The 2014 Unreleased CD


Starting in 2014 SLEEPCHAMBER started to rekord Musick for its New CD release SCOPOLAMINE. The title waz taken from an experiment ov taking the drug Scopolamine sulfate and drawing from the experience to write Lyrics and Musick. This drug iz very deadly. One more powerful than Fenatayl. I had experimented in early days with Hyoscymine. (brother substance). Beyond a Hallucinogenic drugs like LSD, PCP, Mescaline Mushrooms and hallucinogenic substances. I highly advise NOT to experiment with this drug that iz classified az a Deliriant. We were looking for something to influence our Psyche to a higher sense ov awareness. I admit now that it waz a mistake. The drug had such a profound effect on all ov us. It lasted for days. Much too overwhelming at the start. Unlike other drugs that cause hallucinations in the mind. YOU know its the drug causing this form ov psychosis. With Scopolamine, YOU find it very difficult to distinguish reality from the drug psychosis. We started jamming and playing. After a few hours it waz impossible to continue at all. I wrote some Lyrics and it became necessary to adjust with Kolonapin. Our consciousness waz somewhat like DMT. Which iz so powerful, YOU are glad it only lasts 20-30 minutes. One dose (micrograms) ov Scopolamine lasted for 2 days with little let up. Without the help ov Kolonapins there would have been hospital visits for sure. There were too. I assumed that we would experience a trip like Peyote or Mescaline. I waz wrong. YOU could feel the emotional trauma for weeks. It waz like We left ourselves and were in another body. Our consciousness waz fragile by the intenseness ov visions and audio intensity. Reality waz a religion we had to believe in. Our only sanity. Some ov the most intense side-effects included, all your membranes … (eyes, mouth, nose and rectum) were dried up to no moisture at all. Traumaiclly uncomfortable. One person hospitalized. It iz used in medicine to dry up the mucus membranes. Our version ov “Angel Trumpets” … “Devils Breath” ..waz a white power. Ordered from a chemical company. We were clueless on dose. So, I’m sure we were overdosing. I had used Belladonna and Scopolamine in some ov the Incense we use to burn in Live Performances mixed with other ingredients. Most powerful from the Tree Datura trumpet flowers.


I had done My research on Hyoscyamine and Scopolamine in the 80’s. It waz a mistake experimenting then and now again. I thought that now years later I understood what I waz doing. This iz a very powerful and deadly drug. I can not stress this enough. I believe that it possibly opens paths to insanity and dimensional insights. Ones we yet are unable to process or understand. This waz not enjoyable at all. YOU had to fight for your sanity. Yet, I waz determined to utilize its experience in Musick.

Pretty Much So ~
Gimme”Sparks during SCOPOLAMINE Sessions. by Johnny Speed


After the first day and the Koloapin stablization SLEEPCHAMBER waz now rekording. It all seems like a Dream now. One ov the first tracks waz “SCOPOLAMINE”. Rekorded on the first take. Bob Avakian arranged the Musick and Gimme”Sparks guitar. I Loved the sound and arrangement right away. I loved the direction. This take waz rekorded after a long night jam where My voice iz gravely. I wrote the Lyrics that morning. Some ov the song Lyrics are improvised. We were smoking Pot and drinking Wild Turkey. I think the percussion panning iz My favorite rhythms. The synth patch that screams iz at a very high frequency EQ. Combined with that frequency that iz above the hz normal hearing. Bob Avakian did a decent job Mixing it. I would have added a higher-low end kick. But I want to do that with every song. Bob mixed it in short time too. (8-hours) at Inner-X-Studio. SCOPOLAMINE~ One take- Inner-X-Studio (2014) I wrote SCOPOLAMINE in about 6 hours. The day ov the session. Bob waz working on the drums. So I had time. Its about an Illicit dream or A Trance Vision. Under SCOPOLAMINE. It waz truly what feeling Insane feels like.

BANG BANG ~ waz the next Song. Again Bob Avakian did great with the percussion beat. Me and Gimme”Sparks kept combining guitar and keyboard rhythms. Trying to get a hook rhythm. Gimme did two guitar dubs. One mixed a bit high, but this track iz only rekorded. It haz not been produced. Its a great outtake from three versions that We rekorded. From noon to about 2:30 am the session lasted. (Summer 2014). Inner-X-Studio. BAND- (Bob Avakian, Gimme”Sparks, John Zewizz) Written by John Zewizz.

I really had to fish around for theze Lyrics. I knew what Fetish pieces I wanted in the Song. Most importantly DEMONS ASS, NURSING BRA, etc. I’m sure YOU know what Bang-Bang means ? BANG BANG~

We played around with Songs not available for Examples. COCKTAILS waz a jam session song. It waz never going to make it to the release. Like other songs. This track iz one ov three takes including an Instrumental. We were all pretty drunk at this ending attempt to improv a song. Lyrics are improvised. This iz a ‘Jam’ more than a song.

COCKTAILS -Jam session

DOWN BELOW ~ I wanted a different style ov Lyric for this Track. I did the percussion. Bob Avakian did synth and Gimme”Sparks did guitar. This song iz really only a demo. Its rekorded mostly live. It never got to production but waz a favorite ov SLEEPCHAMBERS. The Lyrics are intentionally dark. A bit Goth. Not a religious attack more ov a passionate frustration ov our Culture-Spiritually. The Scopolamine haze waz still there. There are also stripped down and outtakes on You Tube ov this song. This being the best one.

DOWN BELOW -(Studio Outtake)
Bob Avakian & Gimme”Sparks (SCOPOLAMINE Sessions) by Johnny Speed 2014
DOWN BELOW~ Studio session 2014.
Gimme”Sparks on a Kolonapin Nod by Johnny Speed 2014

JEZEBEL~ We took some ov this Musick from another session. Maybe 2013 ? I forget. But it waz back and forth about the sound being obviously dated and not up to the same sound az the other trax. We did intend to remaster it and include it on the release. It became a ‘Working Demo’ to be remade for the SCOPOLAMINE CD. SLEEPCHAMBER did remake another version ov JEZABEL. It waz such a favorite with emotional memories and a unique time period. It waz rekorded at a different Inner-X-Studio location. The Remake waz rekorded with New Inner-X-Studio additions to the studio and rekorded at a different location- East Boston. (Az most all the other trax were for SCOPOLAMINE ). So the early Demo version and the Remake. KAYTUE did the JEZABEL painting with a snake in her mouth. He also made the Video EFX.

JEZABEL- Original Demo -(1st version)
JEZABEL~ Remake. 2nd version (2014 Not 2004) mistake.

LUST RATE~ Rekorded with new equiptmet. SLEEPCHAMBER always uses different Drum machines. We were trying to combine two different Drum machines. Nothing special. Just experimenting with additional electronic percussion. This song waz not finished with the Lyrics. This mix waz never finished. Just rekorded and never Mixed for Production. One version. One session. TICK joined us here with electronics and percussion. Bob Avakian arranged keyboards and percussion rhythms. Gimme”Sparks waz on the mixing board rekording the track.

SNAKE EYES~ We worked on this track many times. There are about 20 mixes ov this Demo. The percussion iz much like the SCOPOLAMINE track. We just could not get a guitar mix that I liked. Some nights members were too buzzed to finish overdubs or be ov any help. Sometimes it waz only Me and Bob Avakian. The material waz piling up waiting to go into Production. None ov the SCOPOLAMINE Songs were mastered or produced. All are in Demo stages.

Artwork by KAY TUE
Bob Avakian Inner-X-Studio 2014 by Johnny Speed
John Zewizz & TICK 2014 by Johnny Speed

THRU YOUR EYES ~ We rekorded this song five times. It started back in 2009 and waz always a song being worked on. Most members thought this track had the most potential. It waz a song We wanted on this CD. Its quite a different style for this SLEEPCHAMBER release. We spent a lot ov time working on this song. All vocal styles are different on every version. We were partying a lot during this Song. Mixing it waz never really finished. Like the other Songs they are all still in demo stages. Its a bit muddy. The EQ never got to or master compression and production mixing. First version being the better rekording. This iz the Romantic song ov the release. I would have to say. Sometimes when YOU drag your feet releasing a CD the Musickal style evolves and first rekordings start to sound dated. This waz happening here with material. Mentally we were all spent. By the end ov Summer SLEEPCHAMBER waz invited to play an exclusive Performance with THE BARBITCHUETTES in Tel Aviv ISRAEL.

TAKE 5 “Thru Your Eyez”
TAKE #1 “Thru Your Eyez”

LENNON 23 ~ Another track taken from the vaults to remaster. It haz much ov the 1st JEZABEL sound. Because it waz rekorded at the same time period. This track waz created by playing tape loops ov JOHN LENNON having some interesting Fun talking to PAUL McCARTNEY very high. The abstract sound pieces included Indian Ritual horns and experiments with processed Ritual Sounds, Piano treatments and tape pieces. It waz also an admiration for the ol’Hippie. I highly respected him and hiz kaos in Life. JOHN waz arrogant but humble. I think JOHN waz the experimenter in THE BEATLES. I really still like the Mysticism in some BEATLES songs. I admire how he waz unconditional in hiz Love for YOKO. JOHN waz not a happy person. JOHN had fun but seemed to be always emotionally understand the need for Love. . Losing hiz Mother twice haz to be about one ov the most painful and emotional depressions. He gave hiz Love & Life for Who He waz. JOHN LENNON will historiclly influence modern Musick for geraretions. Tribute to JOHN LENNON in a SLEEPCHAMBER way. It waz to be included on the SCOPOLAMINE release.

SHE WANTS YOU ~ This waz a great example ov Bob Avakians piano playing. I encouraged that We have more treated piano in SLEEPCHAMBER. The song iz very much influenced by FAD GADGET. There iz violin and piano treatments. The kick drum iz flat because the EQ haz not been done. Thats why all theze trax are Demos. They never made it to the Production .

Gimme”Sparks SCOPOLAMINE sessions 2014 by Johnny Speed

SLEEPCHAMBER waz doing some work with P.EMMERSON WILLIAMS at this time period (for awhile). He played on the JOHN ZEWIZZ solo CD- “2012” Chello and waz still collaberating with us. LSD 23- waz never agreed upon, yet I’m pretty sure it would have made it to the SCOPOLAMINE release. It waz mastered and a video waz even done.

CHRIST CRACK SHUFFLE~ A piece done by Me and TICK. Its just a dance shuffle. There are always pieces ov Musick never finished. This iz one ov them. We were going to put some Christ pieces ov samples. It started to sound too much like early THRILL KILL CULT. So, it slipped away just titled “Christ Crack Shuffle”. There were a lot ov pieces like this, some had Titles or “Untitled” written on them.

There waz a cover tune or two. We got pretty far with yet another ROLLING STONES song. “THE SPIDER & THE FLY” … I would say one ov My favorite Songs. Bob does great work with a ‘Jazzy stand up Bass’ … I took some Piano Musick I had from GENISIS P-ORRIDGE visit in 1984. Rekordings that were ‘tuning up’ or just playing the Piano. It waz an ideal fit. A sample ov some Musick we rekorded onto 4-track cassette. This track originated from the SCOPOLAMINE sessions 2014 . I remembered that GEN liked the early ROLLING STONES with BRIAN JONES too. So, az a Salute to GEN, I want him Remembered in a Song that We both liked. Plans are to include on the Last SLEEPCHAMBER CD release. It haz been remastered and Produced for the 2023 CD release -(No Title) -No Upload ov Rekording for THE SPIDER & THE FLY.

John Zewizz & Gimme”Sparks in Inner-X-Studio- 2014 by Tick
Gimme”Sparks, Tick, John Zewizz, Bob Avakian -(Studio break 2014) by Johnny Speed
Gimme”Sparks, Tick, John Zewizz, Bob Avakian-(Promo pic. 2014) by Johnny Speed

SLEEPCHAMBER waz also getting ready to play Performances in Tel Avi ISRAEL. Well, you can see all-good-intentions here. The band line up -(Bob Avakian, Gimme”Sparks, John Zewizz, Frenchy). Everyone knew We were All to get their photos taken and aquire a Legal Passport. Watch our sincere interest in Performing. (w/THE BARBITCHUETTES-from Israel) … SPIKE DEVITT iz a regular around the Studio. So, He suggested doing a ‘promo video’ ov Musick, Interviews & Images . It waz a good idea. SLEEPCHAMBER did a ‘promo video’ with Musick from SCOPOLAMINE’S last two Songs rekorded=(Instrumental).


John Z & Gimme”Sparks on Israel Tour & “Jezabel” #3 song 2014
Interview Part #2 with “Dream a lil Dream” demo
Propaganda Film by Billy :^V^:



DVD-IXX-976621 TWO : LSD- 23 -(0fficial video), BELLADONNA (video), The JOHN & GIMME INTERVIEW & The Musick Israel Tour Promo Video. Along with : 14)- ARKANGEL SIGILS , 15)-THE EVENT HORRISON Waz to be released along with The Tour ov ISRAEL Fall ov 2014. SLEEPCHAMBER had a New upbeat B+ Musick CD to release and Promote it with an All PAID Trip to Tel Aviv Israel.

ISRAEL. (All Costs PAID-IN-ADVANCE). This guy contacted Me under the name SARCOFIS on facebook. He passed all the tests ov typical booking agents except He waz very laid back. He sent Me photos ov the Night Clubs that SLEEPCHAMBER would perform. And strangely hid hiz face out ov all pictures possibly intentionally. Maybe shy ? or does The Band start breaking down ? Bob moved home so I brought ‘FRENCY” in. A pretty good synth/keyboard player. He’s in the video with Me and GIMME with keyboards. FRENCHY knew Hebrew too. (Helpful)- WE got so many kind people from ISRAEL reaching out to us to ‘Stay at their Homes” (Under their Care). I felt so bad turning such nice thoughtful people that I already waz situated in An Apartment. And needed to be Close to The Venue ov the Performance so I could go over everything 10 times. The Males in ISRAEL are very Proud. They take their shit more seriously than not. People are joking saying Mossad wanted Me. I seen a post on facebook saying Mentioning SLEEPCHAMBER waz going to Tel Aviv ISRAEL. :”THE ANTI-CHRIST GOES TO THE HOLY LAND” (Suggesting ME ). I waz very quiet and kind ov shocked. Because the ‘Comments’ were reading ” You Mean : “The Beast visits The Holy Land” … “Winning Lottorey Numbers are 666” … “Mossad wants answers on Women of the SS” -(Another musick project/ I Produced in the 80’& 90’s.) On VHS Tapes first. WOMEN OF THE SS ~ NAUGHTY & NICE NAZIS. Started to wonder if this Tour in ISRAEL waz to be questioned. SLEEPCHAMBER doez draw out dark people but a question waz being asked about Being Safe or a Trap for Us because ov some Musick can make some people uncomfortable. With GIMME having an ‘Open Warrant’ we were not getting PASSPORTS yet. Things moved very slowly for enough ov SLEEPCHAMBER to pick up old Heroin Habits and to all be broke. THEN~ YouTube gave us our ‘Final Strike’ making it impossible to do some FREE DOWNLOADS. They also Deleted 200 uploads. This all happened at the same time. So being Paranoid about ISRAEL went with the storm.

BELLADONNA -(Video by Bob Avakian)-2014
Demo instrumental Take #1 “MEDUSA”

SLEEPCHAMBER rekorded about 6 versions ov BELLADONNA. Just could not get the sound I wanted. Same problem with MEDUSA. We left most Songs unfinished. We took too long organizing the Musick and with the current drama abandon the project because the sound waz getting dated on the early Songs. John Zewizz ~


John Zewizz, TICK, Bob Avakian, Gimme”Sparks by Johnny Speed 2014

COVER to SCOPOLAMINE DOSES-(Download)- by Kay Tue

CHRONOZON Track unknown. Possible info in Comments section