SLEEP CHAMBER played THE LIMELIGHT in New York City 3-Times in the 1990s. I found the Venue to be My Favorite. Reasons being a very powerful Sound System and a Computer software program for lighting. The audience waz always a mixture ov people from all over the place. You never knew who you would meet. Posers and predators. Both mixed in the same Club tank. It waz far eazyer getting laid than paid, there were plenty ov sharks. All-in-All there waz excitement and adventure I long for. Club Drugs always were the worst. But we never bought them more than once. You learn quick. The first Show waz in 1991 that included THE BARBITCHUETTES. They were traveling down from Buffalo NY and were late. We had to start the show az we were already running overtime. We had been there since 4 in the afternoon. The Band included the Line-Up ov ARTHUR WOZNIC, ASHLEY SWANSON, LAURA CHOPELAS and Myself. Theze were the early stages ov THE BARBITCHUETTE concept. Keeping it together waz hectic. There were few ‘0fficial’ members. Sometimes we had to depend on girlfriends collecting other female friends. I never knew half ov them at this first performance. They arrived half way through the show. So it waz impossible to organize the arrangement for each song. It went on improvised. It waz a Sell-Out show and the audience waz very impatient. Brian Hughes filmed the performance. The Club put their House Soundman on the sound. It waz short ov a mess. To our advantage the Lighting system waz on software programming. So, Brian Hughes our lighting engineer waz able to film the performance. The audience seemed to enjoy our performance. They cut our set short right after “Kiss the Whip”. To give the DJ some time. Which waz lucky for them. We had one song left. An 11-minute version ov “Mrs Goodbar”. Along with a ton more feathers. A British Manager ‘Nevil’ invited us to play again in 1992 but after mentioning I knew PAUL LEMOS ov CONTROLLED BLEEDING for a possibly ‘Opening Act’ the Club dumped us for them. SLEEP CHAMBER had plenty ov lined up shows in Boston for it not to matter. And after a year ov requesting a SLEEP CHAMBER return we agreed to play in 1994. And we were more than ready with our BARBITCHUETTES. (After 4-years ov performances-SLEEP CHAMBER waz in prime condition with New Songs and the Best BARBITCHUETTE Line-Up to date.)-

THE LIMELIGHT-NYC -(Stage Backdrop)-
Outside THE LIMELIGHT in New York City.

LIMELIGHT PERFORMANCE DATES : October 1st 1991 / October 18th 1994 / May 9th 1995. (All Featured THE BARBITCHUETTES). The 1994 Performance waz filmed by James Paul and The Franx-(2-camera shoot) waz released az a VHS Tape first then a DVD release. Both transfer from The Master Tape. Released on INNER-X-MUSICK. Cover Photos by LUNA TSUKI. Layout by Cinthia Von Buhler. The 1995 Performance waz also a 2-camera shoot by GYPSYWOOD VIDEO for a possible shot on a Home-Box-Office show called “SEX-BITES”. Specializing in Underground Fetishism in nightclubs around the Country. We were never informed if any footage waz broadcast on the Late Night Show. I can tell you this… the ‘Version’ ov the Song “SNAKEBITE” that included BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis and a 165 pound Burmese Python waz quite the act. Especially with a 2-camera shoot. Possibly uploaded Here in the future.

1994 POSTER by Michael Manning
1994 HANDBILL & Backstage Pass
BARBITCHUETTES~ Juliette, LuLu, Noel, Devlin, Sin -(backstage 1994) by Vinny
BARBITCHUETTES~ Semiramis & Juliette -(backstage 1994) by Vinny
John Zewizz-(backstage after show)-1994 by Vinny
John Zewizz-(Backstage/Before show-THE LIMELIGHT 1994) by Vinny
BARBITCHUETTES~ Summer & Sin -(LIMELIGHT NYC 1995) by Luna Tsuki
BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis-(LIMELIGHT NYC 1995) by Luna Tsuki
John Zewizz & BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis -(LIMELIGHT NYC-1995) by Luna Tsuki
1994 Stage SET-LIST -(Limelight NYC 1994)-
SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Way ov the Flesh”-(LIMELIGHT -10/18/1994)-
SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Snakebite” -(LIMELIGHT 10/18/1994)
John Zewizz & BARBITCHUETTE~Summer-(LIMELIGHT 5/1/1995) by Luna Tsuki
John Zewizz & BARBITCHUETTE~Semiramis-(LIMELIGHT 10/18/1994) By Luna Tsuki
John Zewizz -(LIMELIGHT, NYC 1994) -by Luna Tsuki
John Zewizz & BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis-(Limelight, NYC 1995) by Luna Tsuki
John Zewizz -(THE LIMELIGHT NYC 1994) by Luna Tsuki
BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis-(LIMELIGHT NYC 1995) by Luna Tsuki
“Nightshade & Lemmonaid”-(LIMELIGHT NYC 1995)-
“Sweet Dreams Sweet”-(LIMELIGHT NYC 1994)-
BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis-(LIMELIGHT NYC 1994) by Luna Tsuki
SLEEPCHAMBER~ Infatuation-(The Limelight, NYC 1994)- From the DVD

“INFATUATION” waz a brand New Song. Craig Wein & Andrew Woolf spent 3-days mixing and mastering the Bass & Drums to a DAT Tape. I waz having a hard time organizing the trip to New York City and collecting THE BARBITCHUETTES together. Renting Vans, Fans, buying feathers and incense. I only had a small part ov the song arranged in my head. I Loved the new Musickal style and beat. So, I actually improved the Lyrics. I waz running on pure adrenaline. I don’t remember most ov what I sang other than “Infatuation”. Az soon az SLEEPCHAMBER returned to Boston the first thing I did waz sit down and arrange Lyrics. I wanted to include the audio from BLADERUNNER where RUTGER HAUER says …”Time to Die …All Our Secret Moments are now Lost, Like Tears in Rain”…(Like Tears in Rain)..”. I sing it in the song but the very end ov the SOME GODZ DIE YOUNG CD had a low audio ov him saying it. But it got chopped in Mastering. Did not make it.

BARBITCHUETTE~ Noel -(Limelight NYC 1994) by Vinny
John Zewizz & BARBITCHUETTE~ LuLu-(THE LIMELIGHT NYC 1994) by Luna Tsuki
BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis & John Zewizz-(THE LIMELIGHT NYC 1995)- by The Franx
“Monkeyman”-(LIMELIGHT NYC 5/1/1995)-
BARBITCHUETTES~ Devlin & Porcha-(LIMELIGHT NYC 1994) by The Franx
SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Silvermoon” -(LIMELIGHT NYC 5/1/1995)-
BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis & John Zewizz-(LIMELIGHT NYC 1995) by Luna Tsuki
SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Snakebite”-(LIMELIGHT 5/1/1995)- Mature Viewing
BARBITCHUETTE~ Summer-(LIMELIGHT NYC-1995) by Luna Tsuki
BARBITCHUETTES~ Semiramis & Anna -(Limelight NYC 1995) by Luna Tsuki
BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis & John Zewizz-(LIMELIGHT NYC 1995) by Luna Tsuki
John Zewizz & BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis-(THE LIMELIGHT NYC 1994) by Vinny
SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Cobra Heartbeat”/”Cockwork” (Encore LIMELIGHT NYC-5/1/1995)-
BARBITCHUETTES~ Sin & Veronika-Limelight by Luna Tsuki 1994
BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis & John Zewizz -LIMELIGHT 1995 by Luna Tsuki
BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis-Limelight 1995 by Luna Tsuki
BARBITCHUETTE~ Summer & John Zewizz- by Luna Tsuki 1994
“Beside Dannae”-LIMELIGHT-NYC 5/1/1995
SLEEPCHAMBER~ Infatuation-(Limelight, NYC 5/1/ 1995)– Opening shows Poster for 1994 show. Song iz from 1995.

BAND LINE-UP for 1991 Performance- (Arthur Woznic-Synths, Ashley Swanson-Guitar, Laura Chopelas-Sax, John Zewizz-Vocals, Violin)-

BAND LINE-UP for 1994 Performance- (Ashley Swanson-Guitar, Craig Wein- Synths, Andrew Woolf- Synths & Percussion, John Zewizz- Vocals)-

BAND LINE-Up for 1995 Performance-(Ashley Swanson-Guitar, Craig Wein-Synths & Guitar, Andrew Woolf-Synth & Percussion, John Zewizz- Vocals)-

John Zewizz & BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis-(LIMELIGHT NYC 1995) by Luna Tsuki

Every show got better at The Limelight after the first one. SLEEP CHAMBER performed with up to 10-BARBITCHUETTES in 1995. I had moved away from The WOMEN OF SODOM. After abandoning a Line-Up and Videos for WOMEN OF THE SS they were on their own. SLEEP CHAMBER had evolved into outfits for songs like “Cat Woman”, “Salome” and other Fetish gear for full on performances that also included feathers, silly string, confetti and anything else we could throw into a high speed industrial fan.

John Zewizz & BARBITCHUETTES-(Limelight 1994) by Luna Tsuki
BARBITCHUETTE-Cat Woman-LuLu-(LIMELIGHT 1994) by Luna Tsuki
BARBITCHUETTES-(Limelight NYC 1995) by Luna Tsuki
BARBITCHUETTES~ Semiramis & Sin-(LIMELIGHT 1995) by Luna Tsuki
BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis & John Zewizz-(LIMELIGHT NYC 1984) by Luna Tsuki

Harry Wallace- Soundman for 1994 & 1995 Performances. By Luna Tsuki

BARBITCHUETTES~ Noel & Juliette -(LIMELIGHT-NYC 1994) by Vinny
BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis -(THE LIMELIGHT NYC 1995) by Luna Tsuki
BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis & Burmese Python-(LIMELIGHT NYC 1995) by Luna Tsuki

At the 1995 Limelight Performance we brought along BARBITCHUETTE-Semiramis 15 foot-(76 pound)-Burmese Python. She had it for years. “Monty” waz quite tame. The disturbing part waz feeding it full grown chickens. When we were dating it waz kept in a 12 X 12 foot walk-in closet. It waz brought out during “Snakebite” and on occasion for “Cobra Heartbeat”. But that song waz too short az waz “Anakonda”. So, it waz used only on Special occasions such az The Limelight for “Snakebite”. I had the 2-camera shoot ov it from the 1995 performance up on VIMEO. I will attempt to locate the Video to upload here.

BARBITCHUETTES~ Noel, Porcha, Sin -(LIMELIGHT NYC 1994) by Luna Tsuki
BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis & John Zewizz-(LIMELIGHT NYC 1995) by Luna Tsuki
BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis & John Zewizz-(LIMELIGHT NYC 1995) by Luna Tsuki

The differences ov The Limelight Performances boiled down to being prepaired and organized. Most SLEEP CHAMBER Shows are half improv and half intentional. We use the official SLEEP CHAMBER home brewed incense at every performance going back to THE PARADISE-Boston in 1984. Every Show. Its a mixture I blend up from witches rescipies. To include what iz currently available at that time. Some herbs are always rare. Like ‘Lady Slipper root’. Other ingreedents are usually not hard to locate. Monkshood, Datura, Belladonna, Wormwood, and at rare times Marajuana. Always included iz Pathcholy oil, imitation Civit oil, Frankincense and Benzoin resigns, Dragons Blood and Myrth tears. Ov course if I waz short on something, there waz always alternatives. Depending on the Venue the amount ov Incense waz important. At THE LIMELIGHT… I burned no less than a quarter pound ov mixture. You want the vapors from the mixture to be constantly lacing the location. Keeping the complete atmosphere equal. Which iz just about impossible. Az The Limelight iz an old Church with very high cellings and all sorts ov rooms and stairways. Not a level space.

We sold mixtures ov SLEEP CHAMBER incense retail for about a year. We were discouraged because people were buying it to get ‘high’. And always requesting ‘What to expect’ … and all sorts ov nonsense. The ‘VOODOO DUST” / “DREAM DUST’ iz Not a drug. It haz a very aromatic unusual smell that lingeres for days to months. After it evaporates a dust settles everywhere. Leaving all areas scented with an organic Spiritual Aura. SLEEP CHAMBER would combine the incense with a Pro Fog machine, strobing lights, EQ Sound frequencies and BARBITCHUETTES to focus your consciousness insight into. So, if we offer the DREAM DUST again, we want you to know its just Incense for meditation and mood. There are NO Drugs what-so-Ever included. All it will provide iz the memory ov what SLEEP CHAMBER Performances invoked.


To All Different THE BARBITCHUETTES-(I don’t believe any ov the Line-Ups were the same), LUNA TSUKI-(photos), KEVIN KELLY-(photos)- VINNY-(Photos)- The Limelight Manager-Nevil, The Limelight Crew who waited on all ov us-(all 3-Shows), Harry Wallace-(Soundman), Our Roadies and Security. Brian Hughes-filmed 1991 show. James Paul & The Franx filmed the 1994 show-(2-cameras)-, Gypsy Wood Video filmed -(2-cameras)-1995 Show. Who ever waz programming the Lighting System, Limelight Security-(only needed once), Dan Walker-for leaving me there over 11-hours after driving Everyone home in My Van. They were asked to an ‘After-Hours Party”… I walked a girl down the street. Gone 20 min. When I returned. My Van waz gone with all the Equipment. I assumed they went to the ‘Party’. Stood outside The Limelight from 4-am to 5-pm. Waiting for them to return. I called Sue Chopelas at 5-pm and she informed me Everyone waz back in Boston. And “Who waz the Girl I waz with ?”… Ya, theze mistakes do serious damage to bands and large projects that take endless hours to organize. There waz some fighting, crying and swearing. And now everyone understands you do not leave me in a City and drive my van home. I did not pay anyone in SLEEPCHAMBER. Just THE BARBITCHUETTES. I remember watching people going to work in the early hours. They saw me in the same spot after leaving their jobs at the days end. A few felt bad and brought me some food to eat. Very Nice People. I took the Commuter Rail home Free because I had an MBTA Employee Pass. I Guess its a Union or Train courtesy ? That waz the first show. It never happened again. The Sound System blew during “Kiss the Whip” in the 1994 performance. But our soundman Harry Wallace fixed it in less than a minute. You see it on the DVD Release. I also have 2-Master tapes ov the 1995 performance. I have future plans on mixing both cameras together. Its a Major project keeping both camera angels in Synk. Plus there iz some amazing performances from the show. Especially “Snakebite” with BARBITCHUETTE-Semiramis and her Burmese Python. And I think THE BARBITCHUETTES were at their best. Which made the whole performance go off just az planned. Since there waz not a regular BARBITCHUETTE Line-Up there were girls that did not know each other. This worked in the element ov drugs and mutual respect. Drugs were evolving fast in Boston into problems. Just heroin. THE Alpha BARBITCHUETTES were attempting to form a hierarchy. They started making demands and wanted to direct the performances more into S&M. Az leader I wanted a more Burlesque B&D and performance. ‘Shock performance’ iz talentless. It contains No Emotion or romance. Its much more difficult to express your Eroticka in a arousing and entertaining fashion. Blunt S&M iz for some. From the start I made The Rules: 1)-No Men in the Performance. 2)- No Cruel or degrading sexual performances. Its hard enough ‘Topless’ or fashioned in Fetish. The Sexuality performed by THE BARBITCHUETTES in performance iz strictly my Fetish or Fantasy. It reflects the Lyrics and what the song iz about. I have hired over 43 BARBITCHUETTES in the years ov 1990-2001. Played all over the USA and parts ov Europe. Ov course there will always be issues. Males travel for their belief in the Musick. Females do not travel well. Its just a natural difference. Yet, even after problems I have always kept the Pride respectfully open to their freedoms ov stage and video inputs. It never failed. Respect ~

THE LIMELIGHT waz My Favorite Venue to Perform. For many reasons. The atmosphere, The Sound-system, The Lighting System-(for sure), and The Club treated us respectfully. Yet returning home to Boston iz both depressing and exciting. Upon retuning back from the LIMELIGHT 1994 performance we would all go to China-Town in Boston and party at TIA’s- “After-Hours Dungeon’ or after hours at THE FRANX Place in Brighton. (Pictures by Lisa Gourleyx)- ALL AFTER HOURS CHILL-OUT ~

BARBITCHUETTE~ Sin & Andrew Woolf After-Hours by Lisa Gourleyx
Andrew Woolf, John Zewizz, Craig Wein
BARBITCHUETTE~ Devlin, Martin Doyle, John Zewizz
John Zewizz

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