SLEEPCHAMBER 2010 by Johnny Speed

Many can reconize that with each SLEEPCHAMBER project that the concept changes from release to release. Honestly I would have to admit that it kums from the Line-Up ov Musicians, that I am directing at that time period. In 1983-85 I waz more interested in a dark and oblique sound. It morphed from release to release. I do not know how to sing so My style waz more ov a narration in the Musick. SLEEP CHAMBER released Tribal Musick like SEXMAGICK RITUAL, SATANIC SANCTION, SIRKLE ZERO, SACROSANCT, SECRETS OV 23, SORCERY, SPELLS AND SERPANT CHARMS. Working with Tribal percussion, tapes, and exotick instruments blended with electronics. There were also releases that had Songs mixed with instrumentals. SIAMESE SUCCUBI, SUBMIT TO DESIRE etc. All the releases are mastered and the material chosen by Me. (except for SACRED & SURREAL). There iz more unreleased SLEEPCHAMBER Musick than released. Some releases (usually instrumentals) are chosen from material rekorded years apart. We rekorded the SUBMIT TO DESIRE -(A-side) in 1984 with other tracks RAINDANCE, UNDER THE GREEN SKY and the first track rekorded WARM LEATHERETTE. It waz the first time rekording with DARLINE VICTOR. She did all these Drum Programs on SUBMIT and it waz My first time in a Pro 16-Track Studio. PAUL ARNOLD waz great. He could find the effect we wanted instantly. I think he really had more experience than JEFF DOVNER. Both were Chief Engineers. When they posted our 7″ 45 w/pic sleeve, SUBMIT TO DESIRE-LP, SPELLBONDAGE vinyl LP the Covers face the Wall. SEXMAGICK RITUAL Material iz from 1982-1986. More material exists from this project than any other release. I started to choose trax in 1986 for it. There were too many sessions that sounded similar. Enough material for 3 more LP releases. The Best waz released. Others were found on the CD release with bonus material. The trax are rekorded mostly in 1984-86. FLESH TRIXSIN -(LP version) from SEXMAGICK RITUAL iz a bit over 27 minutes long. The cassette release iz the complete live improv Musick from WZBC-FM 1986. Az usual all Live FM performances are run on kaos. Never enough room. Not enough electrical outlets. Jonathan Briley bumped hiz head twice at WZBC in 1987. I used the ladies room 3-times by mistake. Larry Van Horn grew a beard waiting to use the smoking area. Interviews are much eazyer. Az anyone who haz ever done a Live show will tell YOU that its not fun setting up in small radio stations. SLEEPCHAMBER really proceeded with Ritual Musick after the SEXMAGICK RITUAL release. All though some posts on You Tube ov this track claim SLEEP CHAMBER used some DJ mix from the late 2000’s. They just used some ov the SAME tapes We did in 1986. (Line Up: Larry Van Horn, Jonathan Briley, John Zewizz)


1987 VINYL LP ~ SEXMAGICK RITUAL -(Trinity Records)-

Quadraphonic rekording used for Middle East performance. (unreleased)

In 1994 SLEEPCHAMBER did a 2-Set Performance at THE MIDDLE EAST Club. I paid for another PA System to be brought into the club so We could use a 4-track Master to send the Musick to 4-different monitors. Making both the Ritual set and the second Song set in Quadraphonic Sound. We printed up flyers explaining to the audience the Performance production SLEEPCHAMBER had planned for that night. The Ritual set waz mostly improv. We worked with the DAT backing 4-track. Separated into 4-channels. One for each monitor. We opened with the above track. A Latin Mantra in each monitor. The separation waz really quite amazing. I waz glad I invested in another PA System.

SEXMAGICK SIRKLE- (by Laura Graff)


When rekording Musick for this project it took 2 years to compose az a vinyl LP release. I chose from all the Tribal & Ritual trax. Since SLEEPCHAMBER waz getting more involved with the aspects ov Magick the Musick evolved quickly. We were using Human Thigh Bone Horns, all sorts ov Exotick Flutes and Organic Percussion, Chimes, Chains, Metal Percussion ov all kinds, Tape Loops, and Treated Sounds ov Voice and Noize . I chose the trax I thought best for this release. Since there waz so much material I’m glad Piet at FUNFUNDIVERZIG RECORDS in Germany agreed to release a CD version that included more material. Some material found on You Tube includes improv Ritual sessions. Not produced, just live studio rekording. Az found below. (Members include: Jonathan Briley, Larry Van Horn, Richard Geller, John Zewizz and Malcolm Smith). 1983-1986


SLEEPCHAMBER~ SexMagick Ritual sessions (Unreleased)-1986-(HAZAR/ MURDER OV CROWS)-

Theze Sessions were done at all different times. The Concept waz always a priority to get the best style ov SEXMAGICK Musick. Theze sessions are experiments in backwards Musick and the use ov real Ritual instruments. There waz also the use (by some) to use different organic substances to induce Trance like states encouraging the invokation ov the Subconscious. Make no mistake. SLEEPCHAMBER Tribal and Ritual Musick contains intention and purpose. For the opening up the Subconscious to The Will and Free thought. The reconditioning ov social programming.

SLEEPCHAMBER~ SexMagick Ritual session -(Unreleased)-“Spirit & the Soul”)- 1986


Jonathan Briley & John Zewizz BFVF Studio 1989

The development ov independent thinking and free subconscious Will iz Paramount in SLEEPCHAMBER. We are more than just Musick. I’ve said that SLEEPCHAMBER haz always been the rogue element in Musick and Sexuality. We think for ourselves. We seek no shelter from the herd. It iz very costly, for the resistance ov Censorship and stealing Real Freedom iz growing. There iz an opinion that SLEEPCHAMBER iz satanic and sexist. That I exploit Women to sell SLEEPCHAMBER Musick and Video. Well, I DO. The Musick ov SLEEPCHAMBER iz Sexual and Fetish oriented . Exotick and Erotick. So, what proper representation ov Eroticka than Erotick images ? Az far az The Occult images and Musick, it iz NOT satanic. More Mystickal. An alternate Occult perception ov the secret Awareness ov being in Control ov your abilities and limitations. Not for everyone. Only those with the ability to think without Ego or social programming. I’m not trying to teach anyone about Magick. Only directing Individuals to other Openings-ov-Awareness and ‘Like Minded’ Concepts ov Interest. I Don’t wait for acceptance or approval. I am more ov eccentric Individual. SLEEPCHAMBER iz not accepted We are the Exception ov Musick.

Debbie Jaffee by Hal McGee vinyl LP COVER 1987

Most know about the You Tube War with SLEEPCHAMBER right from the start. Especially with Videos. After We stopped posting Erotick Videos they started to BLOCK the Song. So YOU had to SIGN IN to hear it. It waz intentionally made to keep the Upload from going into the Border Feed. Even that YOU had already seen the Cover-(point ov signing in). The Musick had nothing to do with the SIGN IN-BLOCK. Any SLEEPCHAMBER Posts ov Musick/Video that are under 200 views YOU probally have to SIGN IN with Facebook. SLEEPCHAMBER haz been BANNED from You Tube Forever -(Twice)-. After years ov uploading… A ‘Deletion’ and the Musick waz gone overnight. The SLEEPCHAMBER Material uploaded to You Tube now, many are on their third upload. YOU can’t Win the Fight against the Machine. Its their Turf. They make the Rules. Popularity iz over rated Greatly All SLEEPCHAMBER iz doing iz existing in the Abyss. Not Everyone wants to be a ‘Rock Star’. The Musick for THE CHOSEN FEW .

John Z, Brian B, Bart S, Gimme, TICK and Chris (New Years 2017)


Don’t ever let the title fool YOU. Musick iz more powerful than many could not care Less about. The first Experimental Musick I heard waz most impressive. It waz not Typical. It waz not Predictable either. The Musick triggered an Emotion that I instantly recconized. It waz a combination ov triggering’s ov a strong noticeable Emotion that even My subconscious noticed. Sound Frequencies made by organic and primitive Instruments carry magnetic energies. Rare and usually Sacred to their Culture or Tribe ~ SLEEPCHAMBER haz used both Live and in the Studio exotick instruments from the beginning in the early 80’s. Our influences drew from Tibetan Monk Musick, BURNE/ENO- “My Life in the Bush ov Ghosts”, and other Field style Musicks. One ov SLEEP CHAMBER’s Great Performances waz at the MARSHFIELD-RANCH HOUSE. -(a Red Neck Bar)- We used the most Ritual percussion ov any set during WEAPONS OV MAGICK and COVEN OV ANGELS. The last two trax that closed the Performance. Az we were trying to get paid We heard the owner say .. “No more New Wave”. We laughed all the way home. / 1982 ADDMISSION $2. SLEEPCHAMBER Show Line-Up : JOHN ZEWIZZ, MALCOLM SMITH, LARRY VAN HORN, RICHARD GELLAR.

The Version ov WEAPONS OV MAGICK on this video iz the Audio from MARSHFIELD RANCE HOUSE Performance in 1982

We have lost a few SLEEPCHAMBER members (RIP). Just recently BOB AVAKIAN. He waz My main programmer for the drum programs and computer problems. This will cost us a great set-back. Below iz the last Song Bob worked on. It waz rekorded in 2018 for a compilation CD that waz never released. (Bob Avakian, Gimme”Sparks, Kay Tue, Tick, John Zewizz)


photo by Ashley Swanson

Rekorded at Inner-X-Studio in 2017 and remixed and remastered in 2018. Produced by BOB AVAKIAN. Bob even tried hiz hand at making Videos. The most popular released video waz “BELLADONNA” from the SCOPOLAMINE unreleased CD 2009. Bob did the Video in 2012. (az usual YOU have to Sign In).

SLEEPCHAMBER~ Belladonna-(video by Bob Avakian)-2016

PART #3 ov SLEEPCHAMBER will include the Story ov the Unreleased CD~ SCOPOLAMINE 2009. The Songs, reason for not releasing, and info on Rekording. Also untold stories ov drama on certain SLEEPCHAMBER Tours. Info on the original SORCERY CD Musick and changes ov certain trax. More Musick Philosophy and Interviews.

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Craig Wein, Ashley Swanson, Andrew Woolf, Jay Keegan, John Zewizz (by Laura Graff 1994)
SLEEPCHAMBER~ Succubus -(Strip Mix)- 2019