After viewing the John Zewizz WIKIPEDIA page I felt kinda Shitty. I understand that they have a thing about ‘Self Promotion’ ..ya sure. I understand. But it kums off like some kid protesting their homework. They claim only non associates can provide info. Then how did Wikiipedia cover so much so fast. Contributions ? I doubt it. I would be more embarrassed WIKIPEDIA after leaving out so much NON -“Self Promoting” information that’s missing from your Page. ~ Rejecting even The SLEEP CHAMBER Logo ?…When YOU are Historically writing about someone its Hard-to-Believe that all info “from them” or any affiliates iz ‘Self Promotion’. Imagine asking JFK who shot him but since its top secret information may be from him its SELF PROMOTING ??~(because he may be lying). So, YOU just believe what haz been published previously about the person or subject ? Thats called “Hear-Say” in Court. No Credibility. Seems like YOU depend on a journalists opinion over the PERSON that YOU are writing about. That’s quite The Assumption. A form ov Censorship ?? Photographers have had a Hard Time trying to provide WIKIPEDIA photos and images. I Think WIKIPEDIA iz pretentious. Very Pretentious ~

(Not Self Promotion/ Just Facts)

John Zewizz by John Zewizz

I waz born in Southampton-Essex England August 15, 1955 (8am) . My father waz an American Air Force GI. He met My Mother in a bar I assume. It waz the WAR. Mum got pregnant and there waz talk ov abortion then Dad said lets go to America. I said No. But I waz only one~ I’m also a John Jr.

I waz brought up in your typical Irish/Italian Catholic neighborhoods ov the 60’s. I went to a Catholic school for 9 years. Later transferring to ‘Public’ school. I waz in several different neighborhood gangs: THE PARKSMEN, THE JUDGES, MOTHERS REST. All gang names had something to do with ‘that part’ ov the neighborhood. “Parksmen” hung at the big park in the multi cultural neighborhood. “The Judges” near the Courthouse. “Mothers Rest” waz around the nursing homes ov the neighborhood. There were gangs in every neighborhood. There were always gang fights with other neighborhoods over domination. Who waz tougher. Traveling through peoples back yards were the routes most members traveled. Az a teen it waz an exciting adventure. (Fireworks, spray paint, knives, and drugs). Then The VIETNAM War started to kill off most ov the males ov the age ov 18 and older. I saw theze City gangs vanish in 3 years. The transformation ov My neighborhoods-(Dorchester) waz turned into closely monitored areas. The Police got more aggressive due to the Hippie movement and the whole Anti-War agenda. I waz still in school so I paid little attention. My father had a heart attack while living in Dorchester. My family ended up moving to Pembroke (the Suburbs) for hiz health. I finished high school at Silver Lake High. Being an ‘outsider’ it seemed I had to fight everyone in school twice to prove ‘city people’ were just az good fighters az ‘townies’. Az with all other high schools there were ‘clicks’. (Jocks, stoners, freaks, etc). This iz typical in all groups in schools. Eventually I waz issued a “Draft Card” after graduating high school. I have a ‘double citizenship’. Because I waz born in England. I had the choice to either go to War or to relocate to England. This waz a problem because My Mum wanted Me to go to England. My father (a Master Sargent/drill Sargent) for the Army now. At Camp Drum N.Y. After many arguments about the topic the War came to an end. Right along with My directions to ‘Basic Training’.

Rolling Stones Fan Club

Special Thanx to JOE NORTON for access to hiz Collection ov SMOOTH issues ~

During high school (1973) I started a Rolling Stones Fan Club. (11,230 members) I called it “SMOOTH”. It waz just a 10 page Fanzine. Mostly catering to collectors. There were also updates on Rolling Stones tours and current news pieces on them.

Az a professional collector I had acquired over 45,000 Rolling Stones LPs & singles. Most ov My time collecting and reporting on ‘Collecting’ I had maintained many international collectors. I waz able to trade say 25 USA copies ov a 45 rpm single and trade individually for copies from France, Germany, Japan etc. All possibly with a different picture sleeve. Some ov those singles I sold for $50. each. I eventually published a ROLLING STONES COLLECTORS BIBLE. Complete discographies from around the World. Plus bootlegs, picture discs, promo copies, and oddities It included matrix numbers and Pix ov picture sleeves issued. It waz over 600 pages. The Cover, I had Mick & Keith’s MUG SHOTS from the 1972 arrest at Warwick R.I. (Worwic on the spelling on Mug Shots). I sold 5000 copies ov the Guide in 2 months. I had a collector who worked at the Warwick police station that grabbed Me the Mug Shots by the next day. I published “SMOOTH” for about 5 years. Met many international Rolling Stones collectors.

Published by John McSweeney and Luc Franklin 1972


I eventually moved back to Boston from Pembroke. I sold My Rolling Stones records through different auctions and private collectors. I opened a Record Shop in Allston, Mass. It waz in the inner-city. I had girlfriends and Band members working in the Shop. Selling records iz not az eazy az it seems. YOU got to know your Jazz, Rock, & Pop discs that are popular or in demand. This waz also the time period where making musick waz more than an interesting idea. My first musick concept waz called GREEN SEX (1979).

This vinyl 45rpm came with 2-different picture sleeves. The first 500 waz hand written on the sleeve “GREEN SEX” in silicone (like kum). A bunch ov us got together one night and with tubes ov silicone we designed. The other 500 waz My face pressed up on a zerox screen. We got tired ov squeezing the silicone tubes. Plus it waz getting costly @ $5. a tube. The Shop waz quite popular with local radio stations like WZBC, WMFO, etc. There were also Rock bands traveling through Boston that dropped by because it waz a very unusual Record Shop. Local neighborhood kids called it ‘The Death Shop’. Because ov the Skull Collection in the front window along with vinyl records.

LARRY VAN HORN at Innersleeve Records 1984
BUZZY at Innersleeve Records 1984
JOHN ZEWIZZ at Innersleeve Records 1984

INNERSLEEVE became a gathering place for Individuals. One day Genesis P-Orridge walked in. Funny, he did not care for CATS…and My Cat “Buzzy”-(pictured) bit him. “That’s why I dislike CATS” he said. I also had visits from Joe Perry and Steve Tyler ov AEROSMITH. I also met many European individuals who were ‘Like Minded’ in their taste for experimental/Industrial Musicks. It became a meeting place for underground musicians. But after the taxman made a visit to collect ‘Personal Property Tax’ I made a decision to close the shop after 5 years ov Record distribution and retail record sales. The last 2-months I had local bands including SLEEPCHAMBER, WOMEN OF THE SS, HIDIOUS IN STRENGTH, SEVEN FROM LIFE, COUP DE GRACE and Others. The final Performance waz SLEEPCHAMBER. The Show waz raided by the Allston Crime Unit. I told them it waz a “Benefit” and that’s why YOU have to pay to see the Bands. The cop replied ..”Oh, now everyone iz a Lawyer…No Musick Allowed”. A Rare Clip ov SLEEPCHAMBER performing at INNERSLEEVE RECORD SHOP 1984.

First Show out ov two shows 11/84

MBTA Train Conductor

After closing INNERSLEEVE RECORDS I waz offered a position on the Boston Transit System. This evolved from an Assault from a gang ov 15 drunk college students. Me and Michael Moynihan plus our girlfriends were taunted and assaulted on the MBTA train stop WOODLAND. The Assault consisted bottles broken over the heads ov our girlfriends and both ov us. A MBTA trolley slowed down to help us but seeing what waz happening Kept Going. Leaving us to defend ourselves from a group ov 15 students. They thru rocks and bottles at the Trolley. No police response after 20 minutes ov fighting. I waz brought to the hospital for My injuries. Luck haz it, My Father waz currently The Superintendent ov MBTA Rail. After explaining the story to him He went down to the Rail-Yard and asked questions. Everyone denied that it ever happened. But my Father found the Trolley with broken windows and No Report on it. In fear ov being sued the MBTA offered Me a Job on any MBTA Line. At $29. an hour it waz hard to refuse. I worked there az a ‘gateman’, ‘collector’, ‘doorman’ and eventually a Motorman. A Train Conductor on The RED LINE. (1986-1993).

JOHN ZEWIZZ 1985 MBTA uniform

I Started SLEEP CHAMBER in 1982. After experimenting with other bands before reaching the Musick level I felt would express My psyche properly. Beyond what waz the current trend ov Musick the scenes were pushing. I wanted to more than express My emotions. I wanted to produce a Musickal style that waz in a category ov its own. I wanted to capture emotion in real time. I wanted My thoughts, emotions and desires to be observed az an Individual. I wanted the Musick to matter.. I wanted to go ‘Where Angels Dare Not Tread’. By 1984 I managed to release the 1st SLEEP CHAMBER vinyl LP. There were only 300 made. This waz because the mastering waz too low. YOU had to turn up the volume louder than usual. Instead ov remastering the album I followed up in 1985 with SLEEP CHAMBERS 2nd vinyl LP “Submit to Desire”. I waz at the time also releasing cassette tapes. By SLEEP CHAMBER and other bands I thought had some interest to them. I waz and have never been a traditional musician. I have little to no concept ov being ‘in tune’ or how cords work. I did know how to organize. I did know how rhythms and sounds fit together in an alternative view ov My own Musickal style. During the INNERSLEEVE RECORDS Shop period I had met many other alternative musicians. When I had different Musick concepts I waz working on I had many who wanted to work with Me. So those other projects were released under different band titles. (Mahcanik, Hidious in Strength, Cult ov the Womb and others). I also had met up with musicians and non musicians constantly trying to refine SLEEP CHAMBER. I found that non musicians were eazyer to work with. (since I knew nothing about traditional Musick). Yet, I needed both to accomplish the insight I wanted to produce. After the release ov “Submit to Desire” I waz being accused ov exploiting women, being a sexist and leading a Cult. After designing the cover and mastering the Musick I knew this ‘package’ waz a true representation ov how I wanted it to be. SLEEP CHAMBER waz a dictatorship from the beginning. It waz a very important part ov controlling the style and direction. Which many band members lacked. Their talent waz there. But band members do better with the Musick being the most important. Not the products design or representation. I had more experience in those areas. It waz not hard to lead SLEEP CHAMBER by this stage. I found that different members brought different influence to the Musick. With the success ov “Submit to Desire” I started to produce videos for the songs on each vinyl release. In theze days there were little to no videos in the category ov Musick I waz releasing. (on VHS tape). I waz use to spending most ov My time rekording Musick or filming and producing videos. I also assisted in band members own side projects. Bands. (Daze of Trance, Dokument, Seven from Life). Either playing live with them or mixing and producing a project to release. It would be eazyer to list the band members ov SLEEP CHAMBER that left on bad terms than the ones that contributed to the success ov its outkum. The first two LP releases I have to credit DARLINE VICTOR for the drums and bass. If YOU listen to the drum beats to most ov the songs in those 2 releases YOU hear a bass-line being played on the drums. DARLINE waz a good bass player. She waz also the only one that knew how to write drum beats on an Oberheim DX drum machine. MALCOLM SMITH waz a real live wire. I met him in hiz skinhead days. He waz full ov the vinegar soaked skinhead philosophy and attitude.

Malcolm Smith & John Zewizz (1984) by Paddy

After joining SLEEP CHAMBER for the 1st LP that image dissolved into a ‘Psychic Skin’ type ov personality. He waz someone I spent time with getting into a lot ov subversive activity (Fun) much more than the other band members. Especially after hanging out with British group PSYCHIC TV. It waz obvious that MALCOLM would end up leaving SLEEP CHAMBER for higher ground. He became a Tibetan Monk to this day..

Other higher ranking members ov SLEEP CHAMBER included LARRY VAN HORN. A fun loving Individual that inspired all members ov the band with hiz higher knowledge ov philosophy and Musick. Hiz solo project waz SEVEN FROM LIFE. A musickal concept which waz unique and interestingly obscure. LARRY waz loved by everyone in the band. And that’s not said about anyone else including Myself.

Larry Van Horn-(MANRAY 1990) by Dinny Lane

Another regular EUGENE DIFRANCESCO waz a member that waz popular within the band. We started working together after he left hiz band THE PRODUCT. I helped in producing their single (on Inner-X-Records).

John Zewizz & Eugene Difrancesco 1986 -(by Ann Costello)

EUGENE’S ability to play just about Any instrument waz an important life line in SLEEP CHAMBER. Especially in the 90’s when I waz looking for more professional arrangements to songs.

Eugene Difrancesco (Lizard Lounge 1988) by Ann Costello

When I asked him to do a cover to the band MAGAZINE’s song “The Light Pours Out ov Me” we rekorded the complete song in one 8-hour session. I watched EUGENE play the drums first. Then the bass. Finishing it up with an amazing guitar. In One Take !. (very rare). It gave Me the mood to sing this song My Way. The mixing and production took a month ov course. The video waz My first real professional production. (Below) ~

Another member JONATHAN BRILEY use to kum by My Record shop to buy electronic Musick like TANGERINE DREAM and other German Musicks. When I first met JONATHAN he waz in a suit. He always dressed like a square. Little did anyone know (including Him) what waz bubbling underneath the layers ov establishment conditioning. He introduced Me to Karate. He waz a 4th degree Black-belt. JONATHAN spent most ov hiz time at the gym and reading books on Philosophers like Nietzsche, Spengler, and Marques de Sade. After hearing a song from hiz 1st cassette I released on INNER-X-MUSICK I knew that hiz apex alpha personality waz waiting to be woken. After hiz exposure to other Individuals in the SLEEP CHAMBER I asked him if he wanted to join SLEEP CHAMBER. There waz also a request from Me that SLEEP CHAMBER does a cover to hiz solo version ov “Site ov Pain, Site ov Pleasure”. JONATHAN agreed without hesitation. I knew hiz vocals were a perfect fit for SLEEP CHAMBER. I also needed another Synth player after MALCOLM SMITH left. (JONATHAN BRILEY-“Site ov Pain, Site ov Pleasure”) from hiz 1st solo release. 1986.) Below~ (video by fan ov Jonathan). Removed from You Tube.

JONATHAN BRILEY ~ “Site ov Pain Site ov Pleasure” 1986

SLEEP CHAMBER went into Newbury Sound Studio in Boston in 1987. This waz JONATHANS first time in a 24 track studio. He mastered the song in one take. I waz impressed. And so we have SLEEP CHAMBERS version. A wonderful introduction introducing this 2nd vocalist in the band. SLEEP CHAMBER~ “Site ov Pain, Site ov Pleasure”-(Below)~

YouTube iz currently at War with SLEEP CHAMBER and any collaborators. Now CD/LP ‘Covers’ contain this SIGN IN BLOCK. It kills most Views for the artist. Ghosts them~ After playing a few Performances including JONATHAN BRILEY in 1986 we went into the studio. JONATHAN waz more interested in the electronic instrumentals than songs. We spent 2 months in 1988 rekording the SATANIC SANCTION release. Then we moved onto the SIRKLE ZERO release in 1990. Eventually I got him to write and sing again. His contribution waz “That’s Romance” from SLEEP OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PIECE release. While We were rekording at Newbury Sound in Boston I suggested that Jonathan laugh at the end ov the song. Just for ‘mood’. ha,ha,ha …

Jonathan Briley (from “Site ov Pain, Site ov Pleasure” Video 1987

Other regulars in SLEEP CHAMBER included a Russian ARTHUR WOZNIC. To be honest ARTHUR and Me were constantly battling over the arrangement ov the Musick. It waz just about impossible to get him to change hiz mind, which waz the same with Me. He sang “Justify My Love” in Russian with the SLEEP CHAMBER backing track. I never got a copy. Wish I did.

Arthur Woznic -(Lizard Lounge 1988) by Dinny Lane.
Rekording songs at Boston Film & Video Foundation 1989

How could I forget ASHLEY SWANSON ?. When a guitarist iz needed ASHLEY iz there. SLEEP CHAMBER did many performances in the 90’s. ASHLEY SWANSON waz the hired-gun. California caused the big break-up in SLEEPCHAMBER. The Shows were great. It waz the drugs, alcohol and women (not Me) that caused the major kaos within the band. Every time I see another live video uploaded I forgot just how many shows ASHLEY played guitar in. ASHLEY played guitar on SIAMESE SUCCUBI 1993 release. My favorite release. It also waz the only time that two women were members ov SLEEP CHAMBER.(ELAINE WALKER-electronics/drums & LAURA CHOPELAS-Sax). Ashley waz also the designer ov many SLEEPCHAMBER items. CD covers to alternate versions ov the SLEEPCHAMBER double “E” logo.

Ashley Swanson-(The Paradise-Boston 1991) by Cindy Bortee
Ashley Swanson & John Zewizz (The Paradise -Boston 1991) by Cindy Bortee
Craig Wein and Ashley Swanson (backstage Club Babyhead) by Lisa Gourleyx

Other last members from 2008-2016 line-up included guitarist GIMME”SPARKS-(Wayne)-.BOB AVAKIAN and TICK. Playing on STRATOCAST CD and STOLEN SLEEP CD 2009.

Gimme”Sparks by Johnny Speed 2009
Gimme Sparks (East Boston Loft Show 2011) by Johnny Speed
Bob Avakian by Johnny Speed 2010


While releasing Musick I started to publish a magazine called THE OTHER SOUND. It contained Bios and small articles on INNER-X-ARTIST and international artist ov electronic Musick going under the titles ov INDUSTRIAL MUSICK, Minimalism, Ambient, Noize, Tape Manipulation and other off-beat styles ov Avant Garde Musick. I waz nationally and internationally distributing Musick products by most ov the bands and artists I found interest in. Alternative styles ov off-the-road musicians. Musick not Wanted by the Pop Establishment. Musicians not signed to Major Labels. There were also Interviews with Musicians like COZY FANNI TUTTI, JONATHAN BRILEY, GENESIS P-ORRIDGE-(special issue with pictures ov hiz genital piercings). The JOY DIVISION issue included exclusive photos ov them live in Amsterdam & Berlin 1980. I published around 9-10 Issues before I turned it over to someone else. (P.EMMERSON WILLIAMS).

When obscure musicians could not be reviewed or exposed there waz a place for them in THE OTHER SOUND. (1980’s)

US COUSTOMS Sized LIVE AT THE AIR STATION cassette Covers 1990’s


Drugs are a tuff subject. Most people will condemn them and the lifestyle instantly. I’m an Individual with little to No inhibitions I have No Reason to Lie. People without Facts or don’t even know YOU are full ov all kinds ov Facts. I’m not saying drugs are a good idea. I am saying I have No Shame for experimenting with drugs. I feel its a natural response to use drugs to escape reality at its harshest. Not to mention the euphoria caused by the use ov drugs. Its the reason most all people use them. KIX~ I waz always a rebel or bad-boy type. So from an early age (14) I started using drugs in high school. Reasons being curiosity and Kix. In the 70’s there were so many different kinds ov drugs that your choice waz vast. In a Summer ov hippies, musick and Love drugs were almost a right ov passage. YOU were not kool if YOU were not smoking pot. YOU were part ov the establishment squares. I eventually moved up the ladder from pills (Reds, Christmas Trees, Blues, Yellow Jackets, Quaaludes)-Barbiturates. Or (Crossroads, Speckle birds, Black Beauties, Dexxies, Bennies)-Amphetamines. They were very common in high school. Not to mention the alphabet chemicals (LSD, THC, STP, MDA, PCP, DMT) Psychedelics. Which also included Mescaline, Peyote buttons, Psilocin, Psilocybin Mushrooms.-Hallucinogenic chemicals. Then there waz the different grades/kinds ov Pot. I waz not a big Pot smoker but I did like the Pills. Mixing them with a beer or two made the Barbiturates even stronger. I waz reading Aldous Huxley, Abby Hoffman-(met hiz son too) and other Philosophers ov drugs and alternative views on society. I made it to a level ov experimenting with Scopolamine. A drug that iz known az a deliriant. Its beyond the Hallucinogenic strength ov the alphabet chemicals. This waz a disaster. Most ended up in the hospital being treated for ‘Atropine Poisoning’. It also directed Me away from all the Hallucinogenic drugs. Much like DMT but with many more side effects. And also lasted for days. Az the years went by the drug underworld changed. The drug companies were changing and many ov the common prescription drugs changed az some were not continued to be manufactured new ones were made in their place. For example: They stopped manufacturing most barbiturates and hypnotics and replaced them with a new class ov drugs called Benzodiazepines. (Klonopin, Xanax, Valium, etc). Prescribed for everything from Anxiety to muscle relaxers. They also removed most Amphetamines that were given for people wanting to loose weight. (Diet Pills). And now feed the population with Adderall. (now for ADD problems). ? I am Prescribed. Az the drug world evolved the drugs that are available are limited to very few Now. YOU are limited to Pot that haz been GMOed to very high levels ov THC. Besides some prescription pills all that’s out there iz Crack, Meth, Fentanyl, and Opiates. Which lead to mass amounts ov addiction and overdoses.


I started to experiment with Heroin in My 30’s. After getting sick a few times the euphoria out weighted the sickness. It waz the typical story from most addicts. It waz only on weekends. Then it changed to a few times a week. It took a year before I recognized some sort ov abnormal body problems. Addiction came on slow, but once it started it waz impossible to stop. I waz a functioning heroin addict. In this stage YOU are spending up around $100. a day. I sold most ov My property to raise money. I had met every kind ov heroin addict from street thugs to professionals. Like a dentist ov 18 years to others who ran big businesses. Az I felt myself sliding into the abyss and there waz little to nothing I could do. I knew I had to keep My Musick alive. I tried to serve two masters. (Musick & Addiction). I spent most ov My Musick income which kept Me from being a criminal. I spent time in every Detox clinic in Boston & Cambridge. Sometimes I waz right back to the same Detox clinics. The same with the Methadone clinics. I spent years standing in morning lines for a cup ov that red juice. The last detox I went to waz My Last I swore. I checked in with $240. in My pocket. Which iz unheard ov. Yet after being released it waz a matter ov 12 hours before I waz deathly sick. (withdrawal). After 20 years ov Heroin and all the “Cures” that failed I knew it waz up to Me to rid myself ov this mental/emotional disorder. I used the practice ov Magick and Gabapentin. Off and on it waz improving My Life. Then one day I overdosed from shooting straight Fentanyl. I lost consciousness in a outside public rest room. I had died. There iz a term for it. ‘Going Out’. It means YOU die. And there are only minutes to get YOU revived. I waz lucky. An ex-addict waz walking by and noticed the situation. He sprayed two Nacan Sprays up My nose. I woke soaked in sweat and to a crowd ov about 20 people observing. From motorcycle cops to an ambulance. The cop waz in My face yelling “We lost YOU…we lost YOU a few times. YOU are lucky to be alive “… (more on this on separate blog/Dying). YOU would think I would have stopped right there. YOU cant. Its like oxygen to your body and mind. I cut down to just the minimum amount not to be sick. Went back to studying ‘Banishing Spells’ and a intense invokation ov My Will. I fully Stopped all opiates including heroin in 2015. I am left with collapsed veins from injecting too many times in one vein. I never waz a glutton for any substance. I to this day still smoke Pot, Cigarettes, drink alcohol, and on rare times do Psychedelic mushrooms. Az Crazy az people make Me out to be. I am comfortable with My Lifestyle. YOU can’t be a Judge unless YOU experience both sides to any situation. I’ll say it again. I am not ashamed ov any ov this experience in My Life. I will be in pain till I die from the loss ov the Love ov My Life LAURA GRAFF who overdosed and died. Our Love Will Last Forever. I wrote “SilverMoon” & “Dreams Never Kum True” for Laura ~

BARBITCHUETTE~ Laura Graff with John Zewizz 1983 by Luna Tsuki

Laura while living with Me helped keep THE BARBITCHUETTES together while being one herself. Laura helped form their image. She worked constantly with Me designing items, appearing in Videos, taking pictures and organizing many SLEEPCHAMBER adventures. She iz also on the SIAMESE SUCCUBI CD cover. Without her I do not think THE BARBITCHUETTES would have lasted their 10 years ov Performing. (1990-2000)


The Concept ov THE BARBITCHUETTES first started on the 1990 Tour ov Texas. I had a stripper and a jazz dancer join SLEEPCHAMBER on stage during certain upbeat Songs. When we returned to Boston I brought out some girl friends during “Kiss the Whip” at AXIS in Boston. (video below). 1990.

First BARBITCHUETTE Line-Up/ (AXIS-Boston 1990) by Ann Costello

It waz starting to take form. I waz focusing on just what I wanted on stage and also allowing My BARBITCHUETTES freedom to improvise. Last count included 40 BARBITCHUETTES in 10 years. (see inside SLEEPING SICKNESS CD for their names). There were girls joining and leaving with each Performance. I did manage to maintain the Best ov them az regulars. (Laura, Semiramis, LuLu, Sin, Devlin, Summer, Cheryl-Lynn, Marie, Rachelle and Sandra). While others in other Cities helped organize BARBITCHUETTES for Shows in the west coast and Germany. (thx Gabby).

THE BARBITCHUETTES 1994 by Laura Graff

If YOU think its eazy managing a heroin addiction plus running SLEEPCHAMBER and 8-10 BARBITCHUETTES your guess would be wrong. I did it though. I have yet to see a burlesque act measure up to My efforts. In 1993 I quit the MBTA to do SLEEPCHAMBER full time. That’s when the BARBITCHUETTE theme really picked up. Demands increased and so did the Rider and the venue Payments. We managed to go thru at least 5 different “Cat Women”. Every time the CAT WOMAN suit got better. So did the outfits THE BARBITCHUETTES were wearing. Every live song had a theme. Yet all outfits were Fetish-wear. (boots, corsets, nursing bras, masks, etc). THE BARBITCHUETTES took on an image az a female Hells Angels. A special group ov female vixen performers. I did not mind ‘The Rumor’ that YOU had to sleep with Me to join. MANRAY in Cambridge waz our home-base. SLEEPCHAMBER performed there 6-New Years Eves. They had the Boston Fetish ~B&D/S&M scene. Which Sold Out every Performance. Even the Shows thru out the year. There were fights between Boston clubs trying to get SLEEPCHAMBER & THE BARBITCHUETTES to play holidays like Halloween and New Years Eve constantly. And boy did the hatred for Me grow with yet a larger percentage loving the BARBITCHUETTE concept. One Boston Musick mag wrote: “How can someone that’s never been attractive get all theze beautiful women to dance for Him” … “Why are people flocking to their shows ?”….The mag also posted a disclaimer to her review ov SLEEPCHAMBER-(Me). I called them up and they instantly gave Me her Real-name. She published a short lived soft core nude mag called PARAMOUNT. Luck would have it she wanted to talk to BARBITCHUETTE Semiramis. (My girlfriend at the time). She wanted to photograph her. I went along for the sit-down. When the girl saw Me she went white with fear and claimed “It waz not Me”….My reply waz… “Matters not”. Semiramis did not pose for her either. This waz at a time where I waz asked to be a front-man or something for the Fetish Scene. I declined. At this time writing songs and performing with SLEEPCHAMBER waz very demanding. And I did not want to anyway. I went from someone Feminist wanted to attack anyway possible. To leading a platoon ov erotick female performers.

John Zewizz & BARBITCHUETTES~ LuLu & Sandra-(AVALON-Boston 95) by Luna Tsuki
SLEEPCHAMBER~ Catwoman -(Avalon-Boston 1995)

Between BARBITCHUETTE Semiramis and LuLu the Performances were growing into just what I wanted. A league ov powerful and unique women to perform the story to the song that waz being sung. I really don’t think I could ever top theze performances from the 90’s. I don’t want to. This waz a time period. An era. Hard to beat. Az seen below. SLEEPCHAMBER ~ Monkeyman -(Avalon-Boston 95″)

BARBITCHUETTE~ Laura Graff -(Middle East Club 94) by Luna Tsuki
BARBITCHUETTE~ Laura Graff (MANRAY 93) by Kevin Kelly


By the time this happened I waz clueless. I waz video taping at home with BARBITCHUETTE Cheryl-Lynn. I answered the phone one day and the woman waz saying she waz from the Boston Globe or something. I said I waz not interested in a subscription. Then she started to go on about the murder ov this poor girl. WHAT ? … How did YOU get My name and phone number I said …”Boston Police” she answered. I really thought it waz a prank at first. Then the Homicide Unit ov South Boston Police knocked at My door. And az usual I waz interrogated by means ov condescending questions. Like : “Do YOU worship the devil John ?” …”Can we kum in John ?”.. “What’s your tattoo stand for John ?”….”Where do YOU work John ?”…about 20 questions ending in “John”. That waz My favorite moment. I answered “MBTA” … Now one ov theze cops said “Where on the T ?” I replied “Red Line”. He said “Do YOU know so & so ?”-(name withheld). I said “Ya, I know him.. he’s gay right ?” …They went Crazy explaining that he waz married and ‘Not Gay’. I explained where I waz and told them that Bar iz for yuppies. Also do I really look like I would fit in there ? They got word from someone girls mother that I waz a collector ov human skin & bones. I guess during a party I had this girl saw a human thigh bone (used in My Musick az a horn) and a Ram skull with horns. Told her mother and that’s how this whole thig started. I waz followed by The Feds for a few months. Could have been undercover too. I clearly had nothing to do with this poor girls death. After contacting YOU who continue to cast Me az a “Suspect” how kum No Response ? I had a Story. But it never fit your Story. They mentioned a ‘rowdy group ov guys’. Well, I happen to get into a fight with them at The Rat Club. Because ov this subject directly. But I guess that’s not az good az Me being the “Suspect”…

John Zewizz by Sandra Pepin

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MARCH 9th 2022 ~ UPDATE :~

I’m 6 foot one. Born with Blonde hair and Blue eyes. I have a form ov dyslexia am also Bi-Polar. I just acquired in 2015 Post-Traumatic-Stress. And I’m pretty sure YOU can throw OCD & ADD into the Mix. I waz brought up Roman Catholic. I currently consider Myself a Mystic. My ‘Belief System’ waz formed early. I have evolved to a higher form ov Social and Spiritual Consciousness. True to being an Individual. YOU can only JUDGE if YOU have seen both sides. I am not ‘Satanic’. I see it az an immature Cult ov self serving selfishness. Images I have used (SATANIC SANCTION) release 1989 were for what I waz reading or studying at that time. Most ov the SLEEPCHAMBER releases fall into the Mystical concepts ov Magick. But Not Satanic. I am an adept in SexMagick and have studied Austin Spare, Aleister Crowley, John Dee, along with many others. Without going into Magick I can tell YOU most who wander into SexMagick usually have no clue what they are doing. Or what kums with experimenting with Magick. I spend most ov My time theze days either out in nature or making Musick. I forgot to mention, I took up 3 years ov Botany and Agriculture.(Silver Lake Regional). Also a year ov Pharmacology. My most experienced study haz been a Herpetology. The time I spend in nature iz usually Me up to My waste in a swamp trying to catch Snapping turtles or Water snakes. I really love amphibians in the Salamander family. Poison snakes are fun but way to much ov a risk to catch. It usually takes a few months before I catch every kind ov snake that iz indigenous to what area or State I’m in. I’ve had collections up to 60 snakes at one time. Due to hibernation in some species I release them back before the Fall. I used one ov My Serpent Collections in a SLEEPCHAMBER video. (Sung by member JONATHAN BRILEY) its called “Thats Romance”-(official video). This waz the best piece ov footage I could manage. Snakes are very difficult to work with. Video below ~


I also produced 95% ov the ‘0fficial Videos’ by SLEEP CHAMBER. Full Video releases include: SEDUCTION (collection), SIRKLE ZERO, SUBMIT TO DESIRE, SEXMAGICK RITUAL, SECRETS OV 23, SLEEP OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PIECE, SIAMESE SUCCUBI, JUSTIFY MY LOVE-(2 versions) and all WOMEN OF THE SS videos. I also did videos for PSY FIELD, NURSE WITH WOUND, MERZBOW, 7-FROM LIFE, HIDIOUS IN STRENGTH, P16 D4, ATTRICTION, JONATHAN BRILEY-(solo videos), and others. I also designed 21 ov the SLEEPCHAMBER CD/DVD Covers. I also designed the VINYL LP COVERS including “SUBMIT TO DESIRE”. 1985. I designed with JON SMALL in 1984 and released the PSYCHIC TV (WZBC Interview) cassette & booklet.

Other than the “CAT WOMAN” (0fficial Video) none can be uploaded to Youtube or VIMEO. They are too Erotick. Az iz the Videos for SNAKEBITE & BABYLON. I got banned from YouTube for posting theze 2 videos.


Explained for the First Time by Myself. (LINK BELOW): or go to Facebook under the 0fficial SleepChamber Page. See Video: https://www.facebook.com/SleepChamber-1055581287965304/videos/?ref=page_internal



Many ov YOU have no idea how much time and people it takes to adventure such efforts in obscure Musicks. I spent half My Life dedicated to My belief in Musick az an emotional and experimental outlet mainly expressing myself. I never wanted to be famous or any kind ov rock idol. I really enjoyed meeting others who shared the same interests. Be they fetishes or Musick experiments. What I really found sad waz the attitudes ov those who found it important to express their distaste for Me and My Musick. The petty rumors and immature opinions. The whole ‘Exploitation ov Women’ concept. Which only reflects their selfish ignorant view that Women have no say in the exploitation ov themselves. Yes I exploited them. Its written in their contracts that they were happy to sign. I think most do not understand what EXPLOIT really pertains to. Theze opinions also show the ignorance ov not understanding that it waz their choice. Assuming theze Women are not capable ov their Own choice. Assuming Everything and knowing Nothing. Especially about a Free Will. Every Woman I have worked with seen it az a collaboration between us. They were happy and proud to be part ov the many projects they were involved with. Be it modeling, singing, dancing, etc. Who are YOU people to insult them with your attitudes ov narrow minded opinions ?

I remember how angry My Women would get from the redirick ov onlookers arrogantly giving such simple minded opinions ov attitude. Its a real selfish insecure view to not understand that I empowered more Women with My ability to respect and encourage their talents involved in My Musick, Videos and Performances. All My projects were nothing less than adventures in true Romance, Admiration and Entertainment. Original enough that My Pride ov Woman were having the most uninhibited time ov their sexual lives. Yet, there were always those who were unable to conceive what Eroticka or Burlesque entertainment iz. Only that they hated it. And hated Me. Not happy people.

Dave John Fredo/DJ-WZBC & John Zewizz 1987

Az I wind up the Final Curtin ov SLEEPCHAMBER the plans are many. One thing for sure, the release will be The Last. All things kum to an End. Time iz an unwritten contract in Life. It haz been completed. Next Update iz ONE OV THE MOST IMPORTANT TO DATE ~ Check back this week. John Zewizz ~