Most people see my videos or SLEEPCHAMBER & THE BARBITCHUETTES burlesque performances az sexual exploitation or pornographic in nature. That includes most all the video networks. Even with ADULT WARNINGS they still are Not Allowed on most all video networks. U-Tube iz borderline hysterical, Bitchute iz OK, but if its too mature then only Subscribers will see your video streaming. Not a lot ov people pay to Subscribe so the videos that only ‘Subscribers’ see iz few. But for streaming Videos, Bitchute iz pretty good. VIMEO allows some nudity. Yet No Touching etc. They don’t explain this you got to figure it out yourself. At one time you got uploaded porn in the E-mail newsletter. No big deal. They are a nudity friendly network. Just NO SEX. Well, SLEEPCHAMBER videos are True Eroticka. You ask what iz the difference between Porno & Eroticka ?? Simple. Its the presentation. The way nudity iz expressed. I have never made a Erotick video that degraded Women in any fashion. My videos are to be arousing. There intention iz admire and emotionally connect to the Musickal lyrics or mood ov the Musick atmosphere. You would assume that with all the sexual politics currently being a Top Subject that my videos and SLEEPCHAMBER performances with THE BARBITCHUETTES-(that were done over 13 years ago in the 1990s)- would have some historic respect. or maybe a little acknowledgement ov SLEEPCHAMBERs history and important contribution to Underground Musick, Modern Fetish Burlesque, or Industrial Cabaret ?? … Yes … No … ???

ANYWAY …. I upload theze exclusive Videos for the mature viewer. I also upload them on this Website Only. If you upload them anywhere else, I Warn You from experience, they have zero patience with SLEEPCHAMBER. You could loose your Channel- Forever- Az we have many times. It really sucks to have 2-years ov work uploaded and someone hysterical or who just thinks the female breast iz ugly and Fetish gear iz perverted.


Working on Studio videos-(0fficial videos)- takes days to film and days to mix, edit and produce. Just one video !. I find attractive women and (mostly in the past) have made some very expressive Erotick videos. I usually develop a trusting relationship with most ov my BARBITCHUETTE models. Ya, there iz a crossover there. Either the model wants to be a part ov THE BARBITCHUETTE Pride or iz already a BARBITCHUETTE dancer. Many assume I do it to “get laid”. Not really. I’m not one to turn down hot-wild-romance. But my mind iz more focused on capturing the perfect Erotick shot or emotion. Its not az eazy az you assume. I learned by watching other Musick videos what the best parts ov a Musick video are. Its the editing ov Zooms, Turns, Angels, and Expression. Not a presentation ov lewd or rude sexual attitudes. It haz to be arousing yet romantic. Fantasy and soft Fetishism. That includes the feet, armpits, thighs, ass-cracks, & the neck. This besides just an exposed nipple or an investagation ov a shapely nude female form.

THE BARBITCHUETTES~ 1995 by John Zewizz


First I briefly will explain THE BARBITCHUETTES and how they came to be. How they were incorperated into the Live SLEEP CHAMBER Performances. Most all ov the SLEEP CHAMBER line-up members were not az active az myself on stage. I waz doing all the movement and expressionism during a SLEEP CHAMBER show. I waz asked many times by HUBBA-HUBBA-bondage gear shop if I wanted male & female models to pose on stage while I performed. I did not care for that idea. I tried bringing up 3 ov my Goth girlfriends at the end ov a show. During the final song “Kiss The Whip”. It gave me ideas. Down in Texas on the small 1990 Tour I met up with 2-groupies. They asked if they could join SLEEP CHAMBER on stage during the show. I said, ya sure. I waz not ready for their surprise ov being sexually aggressive. Grabbing, rubbing and kissing during the songs. It went over well with the audiences. It waz all free form style. Yet I knew my direction could evolve this powerful sense ov sexual attention to my concept ov real Eroticka. The kind that most ov the songs are about. Most ov SLEEP CHAMBER songs are about those crazy Fetishes that drive you wild. The songs I write have all the sexual intention I lust for. BELOW iz a Rare start from Houston, Texas show in 2/2/1990 where the idea stemmed from. “Submit to Desire”.

SLEEP CHAMBER~ “Submit to Desire” -(AXIS- Houston,Tx-2/2/1990)- Rare – Played on Local Cable TV Show
AVALON-Boston 11/29/1995 HANDBILL
SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Animal Magnetism” -(Avalon-Boston 11/29/1995) Featuring BARBITCHUETTES~ Sin & Summer.
SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Monkeyman” -(AVALON-Boston 11/29/1995)
SLEEP CHAMBER~ “Red Panties” -(0fficial video)-1991 by John Zewizz

THE BARBITCHUETTE Concept grew quickly. From girlfriends and ex-girlfriends to head liner strippers. With a few wild-card women thrown for good measure. They really did not get to their Full Potential till the end ov 1991-1992. Especially with the SIAMESE SUCCUBU DC/DVD Release ov extremely erotick videos that took over 22 BARBITCHUETTES and 6-months to complete. It waz released on a VHS Tape first. Then quickly to a DVD az the sales were in high demand. The only video you will see on U-Tube from SIAMESE SUCCUBI 1993 DVD-videos. “CATWOMAN” iz an edited version ov the (0fficial video)- for CATWOMAN. -(Below)- This waz the first video I produced for the SIAMESE SUCCUBI CD/DVD. 1993 Release. -( Original John Zewizz Blue & Black filtered shoot)-.

SLEEP CHAMBER~ “Cat Woman”-(0fficial video)- edited for U-Tube 1992 by John Zewizz

Another Video that waz released on a VHS Tape called “SEDUCTION”. waz called “The Great & Secret Show”. The Musick material waz the last track ELAINE WALKER left me after she left SLEEP CHAMBER in less than a year and right after a few performances launching the release ov SIAMESE SUCCUBI in 1992. It waz a tough fix. It waz hard for her to adjust to the Underground culture. She did try her best though. Its almost impossible to get any live pix ov her from the performances. She waz a great addition to SLEEP CHAMBER. A Berkley School ov Musick Teacher. Yet, she planned her destiny. For marriage and safer grounds. ELAINE WALKER served SLEEP CHAMBER well…

SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Kiss The Whip” -(Middle East Club 9/24/1993)-


SLEEP CHAMBER~ “No Ones Heart Beats Harder” -(MIDDLE EAST -10/29/ 1993)-

Az THE BARBITCHUETTES gained more popularity it waz becoming more engulfed with Kaos. Drugs-(Heroin & Cocaine)- were directing attitude problems. Relationships -mine and 2 others worked out for the worst. Yet video filming sessions were heavenly. It waz the adrenaline induced BARBITCHUETTE performances that were demanding -(with No Choreographing)- just sexual foreplay in the interaction. Sure nudity, and in rare occasion’s performances went too far. I waz not against it. But wanted to keep a class about the whole Fetish Burlesque concept. Its too eazy to exploit raw sexuality. I want Better.

2016 Promo Video for SLEEPCHAMBER Playing ISRAEL -(Cancelled)- Gimme”Sparks/ Aaron / John Zewizz -(Video by Dean Procter)-

THE SLEEP CHAMBER SETS evolved from endings & intros. We would start in the early 90s with trax like “EL TOPO”, “JUSTIFY MY LOVE”, “WAY OV THE FLESH”… then after SIAMESE SUCCUBI in 1992 SLEEP CHAMBER waz opening with ” SWEET DREAMS SWEET” and “MOONS DARKER SIDE”. Just before the release ov SOME GODZ DIE YOUNG in 1997 we were opening with “MONKEYMAN” & “NIGHTSHADE & LEMMONAID”. Closing the performances always included “KISS THE WHIP”. And when possible it followed “THE LIGHT POURS OUT OV ME”. The final song waz a 11-minute version ov “MRS GOODBAR”. Eventually changing to the final song “INFATUATION”. Which everyone threw feathers and any kind ov confetti that would cover the audience and make a huge Mess …



SLEEPCHAMBER~ “That’s Romance” -(Video/ Take #1) 1990 Filmed/mixed by John Zewizz
SLEEP CHAMBER~ “The Great & Secret Show”–(official video)-(1991 video by John Zewizz)-Unreleased other than SEDUCTION VHS Tape. Musick by: ELAINE WALKER-Synths, Drum Programs, /LAURA CHOPELAS-Sax, /JOHN ZEWIZZ-Vocals, /ASHLEY SWANSON-Guitar. (Lyrics by John Zewizz)

JUSTIFY MY LOVE -(0fficial video)- #2

SLEEP CHAMBER~ “Justify My Love” -(2nd 0fficial )–Video editing/footage/different intro. /additional remixing overlaid footage. Video by John Zewizz 1991.
SLEEP CHAMBER~ THE RAT Club-Boston 5/28/1993)-Stage Left/ Camera B -(Trax listed below)-


SEE : THE RAT SHOWS 1993-1994- (Exclusive Footage)~ https://theultimateminorty.com/sleepchamber-videos-1/

Theze by No-Means are anything but a Form ov Fetish Burlesque . Some dig it … Others hate their Women are part ov THE BARBITCHUETTES. I have had romantic relations with a little over half ov them. Most ov you assume I waz getting laid all the time. its not what you think. Horney, Hot or Worse … I had to film the females in true Euotick form ..(first). If there waz any left overtime … it just happened. You always wish you had the ones you never did. Strange … Its what “Lust” breaks down to. The heated passion ov the moment can cause foggy insight. I always got the Video footage First ~ Desert if Desired ~ And when you constantly are having short term romantic interludes, your animal magnetism or Lust bekums very complicated. Very refined. Only very personal desires seem to satisfy. A Beast-Like reflection ov uncontrolled passion. Madness ~ Like anything … Too Much ov Anything can spoil the Thrill. Your Thrills become more specialized. My sexual thrills are possibly somewhat unusual. -(to some)- Yet iz my most powerful desire. Do not waste your time asking yourself ‘Why you like what you Like”.

SLEEP CHAMBER~ “Serpents Egg” -(0fficial video)- video by John Zewizz for 1992 SLEEP CHAMBER~ SIAMESE SUCCUBI -VHS, Vinyl. CD, & DVD

I’m Cutting it here. If you want More Material You Are Going To Have And “ASK” (below). Let Us know what your opinions are . Unless it costs … No Problem, understood … The Direction may change because We too have felt that We have done plenty ov the ‘Live Shows’ Posts. So We are all Connecting on ‘How To establish Underground Musicks ov All sorts. I guess We are saying when all the SLEEP CHAMBER Musick runs out …We are accepting Submissions for Review and want your opinion. Opening up to contribute a POST that We will Publish within THE ULTIMATE MINORITY site. Musick Talks , If we like it .. Its Up ! If it SUCKS We might POST it Too … Advise : It should contain a lot ov Conviction ~ AT INNER-X-MUSICK we are not dependent on large cash. Everything kums out ov pocket. We keep overhead very low. That’s why T-Shirts and other Items are impossible to obtain. I wish I could offer Everything everyone wanted. Its just Impossible. If you can Support us by buying some Product, it keeps us paying bills and obtaining NEW Product. Yet, We are launching one last SLEEPCHAMBER Season before its past Her Bedtime ….So be patient…Its ON ..its ON ….JOHN ZEWIZZ & CREW ~

SLEEP CHAMBER ~ Sleep Sigil -(Unreleased/0fficial video)- by John Zewizz 1993 Originally titled PLEASURE OV SLEEP. Musick from the CD~ SORCERY, SPELLS & SERPENT CHARMS -(2009 on Klanggalerie, Austria). Video Footage from 1993 Video EROTIK FANTASTIK by John Zewizz.

SLEEP CHAMBER~ “Pleasure ov Sleep” (original title./ AKA- “Sleep Sigil” -(by John Zewizz) 1993 -(Footage from EROTIK FANTASTIK Video Film)-

Watch For RARE VIDEO PART #2 which Includes Many Videos Unavailable Elsewhere- Comments ? Suggestions ? Requests ? ….. Thanx to KNOX MITCHELL, EUGENE DIFRANCISCO, KAY TUE, and others for the access to their SLEEP CHAMBER help and Collections. John Z~

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