‘nursing bra’ and a strap-on which made the audience go wild. And a small amount ov S&M waz evolving because ov BARBITCHUETTE Fetishes. I stepped in and had a meeting with THE BARBITCHUETTES who had just been to a GENATORTURES show. I explained that ‘My Concept’ waz Magick & Eroticka. Not Shock, Piercing or audience particirpation. SLEEPCHAMBER had THE BARBITCHUETTES to Reflect certain Songs with Erotick Burlesque and Seduction. From 1993 to 1995 SLEEPCHAMBER and THE BARBITCHUETTES did their most Performances. We also had ‘The Best’ female vixen performers to date. Made all the Fetish Magazines.

SLEEPCHAMBER “CATWOMAN” -(Extended Mix)- Lyrics on Comment Section

The intro iz the only real difference. Its LARISSA the vocalist for WOMEN OF THE SS. I just love that Russian accent. There are a few different effects on things that sound no different. The Sax might have a different effect on it. I don’t remember. I really went overboard with the CATWOMAN items. Yet, they were too Purrrrfect ~

PROMO 12″ 5-Song remix with stickers & etc.

COCKWORK waz another interesting track to rekord. I use an amped up violin to give that brassy string noize and feedback. I removed a Sax track because I wanted it to sound faster. Yes, its a take-off ov CLOCKWORK ORANGE. Which SLEEPCHAMBER dressed up az in 1991 on Friday the 13th. All White with Top hats. SLEEPCHAMBER always performs in Black. Its a rule. That’s why it waz so unusual for us. “X-TA-SEE” waz aimed at the dance crowd but waz not up to their taste. It still sounded like SLEEPCHAMBER. (Intentionally). I really just love that dance arrangement ov some ‘Trance’ style Musick with the Kick way up front. The Production started with ELAINE WALKER arranging the drums, bass and keyboards. I produced it after other instruments were dubbed Guitar & Sax and I did vocal trax too at Inner-X-Studio.

John Zewizz inside pic to SIAMESE SUCCUBI CD booklet




There iz I guess only one video allowed to be posted because ov the highly sexual and erotick images from the SIAMESE SUCCUBI videos-(Catwoman)-. I made the videos in the order they appear on the DVD. Which includes BESIDE DANNAE which iz a Bonus video made at the same time, but not on the CD release. They were the last videos I made. The SIAMESE SUCCUBI release iz tied to so many people. You can’t pick your followers or supporters. This Project waz powerfully Enchanting for Me. Thanx to Everyone Involved especially PIET @ FUNFUNDIVERZIG RECORDS-(R.I.P.)-

UPKUMING : YOU TUBE DELETES CHANNEL-( 0fficial Fan Channel). Available Downloads ov VIDEOS Not allowed on You Tube. THE SILVERMOON STORY SCOPOLAMINE -(unreleased CD) Songs & Layouts New SLEEPCHAMBER CD demos & rough mixes SUBMIT TO DESIRE Concept