In the mid 90’s SLEEP CHAMBER waz pretty much the MANRAY ‘House Band’. The owner DON requested we play all the Bondage Balls, New Years Eves, along with other special events that were erotickly based. There waz tension constantly between the owners ov THE MIDDLE EAST Club and MANRAY demanding SLEEP CHAMBER and THE BARBITCHUETTES perform at their venues, which were across the street from each other. SLEEP CHAMBER gave MANRAY All the New Years Eve performances and THE MIDDLE EAST Club all the Halloween shows. The BARBITCHUETTE Line-ups were changing almost az much az the SLEEP CHAMBER band Line-Ups. I look back now and wonder how I managed a heroin addiction and still organized up to 25 people per performance. I waz the only addict in SLEEP CHAMBER. Yet, THE BARBITCHUETTES had issues under their bras. But they were just starting off with the Curse. I waz in full battle. I also had full control ov the Musickal concept. Maybe up until the final performance in 2000. Again, that waz more unorganized and trying to pull off a New Years Eve Show with 2-weeks notice. Yet, I agreed stupidly.

SLEEP CHAMBER~ “Cat Woman” -(Live @ MANRAY 8/13/1994) from SEDUCTION CD
SLEEP CHAMBER~ MANRAY – August 13th 1994 Complete Show.

MANRAY -August 13th 1994 –

John Zewizz Birthday Show.

BAND: Ashley Swanson- Guitar / Craig Wein- Synths / Andrew Woolf- Percussion & Flutes / John Zewizz – Vocals. / Harry Wallace- Soundman / Brian Hughes- Lights / Maxx- Video.

SET LIST: Submit To Desire / Catwoman / Cockwork / Way ov the Flesh / Anakonda / Babes ov Babylon / Animal Magnetism / No Ones Heart Beats Harder / Red Panties / Beside Dannae / Silvermoon / Snakebite / Salome / Cobra Heartbeat / Kiss The Whip / Mrs Goodbar /


Photo Slides- MANRAY 1993 by Luna Tsuki

BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis aka girlfriend/ex girlfriend developed a ‘thing’ about mounting and climbing on me while I waz singing. I did not mind, I could hold her weight. But she waz unpredictable on her approach ov just what she waz going to do. Sometimes hanging from the celling ov the stage, sometimes hanging off me. Problems arouse when the 75 pound Burmese python waz added to the song- “Snakebite”. One hundred ten pound BARBITCHUETTE and 75 pound snake waz hard to balance and sing at the same time. Somehow I pulled it off. We had to make sure No Strobe lights were used. That’s when big snakes bite. Never had a problem with the 14 foot snake on stage … Just during a break up it swallowed my hand up to mid wrist. A Police officer fainted that waz assisting her move out ov our apartment. Our best Live performance with the Python waz at THE LIMELIGHT 1995. (2-camera mix will be posted in an upcoming Post). We will be posting “Snakebite” from THE LIMELIGHT 1994 and 1995. Along with more historic footage from our archives.

BAND LINE-UP 1995- Craig Wein, Ashley Swanson, John Zewizz, Andrew Woolf, Jay Keegan. Photo by Laura Graff

SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Cross Banded” -(MANRAY 1992)-
SLEEPCHAMBER~ The Light Pours Out Ov Me / No Ones Heart Beats Harder -MANRAY 1992

BAND: Ashley Swanson, Arthur Woznic, Eugene Difrancisco, John Zewizz, Laura Chopelas

I can’t really put a number on the Shows SLEEP CHAMBER played at MANRAY. Somewhere around 4 times a year including NEW YEARS EVE from 1990-1995. And once in 2000. SLEEP CHAMBER waz always the headliner act. Usually the only act. Maybe a bondage fashion show or WOMEN OF THE SS opened a few times with a 20 minute set.

MANRAY waz a very wild Club scene. There were your gays, bondage people, a whipping/spanking click, older men looking for over-weight girls, and your everyday fetish freaks-(into pissing, being slaves, Laytex Lovers), and what we called “The young and bi-sexually confused” … the young girls that kissed and hung on other girls for the attention that males provide when they see 2 females being romantic. Sex at MANRAY waz pretty much a tradition. Especially if it waz kinky. It waz all part ov the atmosphere. You also had to be strangers. It waz quick and fast. It went from eye contact to if you were aggressive enough to be that forward. Stalls in bathrooms and dark corners were always buzy with people fucking, sucking and sometimes pissing. Sex with THE BARBITCHUETTES waz all together different. It waz private. Secret. The only inhibitions they had were what the other BARBITCHUETTES may blab about. I had more sexual encounters in the 1990s then in my complete life. Lessens learned. There are unsaid rules to all this wild uninhibited sexual romance. First and most importantly you NEVER have a 3-some with your girlfriend and another girl. You assume because your girl will go through it it will be everything you desired. NOPE. Rules usually start with You can’t fuck the other girl. And if you can, you can’t kum on her or in her. Any kissing gets “You don’t kiss me like that” … its nothing but damage for your relationship. if you have had enough sex you realize all people enjoy sex differently. In group sex people act out roles like in a porn film. Pretty lame. Yet, unexperienced sexual situations can be quite the experience. SLEEPCHAMBER being the sexual fetish band also haz its challenges. I had many issues with Women’s Libbers I thought past after they found out I could explain Eroticka and the empowering ov the female. Then one day a new girl moved into the Boston fetish scene. And right away she wanted the scoop on WOMEN OF THE SS girls, and THE BARBITCHUETTES. She started publishing a thin B&W nude mag called PARAMOUNT. I met her a few times at some parties. We never really hit it off. I waz buzy I think. Then one day a local rag mag called LOLLIPOP published a piece on SLEEPCHAMBER and more about me than anything about the band. She had seen us at MANRAY …..

NOTE: The Editors Note. Ov Course I Called them. I requested that we both submit a photo to the next issue and have readers vote who iz the “Least Attractive” … They were so scared they gave me her real name. Also explained that they were against printing the piece. I stayed quiet. Then she just happen to ask SEMIRAMIS iz she waz interested in posing nude for her mag. I said on one condition. Since she doez not know we are a couple I must be able to go along. Unannounced. It waz great …after reaching her place she freaked out and started claiming she did not write the piece. She waz so upset the SEMIRAMIS shoot never happened. She waz just looking for a name for herself in the sexual underground scene. You shore don’t get it by writing a piece like this about Me or SLEEPCHAMBER. I could end up in your dreams one night. She and her soft core nude mag vanished within a year.

Watch For THE MANRAY SHOWS #3. To include a few FULL SHOWS ….Thanx to Everyone who submitted parts ov their collections to complete this Post.