After I published My Opinion ov the BIO on Myself posted by WIKIPEDIA az being ‘Poor and Petty”…For mistakes and not excepting pictures from anybody. I started this Website when I viewed the poor Biography ov Me. Shortly after strange things fell into line. PAY PAY returned payments to buyers over $1000. Ov which I had already sent most Orders out. Claiming My Facebook page had a different name- Why iz PAY PAL looking at My facebook page ? (Maybe Spying ?). They had My SS #, My Address, My Phone number and more. They even offered Me a PAY PAL CREDIT CARD. Later they claimed My Account waz “INVALID” because ov My facebook page. Being a Performer I do not get to publish My Name because ov excessive attempts to Hack Me or Rob My Pay Pal account- HAPPENED. (someone tried to remove $9999.00). I waz contacted by Pay Pay. Yet, got no info other than there waz an attempt. Maybe because ov the blogs below ? (Then also state they maybe not be accurate). There iz nothing I dislike more than constantly defending making Musick. I understand up front that Eroticka iz a very complicated subject to reflect. What should you do when the train ov predictable titles are launched at You and your Musick ? … When critics and networks think they got You all figured out. I also understand that much ov My concepts representing the themes are abstract to many viewers. Even-so, any kind ov organized attempt to misrepresent My expression ov Free thought or natural attraction to what I personally feel iz ‘Ov Interest’ belongs to Me. Not others. I want to just make Musick. I don’t really need the publicity.


Next: My DIRECT EXPRESS Debit card waz “INVALID” -(no reason/same week)-Even with $700. Available. I could not use it on line. The A.I. and humans reported it waz “INVALID”. I waz Blocked from paying both My CAPITOL ONE Credit cards. I removed the balance right away. Also got a letter in a CLASS-ACTION SUIT against DIRECT EXPRESS from a Law Firm. (I will follow up on):~


FACEBOOK haz Banned currently twice-(back-to-back) for 60+ days with NO EXPLATION I assume some Trolls were fighting on My page. I Deleted a post instantly. Have No Idea what the other Ban waz for az Facebook no longer explains why you are BLOCKED. Facebook iz Clueless just why their Stocks continue to fall and fall. Not just because ov My Blocking…its their attitude and so called ‘Community Standards’. Not really ‘Free Speech’ when you are forced to talk in code ? Most check in on facebook. But the amount ov people they have lost due to authority attitudes iz being noticed.. Facebook does not give Me Notices. I publish just how unfair they are. A ‘Reflection’ ov Reality possibly ? Facebook Popularity crashing. I may leave soon. For sure. I made this decision when I left My cell phone somewhere and the only connection I could have used for this emergency waz to notify the person by facebook. But I’ve been Blocked from using it.


Then a Deletion ov THE OFFICIAL SLEEPCHAMBER FAN CHANNEL on You Tube. (about 60+ uploads). Claiming there waz Several Violations ov “SEVERE SEXUAL CONTENT” …. I saw Every Video. Made sure there waz NO NUDITY. (Getting BANNED does not help you complete a History to your Musick)- and Dokumentation your Live performances. If you are constantly being BANNED. It takes hundreds ov Hours ov work to upload a Channel with Historick information. Sure the Drama ov getting Banned haz publicity. But No stamina in survival if its a constant theme. keeping SLEEPCHAMBER active and current iz getting to almost impossible. . Removing a Complete Channel for False Claims ov “SEVERE NUDITY” iz just a Full Blown Lie. What branch ov You Tube monitors the content and would directly attack Musick or (ART) ?. With iz True Censorship. I request that You Tube investigate the decisions ov the rogue members with the some-what organized efforts to Ban SLEEPCHAMBER from the Freedom ov expression. I assure you SLEEPCHAMBER iz genuine in the expression ov Musick. Not intentionally trying to push-the-envelope. BACK COVERS-(below)- being uploaded instead ov Fronts because ov ‘Fear-ov-Deletion’.

You Tube iz setting back Women years. The Feminine Divine shall not be controlled. The Spirit ov Female Energy can not be directed to Any bias opinion or restrictions. It iz Most important not to subvert the Female energy and spirit in the species. The Female ov the species iz sacrosanct. It directs natural life (birth) and the pure instinct to sexuality. With restrictions to female enlightenment or any perversion to such Sacredness the male will stray from natural instinct. Her gender will fall from its level ov Supreme. Straying from the Female Devine iz an abomination to natural selection and the Grace ov Her Spiritual hierarchy and Love. I worship the Female Devine az the balance ov sexuality. Her power iz part ov existence. It shall not be betrayed. Her Love iz the center ov all existence. Az this shall be. ~

(Female Devine by Unnmarie on Coccorrina)

THE BARBITCHUETTE dancers see their Performances az ‘Female Empowerment’ . Not something Men judge fully clothed Women az ‘Extreme’. To make THE BARBITCHUETTES some sort ov pornography iz the nightmare ov how Women are judged. There waz only CAT-Suits and G-strings. NO NUDITY ~What Fake Crime iz this ? You Tube iz removing Women’s artistic power to Perform and Express themselves ( az they like). This iz what I would use az a defense ‘IF’ there waz nudity to begin with. There waz NONE. And they know it. – What I have been Presenting since 1985 waz the Fetish side ov Eroticka. The Magick in it. The Burlesque performance ov Women. Who would Perform for a quarter ov their Regular Pay’ ov their jobs just to be ‘In Control’ ov their own Female Energy. I spent 10+ years with THE BARBITCHUETTES and their Culture. This iz No Cheap spam concept. All this matters ~

“The 0fficial SLEEPCHAMBER Fan Page” waz up since 2014. With its Last Post at the Same Time. In 2022 it waz All-ov-a-Sudden DELETED. There waz NO EXTREME SEXUAL CONTENT. The “PHOTO GALLERY” on this Site iz what I think they just discovered. This Site iz Not You Tube. The hysterical decision I think waz made from viewing the Freedom I have here to dokument My history ov Musick and Performance. Without distraction from other networks that have such concepts in My Musick. I post Nothing Political. Yet, I am Politically being Judged. Az waz the same argument I had with the JOHN CROW Channel on You Tube. Two months in (15 videos). And got to the point where they claimed every upload waz ‘Unacceptable’ (Fully Clothed but acting sexy). I posted an apology to the viewers that I waz forced into the position to put the ADULT BLOCK on all videos even though there waz NO NUDITY . I waz totally confused and did not want to get any “strikes”. You Tube got pissed at the apology posted. Then Deleted the Channel with 2-strikes. I really feel they did it because ov My Apology. . The SLEEPCHAMBER videos which are connected from You Tube to Here are causing Me to replace almost Every video with a Private Download. To Protect any attention to other Individual uploads from being Deleted. No Matter. Sorry to All Supporters who admire a Song and upload it. I will not Post it here due to this.

You Tube BANS over 100 Videos by SLEEPCHAMBER. (now #1 Banned Musick on You Tube) !!

This waz up on You Tube one day. What are the chances ? The Cover to SLEEPCHAMBER-(2nd LP)- SUBMIT TO DESIRE. Now SLEEPCHAMBER can say We are the #1 BANNED Musick & Video on The Internet. Yet oddly pictured above for “Safer Internet Day” iz a SLEEPCHAMBER cover.. Most Musick by SLEEPCHAMBER iz on its second and third upload. This started long ago. You Tube have always been on SLEEPCHAMBER’S back. They Called it Porn or ‘Severely Sexual’ then Deletes a Fans complete channel. If there iz a problem with a video, then that’s the problem. Deleting people and their Musick from History iz Wrong. I’ve spent half My life or More Rekording and Performing My Musick. SLEEPCHAMBER haz never been on a Major label. Never been monetized. Anyone making money off My Musick should have My permission correct ? …If they sneak around behind My back and Steal My Magick-(Musick)- to Profit : Magick defends Itself. Exploiting My Invokations ov Expression thru Musick will definitely cost You in Equivalent Exchange. I would highly recommend My Permission before hoodwinking My Musick to Make Money. EVERYONE HAZ MY PERMISSION to Upload SLEEPCHAMBER Musick to You Tube.

Az far az uploading your Favorite Song or Video ..YOU TUBE -(see this) I Authorize Any uploads ov SLEEPCHAMBER songs. My Supporters have Full Permission to upload a Song or a Few.. No Money shall be made unless written permission by Me- : JOHN ZEWIZZ : { :^V^: }

You Tube haz been removing SLEEPCHAMBER for years, and at times My other Musickal concept WOMEN OF THE SS. They seem to be using the wording ov a “3rd person party” or something. LETS BE CLEAR HERE. I Own and are the 100% creator ov the Musick known az SLEEPCHAMBER. OK ? You Tube or anyone else haz No Rights to My Musick. NO ONE. I do allow supporters to upload Songs. It helps SLEEPCHAMBER and other Musicks I’ve created to fill in the Historick importance ov what Musick haz existed for almost 40 years without Major Label support. You Tube gets thousands ov Views from SLEEPCHAMBER. I have Never monetized or taken payment for a single upload. The Musick iz Free. For education, interest, and a History ov Musick. So when you delete a Full Channel under False Claims you really are Censoring Musick, Art and Culture. With not only a poor attitude but are sadly Ignorant to someone else having an alternate interest. SLEEPCHAMBER haz played to all kinds ov admirers. I again challenge your Manager to view the Evidence You are decrying. If not, I declare FOUL and I know you claim you “can’t get the videos back once deleted” …I’ve got them all uploaded to a Hard drive. NO NUDITY. All were uploaded almost 7 years ago. And all-ov-a-Sudden when all this Drama iz unfolding they assert this (without ANY Strikes) this iz against their own Community Standards. What Standards ? What ‘Standards’ are contained in this practice ?

There are a few Trax in the early days when tapes were used in Musick. It waz just the style ov Musick then. In some early rekordings a few people are claiming ownership. You can tell what iz tapes and who did the Musick. That’s fine. Understandable. But there iz someone declaring that one track from 1987 vinyl LP waz taken from Musick rekorded in the 2000’s…They must have had a Time Machine. There iz no reason for Me to bait My Musick for even more deletion for untrue violations. I feel You Tube iz heading towards the Cable TV show “MTV”. At the rate ov deletions currently for political reasons and My Musick this will certainly make the network unpopular. I really lost count ov just how much SLEEPCHAMBER Musick haz been deleted. Now, I’ve seen uploads where SLEEPCHAMBER CD covers are pictured backwards.-(below)- In fear ov You Tube’s authority towards the Musick image. The Cover also pictured below it. I want to Thank all ov our supporters. I Understand. (Great stereo version) ~

Even on E-bay above iz an attempt to sell a SLEEPCHAMBER sticker without showing it ??!! …I pictured the sticker they would not show. I have also kum to notice SLEEPCHAMBER Musick with an ‘Adult Sign In Block’ because ov the Erotick Cover. You already seen the Cover. Why are you signing in that you are 18 ? The Lyrics ? …Does this make Any sense ? Only if you want to kill the VIEWS or Popularity ov The Band. I have seen the below SIGN IN BLOCK on the “Covers” to SEXMAGICK RITUAL, SIAMESE SUCCUBI, SIRKLE ZERO and below SUBMIT TO DESIRE. (All natural Eroticka-No Tasteless nudity). A Censoring ov Beautiful artwork.. You Tube iz currently blurring the Covers and artwork now on searches. You still have to SIGN IN.

FACEBOOK NOTICES ~ The Artwork images for theze LPs and CDs are Not allowed for posting on Facebook. They will cost you time off the media site. Once they hit you, they never stay off your back. –

“Violence iz OK kids … az long az you don’t show nipple” (Crusty-the-Clown) THE SIMPSONS

OUR BODIES ARE NOT SHAMEFUL. -The same people deleting SLEEPCHAMBER believe that men kissing men on TV iz not offensive to anyone and should just be accepted ? It works both ways. Az Netflix keeps introducing its own open sexual revolution how iz it that its explained az the education ov homosexuality but heterosexuality iz now some kind ov disfunction. Women have No Rights to their expression ov sexuality ? Or control ov their own images ? Considered Taboo. A cultural Ban to Natural instinct to express beauty. Keep listening to theze people telling you that your natural instinct to the Female Form iz somehow “Pornographic” and unacceptable to ‘Their Community’.. Seriously ? This all would not be so bad if their attitudes and actions were not so aggressive and primitive. For it to be an organized effort would be a crime on our culture. A Private company open to the public. They act more like a police division than a publishing network. This iz semantics. ~

FACTS CURRENTLY MISSING ON “INFO” ABOUT JOHN ZEWIZZ : (for you who are exploiting such an Infamous Person). MY RESUME to the Ignorant ov Publishing :

JOHN ZEWIZZ : 6ft / 180lbs / Blonde Hair-Blue Eyes / LEO / Born in South End on Sea-Essex-England / Parents-(Irish Catholic Father)-(English protestant Mother). Drafted to Viet Nam War./ Sharp shooter Cross/ Diagnosed az Bi-Polar, PTS, Manic, and a Visual Dyslexia / Alpha-Male / Excentric personality/Heterosexual /Single/No Political Associations/ Not Satanic /Adept in Magick /Botanist/ Philosopher / Spiritualist / Naturalist/ Herpetologist / Empath /Film & Video Producer/ Occultist/ Publisher ov Musick magazines / Musician / Entertainer / Song Writer / LP & CD Cover designer / Wears ‘all Black’-only Silver Jewelry/ Smokes cigarettes, cigars & Ganga/ Drinks alcohol-(Remy Martin Cognac)-(Wild Turkey-86% Whiskey)-(Red Wines) /Animal activist/ Owns Cats/ … Spells in ‘Spells/ Works out daily / No physical health problems/ Amateur Pharmacologist/ Sanskrit Tulpa tattoo on right arm/Likes Family Guy cartoons and haz not wore a watch since 1993-(doez not live by Time)……. (still with Me ?). I have been followed from the Homicide police to the FBI. (for a murder I waz innocent ov). When working for the MBTA in Boston driving a train the insurance company Murphey & Bean had ‘The Loss Control Bureau’ private investigators follow Me and My girlfriend. Out on an injury from work they assumed I waz working elsewhere. I found out by receiving the ‘Top Secret’ files that stated- “Claimant haz bleached blonde hair and both him & girlfriend wear all black. Known to keep all hours”.. (to be posted later). I wrote a letter to the supervisor ov My train line on the back ov a copy page ov the ‘Top Secret’ report just to piss him off. I grew up in Dorchester and South Boston belonging to white street gangs in My youth. In the 60’s. I became a ‘Psychic skinhead’ from 1984-1986. That evolved to My involvement into Cults ov Magick. First az initiate then az a leader. I waz a prospect for a motorcycle gang I can not list. I hate commies. ~ Take what you wish.

FAVORITE READING :: Psychology, Sociology, Reptiles & amphibian breeding, Occult science, Science ov sound, Religious belief systems, (mysteries, secrets and rituals), Psychoactive drugs, Perception, Science Fiction, Art ov War, Herbs & natural cures, Nazis & the Occult, Roman & Greek philosophy and mythology, Astrology, The Tarot, Mysticism, Human behavior, Angels & Demons, Eroticka, Poor mans James Bond, Empathic abilities and disabilities, Sexmagick rituals, spells and manuscripts. Alchemy, Animal behavior, Animal Magnetism, Elements ov time, Ego control, Complex personality types, Master optics and awareness,, Self defense, Weapons, Types ov Angels, The Nephilim, Physicians desk reference, Survival techniques,, 2012 Mayan calendar and predictions, Prophets, ESP, Advanced dream states, Experiments in subconscious programming, Talismans and Sigils, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Hypnotism, Eye contact and body posturing, Self Control, The Soul, Odoratus sexualis, Aphrodisiacs, The Seven Deadly Sins, The Fatima Miracles, Knights Templar, Rosicrucianism, Witches, …. Got the picture ? Listed in a manic order obviously. (Just reading off a book shelf). Theze are a few ov My interests and reading literature.

Now that I have proven that I am free ov My Inhibitions the weapons used against Me are somewhat powerless. I consider Myself an Anomaly. I believe in GOD yet am a sinner. He haz returned Me here on at least one occasion -(another post)- What I experienced can only be described az Devine. I lost My inhibitions and fear here. My sins are few. Yet when needed I have used sorcery for protection. I have invoked Enochian or Angelic Magick spells when such Spiritual attack waz in motion against Me. I am not satanic nor do I care about Anton Levey and hiz army ov fools exploiting fair weather spells or a culture ov selfishness. The worship ov the self. I started with Sex Magick and over the years became an Adept in how all Magicks work. Be it Kaos Magick or true witchcraft. I warn all who drive down this path to know it iz more powerful than all first consieve. Once started it follows your inner self Forever. Magick can not be forgotten nor go away. Magick defends itself by attaching ‘Equivalent Exchange’. There iz a cost to access to Spiritual power. Exploiting Magick iz known az ‘Black Magick’ and iz forbidden in all realms ov higher enlightenment.

I am very tired ov the social sites which offer Freedom with semantic rules but are all just spyware operations for gathering info on everyone for everything from marketing to law enforcement. Profiles are built on you by info you share on theze sites. Many do not care. So they refuse to admit it. I have just shown you how all theze companies strangely shun Me for any reason they simply could project against Me. In the same time period.


For all who live by “Googling” Everything. The Google god. That live by Google information. I started this Site when I seen so much false or incomplete information being published about Me and My Musick. The Truth ov Me lies Here. Censorship haz grown to a literal information war. I got to admit google haz the best spell checking when you are uncertain on how to spell something. (constantly). With no doubt I have been Blacklisted by most ‘social media’ sites. I am looked at az spam, perversion, pornographic and just a straight a non conformist to their platforms. Az much az can be expected, its just getting worse. It doez make you get tired ov it. Not knowing what iz acceptable and what their version ov acceptable iz. When you break a rule you are “punished”. Not corrected. This iz assuming your intention waz to break the rules. Seems pretty pretty much like Authoritarianism. The submission to authority.

A sample ov a Twitter twinkler with Billy Joel lyrics. She later stated.

TUMBLER I got over 7000+ NOTES-(Likes)- on My first post. (Alternate SUBMIT TO DESIRE LP Cover) then My profile picture waz removed from My page and people were Blocked for any Viewing unless you went directly to my page. First POST then the next POST below -(7-LIKES ?) I have posted over 1200 Posts – All Hidden or not a Soul likes anything I post ~

I need to remind My Site here that I am listed on Page 3 when googling SLEEPCHAMBER or JOHN ZEWIZZ for THIS SITE.. Odd you would have to search so many pages to get to information on a Person providing Direct Information to Individuals looking for such important information. More than a few have complained not being able to find info on blogs on SLEEPCHAMBER. I see this az a failure. This info should be on first searches. Here iz Google claiming I died in 2017. And below it iz current and the first 4 Do Not Exist. DON’T EAT EVERYTHING YOU ARE FED. Maybe that’s My whole Point. If they could find this Site, the searches would be more factual.

Right after this ‘John Zewizz Dead’ …Facebook Deleted My JOHN ZEWIZZ facebook page. Deleting all Historick information on Me and My Musick. (Assuming I waz Dead). I personally know more than 5-people who have not returned to their facebook page since 2015 and their pages are Still up. Well, guess they did not know to ASSUME NOTHING ~


The self righteousness iz deeply seeded in their need to be right. Which means that they Fear being wrong. INSECURITY iz very popular in todays culture. It iz the ‘Veil ov Shadows’ and ‘The Reversal Reality’. We live in the Duality ov Reality. There are always opposites in our reality. Right-Wrong, Good-Bad, etc. “For every action there iz a reaction”, You all know that. Now relate it to our current social existence. The Ying-Yang iz out ov balance I would say. No Doubt. This Veil also captures You and your current living situations. Directly. Having any arguments with friends ? At work ? At Home ? I think so. This Veil overshadows Everything. It iz a ‘Reflection’ ov the Global Society and its ability to adjust to the New Evolution ov technology, knowledge and opinions, The ‘Reflection’ ov just how self centered, corrupt, greedy and arrogant the Society haz Evolved. All by means ov instant answers, knowledge, and entertainment. Causing personalities to adjust socially with a privileged insight to reality and society. This change in social behavior and attitude iz one ov the signs ov a Decline ov an Empire or a failure in Society. When people are exposed to too much ov anything too soon it causes personal overloads. The ‘Overload’ that iz currently in motion in todays society. A new culture haz been born from an existing culture ov social privilege. An automatic response rizes up az a deterrent against a package ov new Values. A scar now on society will be seen in History. (When humans got to a point in Life where the talk ov ‘The Apocalypse’ waz mentioned by a leader ov the free World in humor). The Herd iz lost in their own dust. Now burdened with Instant gratification to short attention spans. With the leaders ov the Herd having so many Secrets that are now hard to hide will combine with an ever growing population seeking information and intelligence. KNOWLEDGE iz Power. The greed for knowledge iz the loss ov common sense. The Flux for Power and Control iz impossible to manage. Much like the ‘Social Media’ sites that everyone are constantly bitching about that claim “Private yet open-to-the-Public”. Anyone see a statement ov semantics ? Once introduced to such social opportunity it iz almost impossible to rid it from your life. It satisfies your social activity, communication, and amusement. But you agreed to ‘their rules’ to access just about anything you interact with on the internet. Now there iz something used commonly, known az ‘Over Reach’. When someone intentionally succeeds their Authority. To disrupt or disturb an existing situation and force by means ov Power and Interference their values and beliefs against anyone that may have an alternative insight iz a Corruption to Free Will-(FREEDOM).

Az the current defective agenda evolves, the intention blinds the balance that people need to enjoy their Life span and values fairly. The Decadence that exists in today iz laced into all parts ov our culture. . Az a species we have reached the Event Horizon. Decadence haz been always existed to the complete a circle ov choice.. The major Global Powers have always hidden or lied about so much that it haz bekum time to Reverse the perverted evolution programmed into our existence. This remains a major Crime on Society. Instead they are deciding to collapse the Culture. Like a sore-looser that throws the game-board over and want’s to start over. Then and only then the Extremely Rich be in a fair fight between themselves. The struggling population will fight to exist. They will be slaves to The Rich. This iz the major goal. That will not stop or go away unless its destroyed and held accountable. There will be No Time for ‘who caused what’. It will not matter. It all starts in the behavior ov Authority in ‘Over Reach’. Controlling someone’s means ov Commerce and Freedom. Interference by means ov spiteful intentions or simplistic intelligence. All because they do not agree with your Freedom ov speech. In all the years ov Musick, I Never used organized tools az Weapons against anyone. Friend or Foe. (Probably). Never mind if possibly organized. What kums after the Weapons ov Corruption ? -(Evil Authority) POWER. Remember the ones in History who dared to use such tactics against innocent Millions ? Other than instinctive insight I presented My case publicly here. I know much ov My work iz adult. But not all-ov-it. I know this blog iz all over the place. I do not fear the way My mind works. If few behind the curtain ov companies failing proper insight to such practices do see it in Their best interest to cause such intentional Kaos towards Me, They be Blessed. Whomsoever crosses the Thunder Nail. In causing Me to re-structure this website. Drawing My Attention ~ :caveo obscurus` facultas: Indeed.


“THOSE WHO TEDIOUSLY HATE ME ~ Get in Line” ~ John Zewizz

Blogs in the Works


Get what you can from all SLEEPCHAMBER uploads and dokuments -You Never know who will be a Trader and BAN us Again ~ JOHN Z~