John Zewizz by Sandra Pepin 2021

So much to say, such little time. Theze Writings are a Compilation ov statements. So if I repeat Myself its because theze Statements were written at different times.

Make no mistake, the Musick ov SLEEPCHAMBER iz composed with intention. Yet, SLEEP CHAMBER Musick waz Never intended for ‘The Masses’ (the herd). Intentionally rekorded for the Anti-Social Individual. Songs and Musick for the anti-establishment. Musick for Fetishism, Eroticka and Musick and from unusual Life Experiences and insights on Philosophy, Mysticism, and Love. Experiments in Sex Magick, and other Occult practices. SLEEPCHAMBER thru its 40+ years haz always been intentionally Dark. Sure there are ‘Jam Sessions’… which are just Musickal improv. But the invokation under intention iz always there. Members not wanting to be organized in the SLEEPCHAMBER direction or intent are let go instantly. ‘They’ never work out. I’ve had to use drones for live performances due to situations out ov My control with contracts and performances booked to far or too soon ahead. This causes YOU to Do what YOU can- When YOU can. But every Song or Instrumental officially released carries a full conscious intention. That iz to say the Musick ov SLEEPCHAMBER iz not composed or produced for just Entertainment. INTENTION~ When the Musick iz rekorded and especially after Production. Most titles are a clue to the influence ov the Musickal piece. Seen az a Magickal piece to its creators. We have worked with all the dark toys we could find. ‘Back-masking’ using Subliminal messages, mantras and sound frequencies forward, backwards or Reversed. Something called ‘SOUND SUGGESTION’ which I can understand but have My doubts if it does what it suggests that it does. Briefly it works on the stereo balance. By crossing left to right EQ and sound frequencies suggesting that your conscious will /can program the subconscious and interacts with the extra low and the high EQ …YOU can not even hear normally some sound that works instinctively causing an interaction while listening to the Musick. Triggering your subconscious to work or bekum part ov the Musickal frequency Iz what az known az ‘Subliminal Signaling’ . Using a Frequency Analyzer and a Spectrum Analyzer. Both display the frequency ov the Musick.

In the SLEEPCHAMBER dokumentry SLEEPING SICKNESS you can see My experimenting with visual subliminals in the Songs THE LIGHT POURS OUT OV ME and Jonathan Briley’s THATS ROMANCE. The subliminal visuals go down 3 more times before YOU can not consciously see them. Sometimes I floated the subliminals to a point that if YOU looked close enough YOU could see them. But the video goes too fast for your conscious to observe. There are also subliminal vocal trax in songs like THE LIGHT POURS OUT OV ME. We even used a rekording ov wind howling into the mix. It sounds perfect with the keyboard. Many nights at Newbury Sound Studio. (The only time YOU will see Me with a watch on). Paying $60 an hour iz a dollar a minute. Me and Eugene spent four 8 hour sessions just on THE LIGHT POURS OUT OV ME. I spent a small fortune on SLEEP OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PIECE in 1990. I waz working on the MBTA driving a Train. So I had the investment. I wanted to mix THE LIGHT POURS OUT OV ME again. But Eugene said we had enough mixes and he did not think it could get any better and I waz wasting My money. I agreed. There iz 6 mixes and all have subliminal audio suggestion. (2-videos, LP, CD, Remix), are all different and there iz I think 2 more unreleased. I got a great deal at BFVF Studio in Boston. (Boston Film and Video Foundation). Some footage again on SLEEPING SICKNESS film. We spent 4 nights there. Eugene Difrancesco and Jonathan Briley were there for the first night. The energy waz very contagious. The Invokation waz done on this Special Night. (Along with a Full Moon). DOMINATRIX & SNAKEBITE songs were sealed with Enchantment with Eclipsing high subconscious spikes. Notice the energy lost after Eugene and Jonathan leave. There iz no energy spikes to Enchant. ARTHUR WOZNIC waz at the time fighting to be the Alpha. Constantly challenging Me. It grew . It waz obvious to all SLEEPCHAMBER members. This waz not the first ov many Alpha pups that want My throne in SLEEPCHAMBER. What they all have yet to figure out iz that SLEEPCHAMBER iz My pet and can not be ruled by anyone else. She belongs to Me. Who could run this menagerie ov twilight?.

CONCEPT ~ YOU have to infuse with your alter ego. YOU have to be joined forever with your alter ego. Which I have accomplished. Many changes noticeable. Everything seems to be on ten sometimes. My confidence and awareness haz increased. My ego iz My worst enemy. Along with too much empathy. Emotions can doom YOU. Switch automatically to Logic. Fear iz a disease. Its effects are failure and death. This iz how Serious SLEEPCHAMBER ‘Intention’ iz.

All I’ve found out iz that We are always being told that there iz a ‘better quality’ Sound All-The-Time. Sound can only get so clearvoyant. Dolby, DBX, Surround Sound, 7.1 Stereo and on and on. No matter how much they claim that a New type ov Sound iz better it just plain Bullshit. Remember your ears are the adapter to sound frequencies. Sound iz only az good az your Ears. I have a very trained ear for a non Musician. Its really Odd. My senses hear clearly what other Band members fail to hear. Even after years ov Live Performances I have an above adverage sense to hearing Musick arrangements and rhythms. What it kums down to iz either people like your Musick or not. Or HATE IT. Obviously a good producer iz worth their weight in Gold. Anyone with a Serious intent with their Musick should pay for a Chief Engineer when rekording in a Studio. Your engineer iz the one who does All-the-Work. He knows where all EFX and EQ are ..and Short cuts. Never have that predictable EGO that haz to ‘Control’ all the Musick. The Real Power kums from allowing someone to ‘Hear’ your Musick differently. I have allowed other studio people help produce Songs. It costs a fortune if YOU are wrong. And the remixing iz painful. So, pick someone who knows what YOU want. YOU know what YOU want too.

If YOU know how to produce Musick with your own style and its effective intentions by means ov what YOU want out ov your Musick and the expectation ov its results . Experience in rekording studios does not mean YOU know it all. We have had chief engineers and producers that I have worked with. Everyone usually haz their own concept ov what they think ‘Sounds Good’ or ‘What YOU want”. . . Ya, Ya, Ya ~

It really kums down to more than experience. YOU have to understand many fasists ov how Musick effects the listeners. SLEEPCHAMBER haz always had intentions and take our Musick very seriously. Much like a painting it must contain a ‘Golden Section’. Now with different styles ov Musick, the ‘Golden Section’ will only exist if YOU know how to evoke its potential. Musick haz more than just traditional arrangements. This causes your Musick to bekum subconsciously predictable. Musick iz an emotional element. The power it evokes goes unknown. I am not a musician. I arrange My Lyrics, chorus, rhythms and tempo by ear. Most people listen to Musick the same way. They do not know if YOU are playing out ov tune or not. Especially in Live Performances. They do not care how many chords YOU play. SLEEPCHAMBER had a guitarist in the 80’s (CHRIS MEANS) that played a Gipson Les Paul with Only one string. In the bottom ov an elevator at Newbury Sound. In 1985 for the Song SUBMIT TO DESIRE. I waz unhappy with the Production. I let PAUL ARNOLD produce the complete A-side. With the right rack-mount effects YOU can play az a Power Guitarist. Its all how listeners perceive the composure ov the Song. I studied the frequencies and EQ ov the Tibetan Monks Musick. Their mantras, their concept ov Musick being a sacred sound containing purpose. Containing secrets that are not found in current Western Musicks. Many who enjoy the Musick they listen to are usually attracted to the Lyrics and harmony. Yes the Beat also contributes much like a cocktail or a good soup it makes the listener emotional. Be it happy, sad or iz it powerful enough to bring on memories and subconscious curiosity.

John Zewizz, TICK, Bob Avakian, Gimme”Sparks 2014 by Johnny Speed

There are millions ov great musicians and bands. Yet, it means nothing. Unless YOU understand the ‘Golden Section’ ov your own production. YOU will never understand the abilities YOU can access by your means ov creating sound that haz accomplished the intent YOU desire. Musickal styles and sound iz constantly changing. This iz something that few ov us can adapt to till its bekum a style. Or, its a new style YOU created. Which iz usually short lived till its copied and others sometimes have the ability to do it better. Everyone iz influenced by other Musicks. They just do it their way. Either by arranging their own style or originality making the Musick unique by being impressed with the ideas or direction ov others.

John Zewizz, TICK, Bob Avakian, Gimme”Sparks 2014 by Johnny Speed

The Production ov the final piece ov Musick iz the most important concept to establishing ‘The Golden Section’. Its not something that YOU can control or exploit like a recipe. It haz to be born into the intent ov the composition. All parts to the arrangement to Musick iz vitally important. Some parts more than others. I’ve seen Musick evoke its ‘Golden Section’ in the final stages ov production. My strongest reflection ov The Golden Section waz when working with ELAINE WALKER. Who waz a Musick Teacher at Berkley School ov Musick. I had my work cut out for Me. Elaine did all the drums except BESIDE DANNAE on the SIAMESE SUCCUBI CD. I waz working with 2 women in the band for the first time. CATWOMAN waz the first track done. After hearing the drums I asked her to do the rest for the Release. I had to add a few Tribal instrumentals making it My Favorite SLEEPCHAMBER release. I think after the other releases like SLEEP OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PIECE this Musick iz where I want to be. I can say I’ve reached contentment. SIAMESE SUCCUBI both CD & Videos were the Peek for My interest in Magickly invoking My Musick.

SLEEPCHAMBER 1996 by Laura Graff

I have also seen Musick begin with great expectations. Only to be lost in the Mix ov someone who can not leave it alone. They keep trying everything assuming it can always be better. Not knowing when to stop. All they are doing iz experimenting with the Musick. If YOU know what YOU want, all YOU have to do iz adjust what effects levels and it does not get lost in the experimenting. I am not a ‘Pop’ song writer nor am I interested in anything other than exploring the emotional reflection ov the piece ov Musick that iz being created. 98% ov SLEEPCHAMBER compositions are written (Lyrics) are written by Me. The Musick iz a collaboration with each individual member.

SLEEPING SICKNESS~ The Vinyl LP- The Above LP Company Refused to Make

I see it az capturing a piece ov time that contains access to anything from memories, forms ov nostalgia and even romance. The potential ov Musick haz been overlooked. Some musicians know this. They are more than just aware ov what power Musick contains. When someone relates to the Lyrics it can have a very profound effect. Its why most countries have a natural anthem. To remind them ov the sense ov togetherness and pride. When soldiers use to go into battle, they would sing the songs ov their past generations that reminded them that Musick gave them courage and purpose in the reasoning for possible death. There death would stand for sacrifice in what they believed in. At funerals they play Bag pipes. This iz to remember the traditions and the respect for the fallen with honor. War drums, animal horns being blown for reason or code. Musick iz another form ov communicating. A higher level ov emotional understanding, pride and unity. Again ~ SLEEPCHAMBER iz not Musick for the masses. I gave My Life to Musick. I discovered that Musick iz not just entertainment. Its bearing your Soul with questions, uncertainty, desires, pain, romance, Love, anger, all the emotions we carry and hide inside ourselves. Those who disguise their feelings instead ov being confident enough to use the words they are afraid to use in fear ov being judged. Many think My Lyrics in SLEEPCHAMBER are an exploitation ov sexuality. Maybe ? .. My intentions are many. Truthfully I see it az Eroticism. Maybe even Lust at times. SLEEPCHAMBER haz never degraded Women. If anything I think I glorify the female to a stage ov Enchantment. My Eroticism and live burlesque iz too much for some. I’ve been asked ” what iz the difference between Porno & Erotick ?” Simple … Its the Presentation. Its the way the Woman iz presented. In her glory, Her beauty and her female pride. Her natural power. I’m not a submissive. I just admire true confidence. Not ego or self admiration. Confident and exciting. Not a bitch, and not inhibited. Their ability to not fear emotions and instinctively process a situation with more empathy than a male iz able to process naturally. This iz why Women are the birth givers. In just about every Species. The natural instinct to protect its offspring iz a wonder ov life to Me. Most female animals will die or kill for their newborns. This iz one ov My highest admirations for the Female gender protecting its young. Simply amazing.

John Zewizz & BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis -(Limelight NYC 1994 by Luna Tsuki

My main objective iz to capture real emotion and reflect its power with exposing the intensity ov understanding that experience. If someone can relate to your Musick-(story) then YOU have touched their Soul. YOU have made them understand your own private feelings. YOU had the ability to share something most wish they could but lack the skill or concept to do so. What haz been conditioned into them since childhood. I am very proud to have captured My Soulmate during an argument that really Captured ‘True Emotion’ in a Song I wrote while My Heart broke. In the rekording sessions I had to sing this Song in the dark. I cried every time I sang it. Including Live. Where I got to sing this emotional heartbreaking confession to MY LOVE -(R.I.P.) directly to Laura. How many Musicians can say they sang a song they wrote about a Love and got to sing it TO HER ?? The phone message only brings more emotion adding the crying voice to the melancholy Song ov Pain that iz only exclusive to a BROKEN HEART ?? My Relationship with Laura assisted My transformation to My alter ego. Her feminity waz overwhelming and powerful. I knew since she waz much younger=(21)- I had to be careful to what I exposed Her to. She became the Perfect Priestess. Waz this the Unconditional Love they speak ov ? Her Beauty waz really Enchanting. Her projected confidence and beauty Enchanted too many. This waz all new to her. I Loved her madly. More than any other. Somehow her natural Enchantment mixed with her introduction to a new selection ov people invoked what abilities she had learned. This waz too Powerful for her to really manage or understand. Laura defended the SLEEPCHAMBER fort when I could not. At one point Laura’s influence crossed paths with Mine. Laura’s Enchantment waz drawing all sorts ov Riff-Raff. Laura waz using her Magick with everything. At a few points I allowed her to Seduce Me having No Will against her. I waz powerless. Love I thought waz an emotional bond. Whatever Bond I shared with Laura waz different. Yup, I know everyone says that. Laura waz the only woman that could use My own Magick on Me.

John Zewizz & BARBITCHUETTE~ Laura (during SILVERMOON) by Luna Tsuki 1994

NO ONES HEART BEATS HARDER waz redone in 1993 for My Emotional Bond with Laura. There iz a 1990 version that waz on the flip side to the vinyl 7″ 45rmp single. Both Not currently on You Tube. From the 1993 CD- SOPOR- (aka Quaaludes) CRAIG WEIN waz programming it at Inner-X-Studio. He claimed it sounded too much like Soft Cell. I took it to Newbury Sound and Me and JEFF DOVNER produced it. I played Guitar. SPIKE DEVITT played the Bass. CRAIG did the drum programs and samples.

SLEEPCHAMBER~ No Ones Heart Beats Harder -(1993-Remake)-

I started to see Laura gathering Riff-Raff. People around to do anything she wants– anytime she wants. Laura seen no problem with this. But I did. Submissive slaves willing to clean her toilet with a tooth brush. After our departure (several times) yet finally she iz Free. Bekums addicted to Heroin for awhile then Stops. She had bekum pregnant. She totally stopped all drugs. Later Laura had a baby boy -(Nicky). Sadly after 5 years Laura fell to a Heroin OD. The day I became yet a 3rd alter ego. I promised her “OUR LOVE WILL LAST FOREVER” … and It does ~

SLEEPCHAMBER~ Silvermoon -(w/phone message)-

While using subliminal messages in 1986 I found that at a sample style Suggestion (planned to be lowered to subliminal) sounded somewhat interesting. So I left the subliminal voice up in the SLEEPCHAMBER ~ “Babes ov Babylon” song. The 1986 version and the 93 remake. The female voice waz suppose to be a Subliminal Message ov arousal. While mixing it, I thought the voice sounded better UP in the Mix.

We experimented with ‘subliminal suggestion’ in My Record shop. It only works if the person enjoys the Musick. If they dislike the Musick. Nothing. Yet, if the person iz enjoying the Musick then the subliminal suggestions seem to be effective to a certain degree. There have been many real Rituals rekorded and released in much ov the Musick. While finding interest in different Philosophers and Theology I moved onto Astrology, Mysticism and eventually into Magick and other Occult practices. This had an experience empowering the Intention. Most musicians do not see their Musick anything but current talent. If YOU make it matter, It will matter. From the first vinyl LP in 1984 to current. Many would be surprized to know that The Cover to SLEEP CHAMBER ” Submit To Desire”, the LP cover being an active Sigil. A Seal that haz been Evoked with Full Intention. Az the Musick and the Processing DESIRE to be a Natural Sexual Enjoyment. The Cover waz made to be Enchanting. It waz made intentionally to make YOU look twice. To not Fear your Emotions. “SUBMIT” ~

1985 vinyl LP cover by John Zewizz

In 1985 I waz in constant drama with female groups and some dum dums that were accusing Me ov “Exploiting Women” . Now YOU could have guessed what They had to say … But what kind ov response could I defend Myself with? …ALL SLEEPCHAMBER Musick usually follows My life-line. My fetishes, Adventures, and My Energy~ I See Female-Women az an organic experience. Some contain Power that could be an equal with a man in Virtues ov Reverence and admirable Instinct. Current trends with Sexuality iz a pure agenda. No Worry ~ GAY IZ OK … but I refuse to talk politics. ~ I Say “EVERYTHING IZ A LIE …AND THATS THE TRUTH” and “YOU ARE WHO YOU MADE YOURSELF” . On YouTube there iz a Channel Claiming that the Track “FLESH TRIXSIN” iz taken from samples ov some DJ combining the same Styles together.(15+ years later). And what they fail to realize iz that “FLESH TRIXSIN” waz rekorded live on WZBC-FM Radio in 1986 …(1986) The material they claim we used waz from 1999-2016. The vinyl the DJ iz mixing iz from different CDs and vinyl from recently. So, unless “FLESH TRIXSIN” had a time machine it could Never had been sampled from something 20 years later. A Perfect example ov why I never wanted to Sign with a Major Label. Sure, they money looks Great. YOU are in it for Money & Success right ? Nothing iz Free. Most Record/CD deals are for 3 in 3 years. YOU are given an ‘Advance’. Up to $100,000. For Living, eating and oh…a Studio Release. Most Band (many) try and rekord in their own private digital studio. It will sound totally unproduced. Remember … this iz what YOU chose. Major label’s want Success and Money. YOU find out just how Evil signing a Contract can bekum. SLEEP CHAMBER knew that back in 1982 when it waz started.

Andrew Woolf, Ashley Swanson, Jay Keegan, John Zewizz, Craig Wein. 1994 by Laura Graff

Many assume that SLEEPCHAMBER iz all Sex. Very Sexual at Times. Yet, its not the whole point. I dont really defend Myself to every fight. (And there be all sorts ov fights). YOU are more powerful by you conscious confidence. It will not happen overnight. consciously practice your higher Confidence. Usually on someone YOU do not know. Be aggressive. Make your awareness the dominance. YOU are the Alpha so softly but firmly make it obvious. How YOU walk. How YOU Talk. In many life’s. Where many will understand now. SLEEPCHAMBER and its collective stand for mattering. We all struggled. OK ?..So, that’s why YOU are here.

The SLEEPCHAMBER collective agree that The SATANIC SANCTION release waz a short lived concept ov investigation and curious insight. ( I waz reading Crowley, Austin Spare, John Dee and others) I admit az an adept when related to versions ov Magick. I am a Mystic. I gather influence and experience to form My conscious belief system. My Soul. My WILL. I am not satanic. Not all Magick iz self centered and evil manipulation.

1989 Texas Tour-(Tione, Jonathan Briley, John Zewizz, Arthur Woznic)- by Jasper Burns

When some may not care there iz always a unique Sirkle ov Individuals. That relates to much ov the SLEEPCHAMBER Musick. I have written all the SLEEPCHAMBER songs except for the ones JONATHAN BRILEY sings and the Cover tunes. There iz two written by Me and JONATHAN BRILEY. Its called REALITY REVIELED I believe. And we handed words off in the PRESCRIPTION track. We never worked az a song writing team.

Hand Written Lyrics by ZEWIZZ & BRILEY 1988-*-Line 5-‘Conservatives’ were Bad- Politics haz changed.

We worked together with synths and percussion. Me and JONATHAN owned the same synths. KORG~Monopoly. The song writing iz usually done privately. (now that I think ov it). Sometimes lyrics change to fit the rhythm ov the track. It includes a darkness ov insight that many share. Sometimes within the lyrics. Some songs are about dreams.

I wrote “DREAM DISTILLATE” from lyrics I formed in a conscious lucid dream. Every word waz taken from a conscious recall. Written down instantly. Upon Awakening. 1984 Compilation Vinyl LP THE OBLIQUE COLLECTION~ Produced by John Zewizz

Original vinyl LP (100 pre-release copies) 1984

SLEEPCHAMBER haz many levels ov Musick. So many critics or DJs accuse SLEEPCHAMBER ov playing a progressing style in Our Musick. Very simply, SLEEPCHAMBER Musick iz the project ov that Time era, We still rekord Ritual, Mystical, az We do Polyrhythm beat and rhythms. You do not have to az a Band only do one kind ov Musick. So, SLEEPCHAMBER did not advance or reject Any ov our past styles ov releases. We continue to rekord Musick for enjoyment, entertainment, arousal, Ritual, Soundscapes and Burlesque. No Limits. SLEEPCHAMBER haz no gods or idols.

The style YOU see change iz just an evolution ov Musick. I have included Subliminal voices, Love affairs, Fetishes, Breakups and all other events I’ve experienced in My Life. When it kums to different members ov the band they all added their own special input. EUGENE DIFRANCISCO haz been the main muscle behind some ov the complex Songs. EUGENE iz a True musical pro. He iz able to play most any instrument in short time. I would put him up against most. Other members have had their own style. Which I encourage. The evolving style ov SLEEPCHAMBER Musick iz totally arranged by the current Style ov who and what We are playing at that particular time. Their energy iz infused into the rekording. All are aware ov the Invokation ov the Musick. The arranging and mixing ov the Vocals iz the most dramatic. If YOU are the singer than The Vocals are the Most Important addition. Now there are some Guitar pieces that are priceless. But in SLEEPCHAMBER iz a dictatorship. I’m ‘The Boss’. Mostly because I have the most experience. I allow all the Freedom to Improv az long az it fits. It always Fits. I can not tell out ov tune from in tune. I know NOTHING~ But I do arrange all the Musick and Songs. I am the main Producer.


I have pieces ov paper everywhere I live. They are notes that remind me ov Lyrics that visit my subconscious. Its quite obsessive. My mind iz sometimes overwhelmed by Emotional thoughts. When escaping reality … I am enchanted with life, death, and all the grey area in between. When I smoke a small amount ov Weed and get very enlightened by the alternate direction ov processing. (The way we view things). Very Different. The Song Title just drops into My Mind. I don’t give it much thought. But I should. The Lyrics are written like a story. then trimmed to fit and be laced with the right amount ov Nouns that stand out az having a meaning to directions. Lyrics can make or Kill a Song. I keep lines short but demanding. Most ov My writing iz sexually clear. Sometimes throw in a word that haz two meanings… “Kum” use it both ways in one song. Thats what the Mantra means “KUM KLEOPATRA KUM” . (physical & physical). Combining different Emotions iz very Powerful. Mixing Emotions in SexMagick iz something that most people will understand NEVER. I’ve been known to use backwards singing in some releases. I Like the backwards female vocal. Totally Erotick. I did some studio work with Madam Peacock in East Boston. Under the name VAMPYRESS. We had some great times. Crazy rekordings,. Some ov the Musick went back and forth for either SLEEPCHAMBER Musick or VAMPYRESS.

Madam Peacock, John Zewizz and Anubus by Johnny Speed 2015

I let some songs out that were planned for SLEEPCHAMBER. She waz great working with her. I wrote the VAMPYRESS song I CRIED WHEN BOWIE DIED. (its all bits from hiz songs). 2016 . Many try to put My Musicks into some sort ov Control and opinion place. ‘The Masses and Critics are only Trolls. Eclipse your distain … Your Envy explains ~


A Title has not been agreed upon yet. RELEASE DATE is marked Summer 2022 A bio on any theme or concept of the New Release ? Q: obviously political, some surrealism & sexuality will wrap it up. A: What’s the music like ? Q: electronic heavy-beat. Some real classics for sure. Intense instrumental, UPDATE : June 2022 BOB AVAKIAN haz passed away. I’m hearing a Fental OD. Bob waz not a IV drug user since around 2014. He Stopped for good. I last met up with him a month ago. He waz doing hiz Suboxone -( a deadly narcotic) 4-strips a day (abuse/Dr. Failure). He waz also addicted to Gabbapentin. Two-addictions one prescribed SUBOXONE- the Wolf in sheep clothing. When YOU go from Heroin / Opiates then they prescribe a synthetic morphine gelatin. (strips). Most who are prescribed this are ‘Lifers’ … for the Rest ov Their Life they take it. Forgotten Ghosts Lost to a Society that haz bekum az selfish az the Levels ov Evil. Make No Mistake. That gut feeling that ‘Something aint Right’ . YOU keep pushing it down because YOU do not understand ‘What’ iz currently going on. Hard to ignore it. No secret that Everyone Feels ‘it’. What to do, what to do ? Well, this iz suppose to be about Musick yet the question falls into SLEEPCHAMBER philosophy. Another Time.



Their are 100% sure plans to film a final SLEEP CHAMBER show. They are fighting on costs. There is not date confirmed. Both locations hold about 100 people. One in Plymouth-Ma. the other is in Marshfield-Ma. / Now both places lower renting of hall price. ANOTHER POST PAGE will be Video by SLEEPCHAMBER and other Inner-X-Artist that are NOT Available elsewhere. Taken from Original Masters. No Shitty bootleg copies. More Soon ~

John Zewizz by Sandra Pepin 2021