Individuality iz a difficult gift. Maintaining a Freedom from the clog ov insecurity and ignorance iz a social battle. YOU may do better with the herd ?. Finding safety in groups ov others iz the concept that there iz safety in numbers. There iz also more places to hide. Or even the collective iz right because ov the popular opinion. That iz usually based on fear and insecurity. This haz to exist though. There iz a duality to reality. The opposite haz to exist for the other to exist. Understanding the duality will be important later. The Duality ov Reality.

Being a ‘True Individual’ takes courage and understanding. The understanding that YOU stand apart from the establishment in your own process ov thinking and acting. YOU have been called defective, anti-social, freak, etc. Ov course YOU have. YOU are different. To stand outside the establishment haz its cost. Yet what would YOU do to think instinctually and with choices ov your own ? Q: What does ‘the herd’ use for thinking like an Individual ? A: “Thinking outside the Box”. Sound like a Joke ? Its not. Following others iz trusting their credibility. Sometimes in fear your view may be incorrect. May be wrong ? Or iz it that some are too lazy or ignorant to think for themselves. There are Individuals that may also be similar. To be a ‘True Individual’ YOU must first understand yourself. Your weaknesses and strengths. Fear not being wrong iz the first step in the evolution ov your ability to process insecurity and Ego. YOU must constantly evolve in your Virtues, Understanding and Respect for Life . Joining a group to represent your views and opinions iz important. Mainly because YOU have to surrender your trust and Will to another who may be correct or possibly just wrong. There iz always a Leader. Just remember your decision to follow or support another should be very well thought out. Most ‘True Individuals’ are the best leaders. Even though some ov their goals may be wrong. They are still the most proficient. Individuality haz a sacrifice, if not many. A reason why there iz such a distaste or admiration for Individuals iz that their concepts are inspired from original insight. They understand that Individuality iz the core ov their ideals. Their ideals are usually molded from experience. Which brings confidence into the main focus. To stand up against certain conformities against your Will. A personal choice ov your own. Its only possible for a few to accomplish the decision to direct their thinking towards Individuality.

The Will iz the Shield that protects the Soul. Your Will iz the strength ov your Conviction. Understanding YOU, az an Individual, possess the power to condition how your EGO works in your best interest. Some Individuals are leaders but with unfocused EGOS. Your Will iz like the Spiritual shroud ov Insight. Indeed. Not much ov True Individuality can be found theze days. Other than a self proclaimed Individuality. Some may take this az an attack on their personality. It iz not an attack, just a fact. I’m not going into that waste ov time explaining. First stage in ANY modification ov the Will iz to acknowledge to yourself your weaknesses and faults. To be corrected. Denial iz a weak shield to stand your Ego behind.

From this point on I will be directing from My own Personality. I only have My own Individuality to reflect from. I am not the Ultimate Individual to many. I am to Myself. Az YOU should be. YOU are The Person that YOU have made yourself. If YOU are Shit. (blame yourself). For this can be altered with just the conscious reflection ov who YOU are and what YOU can change. Beginning by Being aware that YOU can direct your Will to a more advanced esoteric method in the evolution ov insight, virtues and behavior . Weakness ov all sorts, excuses, and poor judgement leak into your ability to process and program your psyche into decisions made by the Will. The free part ov your Soul . Az an Individual YOU will find that YOU are constantly battling the establishment. The group. The herd. ‘Them’. Meaning that YOU az an Individual will Always be at odds with most things in society. YOU are, and have always been alone. (other than Spiritual). There are ways ov overcoming mundane and malaise issues. The Individual knows the Will iz profound and iz the True key to unlocking the Secrets ov how to Master the understanding ov Life and how to survive the odds against YOU. I will go into the hidden and discouraged ways to beat your aggressors and how to live with yourself az an ‘Outsider’. A natural task that all alive face. Everyone-everywhere Hurts most ov the time. In one form or another. This conscious insight gives YOU the ability to understand that YOU are not at the end ov a line. YOU are above the line. The comprehending ov your consciousness and predictability iz paramount. Hold yourself to higher standards ov understanding. Virtues are a form ov Knowledge generally dismissed az weakness. Also, understanding that not all information iz Knowledge. Misinformation iz one ov the most powerful agents used against an Individual in the Corruption ov your Ambition. This iz costly and damaging to your Will.

A common saying iz that Everyone iz an Individual. A saying that kums from those who take everything literally. The natural form ov a Hierarchy in society iz built on the opposite ov everyone being an Individual. Rulers and those who are ruled. Regulated behavior. A misconception ov Free Will. A Strategy ov society, to huddle the herd ov weak and fearful masses into a group to be Controlled. This iz how socially elected leaders condition the many who have lost their natural instinct to organize and defend their Will to choose. Although necessary in society, leaders are sometimes corrupt and out for their own best interests. We all know that there haz to be Laws. There also haz to be regulations. For being Human YOU are riddled with Faults. And that iz just fine. Like Blood. We all need it to live. No one iz Devine. An Individual eventually iz faced with this major Concept. Admitting that their own ideals could be flawed. YOU could be wrong. This iz your Battle. To be a True Individual recognize this. For it iz your Destiny. Not Fate. Destiny iz a choice. Fate can be manipulated. YOU az an Individual may not currently be aware ov this ? (Now YOU are). Information iz a substantial form ov Knowledge. Combined with experience and skills, then directed into your Will forms the construct to being a True Individual.

Ov course, Personality iz the Charm to the to the Strength ov who YOU are. Capable ov keeping YOU alive, or getting YOU killed. Without a strong yet experienced personality YOU may have to learn other ways to adapt. YOU do not have to be an Alpha to be an True Individual. Many see the image ov an Individual az being the Leader. Not so. Many Individuals keep secret their Desires. This iz just a traditional way ov thinking. More to kum. This iz The Start in explaining THE ULTIMATE MINORITY.

4/14/22 John Zewizz~