BY JOHN ZEWIZZ May 23, 2023

Back Cover Artwork Collage by JOHN ZEWIZZ

In the early periods ov SLEEP CHAMBER we were rekording on various 4-track then 8-track cassette and reel to reels. We even rekorded on an 8-Track rekorder. Quite rare even in those days. I’d say most all the Inner-X-Musick cassette releases were rekorded on multi track machines . All eventually moving up to 8-track mastering. Members went from guitar pedals to rack mount EFX processing. My main influences in Musick waz not TG az stated constantly everywhere. It waz THE ROLLING STONES and their early blues Songs. Az THE STONES progressed in Musick and style my influences followed. My favorite release by THE ROLLING STONES waz “Their Satanic Majesties Request”…There were heavy influences, mainly by BRIAN JONES direction ov tribal rhythm based songs that included more than just guitars and drums. Brian introduced many string and horn instruments. Not to mention blues harp and piano. He also told the rest ov THE STONES that THE BEATLES were going in this direction. With their Sargent Peppers album. There were sessions at this time where Lennon & McCartney joined THE STONES in rekording sessions in songs like “We Love You” and “Sing this All Together”. Noting “Sing this All Together-(see what happens)” opens with random flute and dialogue ov Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithful. After some coughing, from what sounds like people smoking weed. You hear “Flower Power” by Marianne Faithful to Mick Jagger saying “Better watch your drink” then asking “Where’s that joint ?”. An abstract piece ov flute, kick and other percussion drum pieces laced with guitar riffs, horn tute’s and drones while Mick Jagger moans and speaks throughout. Mounting to faster drum tempo, trumpeting horns and screaming. Fantastick !!. A very heavy influence on the Magickal style ov Musick SLEEPCHAMBER creates in this same sort ov vein. This iz where SLEEPCHAMBER drew its ritual and tribal style and concept from. Releases like SEXMAGICK RITUAL and others were born from this atmosphere and Philosophy ov Sex, Drugs and Musick. If you play the “Sing This All Together-(see what happens)” song -at: (7:55) time place, after the major key that completes the (8:33)/ song) at 78 rpm-setting (on the vinyl record Only)- it plays the theme … “We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”. Disguised az sparse drum and abstract noize. Only accessed from the Vinyl Record. Very unique for Musick messaging to this day.

The Cover waz issued with a 3-D center photo. Which reflected them turning their heads. In 1967 this waz impressive.

Brian Jones played everything from sitar to piano, cello, clarinet and all sorts ov other exotick instruments on this release. I’d say the major influence behind its release. I engulfed myself in the Musick and arrangement ov this release. Way back in 1969. It waz an obsession. I first obtained the Mono copy with the Red Smoke inner sleeve. It waz later changed to a Blue smoke inner sleeve with the Stereo copies. You may have seen it az SLEEPCHAMBER backdrops ?. The Cover photo waz by Michael Cooper. SLEEPCHAMBER had rekorded a few Songs from this release in the 80’s Including “The Lantern”,-(released in 1984 on MUSICK FOR MANNEQUINS cassette),

SLEEPCHAMBER~ The Lantern -(1984)

Along with “Sing this All Together-(see what happens)-” and some studio attempts at “2000 Light Years From Home”. Which remain unreleased. Yet they were rekorded for the SONOROUS INVOKATIONS OV BRIAN JONES 10″ vinyl LP. Not really a follow up to the 1982 cassette BREATH FOR BRIAN. But a much larger intention to create a full tribal-electro combination release in appreciation ov BRIAN JONES….

1982 cassette cover for BREATH FOR BRIAN (C-20) on Inner-X-Musick

Special thanx to DISCOGS. They remain the Best location for Musick Discographies and accurate information. The Cover photo waz ov BRIAN sniffing Amyl Nitrate -(poppers or snappers)- Used az a type ov heart adrenaline that packs a powerful punch. Used more recently to increase orgasms. I purchased the private unpublished photo from the photographer at a 1970’s Rock & Roll convention in New York City. Later using it az the cassette cover. The Photograph waz glued to to cover.

SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Watersoul” -(Unreleased track from Vol. #2 SONOROUS INVOKATIONS OV BRIAN JONES) 1994

For those who claim that SLEEPCHAMBER waz imitating PSYCHIC TV’s “God Star” and BRIAN JONES interest, GODSTAR waz released in 1985. SLEEPCHAMBERS “Breath for Brian” waz released in 1982. Both PTV and SLEEP CHAMBER have their own directions. We do have a SLEEPCHAMBER song covering THE ROLLING STONES~ “The Spider and the Fly” which features Genesis P-Orridge on piano. Up for release but yet to picked what release it will appear on. Made for the SONOROUS INVOKATIONS Vol. #2 release. But could show up on the New Final SLEEPCHAMBER CD. My influence from BRIAN JONES started in the 70’s when I operated a ROLLING STONES Fanzine called “SMOOTH”. Long before making friends with Genesis P-Orridge. We did mentioned BRIAN JONES a few times in conversation and realized that we both admired him greatly. Any similarity between PTV and SLEEPCHAMBER are purely that. I never listen to PTV. I did in the early days and watched the videos like “The Ritual Cuttings ov Psychic Youth” which waz pretty insane. And “Heathen Earth” and found them interesting . I can clearly say PTV waz not a direct influence on SLEEPCHAMBER. I direct SLEEPCHAMBER’s aim to what I find unusual yet complex enough to be a challenge ov thought. Its never just Musick to me. Its an Experience or an Adventure. Maybe in a story telling way. Or you could say in a Musickal expression way ? Our rekordings are all a collections ov those evoking the Intent ov the Musick being processed at that Time -(in Time).. Do I really seem to be a personality that needs to imitate someone else ? …

The main attraction in “THEIR SATANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST” -(again)-waz the tribal percussion and the arrangements ov horns, flutes, Sitar, and piano bits. It waz the first time a band-(THE ROLLING STONES)-had used a Mellotron on a commercial release. To me this waz not Psychedelic Musick. It waz more tribal Rock & Roll style ov Songs and arrangements. Horns never had been used in this unconventional style ov arrangement. Especially the stereo versions. The mono and stereo copies differ greatly in sound. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

On THE SONOROUS INVOKATIONS OV BRIAN JONES track “INVOKATION” waz really another attempt at the BREATH FOR BRIAN piece from the 1982 cassette. Obviously more professional and produced. Containing the same whisper “Brian” laced into the rhythms. The vinyl 10″ LP waz first released on MANHOOD RECORDS (1995)-with a black & white cover. Later reissued in 1998 on Funfundvierzig Records-Germany az a CD. With an old style color filtering ov the cover. I also superimposed Brian’s swimming pool in hiz face on the cover. Where he died.-(look closer).

BRIAN JONES-House with Swimming Pool. -(see pool later on right side ov hiz nose)-COVER.
SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Invokation”

When SLEEPCHAMBER first started theze rekordings for the BRIAN JONES concept I waz the main director because ov my own familiar knowledge ov BRIAN JONES work. But the band picked up the direction instantly. I even owned a cassette copy ov the soundtrack he composed for the film A DEGREE OV MURDER in 1969. Released shortly after departing from THE ROLLING STONES. (The intro song to soundtrack piece below). The soundtrack features mostly guitar riffs and build-ups (by Jimmy Page). Some keyboard pieces-(by Nicky Hopkins & Brian Jones). The opening ov the film features the title score piece. It iz the only collected Musickal piece on the soundtrack. The Movie featured heart throb ANITA PALLENBURG -(hiz current girlfriend at the time)-. Also She waz a main feature in MICK JAGGERS 1970 film “PERFORMANCE”. Where Brian lost her…

BRIAN JONES~ “A Degree of Murder” Intro Soundtrack piece. 1968.

OBSESSION in The Degree ov Obscurity

ROLLING STONES~ THEIR SANTANIC MAJESTIES -(promo bootleg soundtrack film)- Waz a tape I owned that contained some private bootleg audio from THEIR SATANIC MAJESTIES rekordings. I obtained it from a U.K. trader. An hour ov a Film score witch contained strange audio ov a child asking for “Grampa Jones” (intro)-…and a version ov “She’s A Rainbow” that featured gun shots during the Lyrics “She shoots colors everywhere”. There were piano pieces to “She’s a Rainbow” … Instrumental intro’s to some ov the material from the album. The Piano pieces to intro ov “She’s a Rainbow” had audio ov a girl talking and laughing. Plus obviously Mick Jagger’s voice and laughter. Exactly like the piece on SATANIC MAJESTIES ov random flute, dialogue and Mick Jagger asking “Where’s that joint ?”.. Not the “Citadel Rehearsals” from Bell Studios .. Much rarer. I could find any reference or any info on this obscure audio piece. It only drew me in deeper to the Mystical underworld ov this Magick. From this time. The mystery waz a rare interest. Plus a brand new style ov Musick I had never heard. I spent many years obsessed with this underground cassette rekording. I analyzed every second ov this obscure cassette ov audio madness. The quality waz a B at best. Yet contained Musick I found interesting and adventurous. In this streaming soundtrack style. I assumed by its compilation ov material that it may have been a Film soundtrack ?? . Possibly rejected or just studio rekordings ? Or a concept by engineers involved ?. Which fit the fantasy ov its roots in THEIR SATANIC MAJESTIES release. It reflected the secrets to an insight, to a New direction ov Musickal adventure and dark curiosity. This tape collection ov strange unknown versions no one could explain. Only made the interest and obsession more intriguing. Many Collectors tried finding info on the source, but ended up frustrated. To date, not knowing if it waz a private project that someone had arranged ? This Musick waz a film no doubt. I waz picturing what images must be going on during the Film with its non-stop Soundtrack. . No doubt someone had inside access to exclusive private ROLLING STONES audio or Video? This unknown Musick waz a film. From this album. Most fascinating, waz alternate arrangements to some ov the Songs. Longer instrumental jams to endings ov the Songs “Gomper” “In Another Land”, “She’s a Rainbow” and “The Lantern” – Even with quality not being great the aura waz captured. None ov the Songs faded out. They finished the completion ov the song and there waz talking and laughing. Very much like the commercial release. All produced together in a sleepy haze ov atmosphere and mystery to its exotick moods.

I never located any closure to this mystery collection to THEIR SANATIC MAGESTIES odd shot ov underground collective piece. Musick, even az a Pro Collector could not accept az a organized concept that would satisfy My desire for the missing piece ov a 1969 puzzle. Which left me obsessively curious and not content with the solutions. For a B-rated cassette rekording, it had a me captured and obsessive. Mainly becuse it waz one ov my Favorite ROLLING STONES release. That waz filled with abstract and unusual pieces of a Rock & Roll band that had chose a clear path ov Occults Magick, Drugs, and rumors ov Wild Sexual adventures. THE BEATLES were venturing into Indian Msythsm and experimantal Indian dogma and Enlightenment through Yougi Leaders, Psychedelic Duugs and merdication. The ROLLING STONES were more radical with Open Sexuality, Drugs, and a more anti-social form ov Rock & Roll. Both highly Pop bands had their forms ov Manager Exploitment. THE BEATLES were attempting to spin a commercial yet waz breaking the level ov proper tollarence by major lablels restictions. THE ROLLING STONES were fighting with London-(UK) Lable DECCA for bad contracts and control over over 79% ov their Musick content. (rekorded for DECCA). It waz not till 1971 when THE ROLLING STONES owned straight out ROLLING STONES RECORDS- (releasing a bad collection ov releases.) Like “JAMMING WITH EDWARD”-(Studio sessions) 1971, PIPES OV PAN-AT JOUJOKKA-(Field Rekording). by BRIAN JONES and to Fuck with DECCA-RECORDS= The STONES provided an accoustic song : “COCKSUCKER BLUES”-(Mick on Accoustic)/ Singing about getting Raped in Prison. Another Song they presented waz an early Song titled “ANDREWS BLUES” … a Jam session featuring Mick, Brian. Keith, And the Studio Personal singing together. Yet another ‘Unreleased Song’ impossible for DECCA to release. Along with the Contrack for “COCKSUCKER BLUES’. To spite DECCA RECORDS they provided theze Songs because DECCA RECORDS-(UK)- would not allow the STONES to include their Songs on “Live” or ROLLING STONES Records.

ROLLING STONES~ “Andrews Blues”

The ROLLING STONES went through many troubles getting off DECCA RECORDS-(UK) before they could claim ownership to their own original songs. “COCKSUCKER BLUES” ^ “ANDREWS BLUES” were bootlegged to look just like a Vinyl 12″ Single ov ROLLING STONES. So, within the bootleg community …the quality and counterfeit ROLLING STONES Label. Under contract they owed DECCA RECORDS material and served them theze 2 Unreleased Songs. Titled acceptable yet maintained a value ov $25. in Rock & Roll Conventions & Used Record Shops. I attempted to follow the Cult following I witnessed within the ROLLING STONES fanatic following and importance ov alternate versions, studio outtakes, demos and Live rekordings. Just az I found … obsessive and addictive ROLLING STONES fans. I tried to include this admiration ov obsessive desire and value ov importance. Into SLEEPCHAMBER culture. Yea, found out that the SLEEPCHAMBER admires only have their own demands. They purchace a great deal ov Items. But their desirable collector items are decieded by themselvef. Not the concept I found eunique in my days ov collecting THE ROLLING STONES. Truthfully, I have no idea what SLEEPCHAMBER Collectors find ov Value or interest. What I may find Rare because ov the Unique or Rarity ov a product, many find a project that fits their collection or interest for other reasons, I have kum to the realization that I have little understanding to what SLEEPCHAMBER Collectors want or value. Yet, that’s the great thing about aquiring Rare or personal SLEEPCHAMBER product. There are so many unusual and unique items, that the Value iz what the Individual respects. I only provide info on different mixes, versions, and rarities because I feel that it helps understand the value or potential.

© Jim Marshall Photography LLC-BRIAN JONES & JIMI HENDRIX

Info on this SATANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST cassette soundtrack. It still haz a profound influence on me to this day. The track “Blind Mans Circus” from SLEEPING SICKNESS-CD waz totally designed around this very strange STONES material and its a never ending obsession on me. The background circus musick that follows the complete song iz much like the theme that follows the SATANIC MAJESTIES -(Stones Cassette)-. While visiting Germany in 1986 the Guitarist to SISTERS OF MERCY found “Blind Minds Circus” to be very interesting. And a direction to follow. ( he waz NOT excepted az a official member)-ov SLEEPCHAMBER. I spent a great time-(weekend at hiz house)-


LARRY VAN HORN by John Zewizz

Much Musick Press Claimed that THE ROLLING STONES-“Their Satanic Majesties Request” waz – “Their Most Unpopular release ever”. I waz a ROLLING STONES Fiend owning over 65,000+ vinyl records and collectables. Thanx to My STONES fanzine I met every heavy collector worldwide. Even ones in touch with BILL WYMAN-( the current Bass player at that time for THE STONES). Who waz an active trader ov STONES unreleased material. Yet very fussy because Bill had exclusive unreleased early Musick and only waz interested in ROLLING STONES Video ov early BBC & American footage that waz lacking in hiz collection For Trade. – az acceptable ‘Trades’.. It waz VHS systems and Beta at that time. Bill Wyman only would except Three-quarter pro format in Trade. (Hight quality TV broadcast format).

ROLLING STONES Collectors Guide-(over 100,000 Listed Vinyl releases with Values) by John McSweeney & Luc Franklin 1979)

I also owned a vast collection ov ROLLING STONES Unreleased material from Studio demos and outtakes to Live shows for Trading only. I had collected over 10 years ov Complete 45rpms with picture sleeves collections from USA, France, Germany, Belgium, UK and more. (from the 60’s & 70’s). Thousands ov Rare early Picture Sleeves for records like “Street Fighting Man”…(on the racks for a week then recalled) because ov the National Guard shooting students at Kent State College. (pictured on Pic Sleeve). to “Street Fighting Man”. The perfect Musick for the 1960’s revolution. (Pre CD)- My passion waz in the early ROLLING STONES. Which included BRIAN JONES era material. Hiz ability to change simple R&B into a newly evolved style ov Pop Musick. It waz One-Step-Beyond current Rock & Roll Blues styles. The insanity ov ‘obsessive collecting’ ended up with me questioning my worshiping ov favorite idols and musicians, whom I admired. It launched a focus on my own Musickal form ov expression. I mean, my life experiences were advancing and I finally understood and recognized what ‘Homo-Eroticka’ waz. An admiration in a same sex person that stands out az a rebel or an outcast figure, seen az a unique Individual. Its not a gay attraction az much az its an admiration to True Individuals you admire. Some that reflect an androgynous image empowering them the rewards ov sexual conquest. With the unique commitment to their own personal identity and choice. The Individuality that contains a form ov confidence that you may admire, but many lack the ability to challenge Social norms and establish a stand. Attitudes against the typical view ov acceptance ov social rules ov what the establishment iz willing to tolerate. An introduction to Fear and inhibited failure shot at your True Will. Natural programmed behavior. Judgements and treatment are a major reaction to their Fear from ignorance ov what they fail to understand. You, with Individual ideals need to follow a different direction in life. Standing alone proves your power to be Individual and Enlightened by instinct.


Many fall, and fail due to their Egos and lack ov true confidence or conviction. Missing the Will to stand alone. Ov course there iz safety in ‘The Herd’. Yet Real Power kums from standing outside the group- Believing your Will iz worth being rejected for. Even suffering for. Your courage evolves from self determination and a Virtue ov Reverence. Admirers are a dime-a-dozen. Stability iz born from understanding and reflecting on the mistakes made from your folly and insecurity. The biggest mistakes ov the Ego iz how to not humble your own failure. Before redirecting any and all insight you must establish all areas ov potential before your decisions. Understanding the limit to your possibilities and the cost ov all choices. Which iz importantly Paramount. Direct within the balance ov possibilities. Realize the cost ov your desire deeply. Know that nothing iz perfect or final. FATE iz Final. Destiny iz a choice to alter your Direction ~

SIGIL artwork by JOHN ZEWIZZ -(during sessions)1994

Real happiness iz simple desires. Not ones that form from an addiction to Fetishism. Control with all things iz Sanity. Without this Control you are born into distraction within your own insanity ov desires. Like Magick, sexual obsessions can destroy your social world and ability to direct it. Sometimes you only get one time to prove yourself. Make All Times Matter. To believe in yourself, iz to be free. Really Free. Fear can be directed into Confidence.( az a redirecting insight). It takes Virtues like Understanding, excepting all things must happen. Patience to all situations, switching off emotion and reflect with logic. This practice takes years. Emotions are powerful and can direct an energy that can be redirected in focus back at you. -(By someone ov higher insight)-. Some live their life az it presents itself to them. Not questioning All Things. Fearing failure or being incorrect. Being wrong iz not failure. Being wrong iz really just incorrect decisions. Yet many are controlled by this emotion. The fear ov being wrong or incorrect, triggers Insecurity. And that’s a major emotion that demands defense. Being defensive iz the obvious behavior ov Insecurity. And Questioning your own possible failure.

Brian also had an obscure field rekordings ov THE PIPES OV PAN AT JOUJORKA. Oddly released on ROLLING STONES RECORDS in 1971. He waz close with theze guys. The Masters ov JOUJOUKA sacrificed a blonde goat one night at ritual dinner for Brian Jones. The Master musicians from Morocco induced a ritual atmosphere that waz not only organic it waz hypnotic. Middle Eastern tribal horns and percussion reflected the snake charmers trance much like cobra charming. This waz another major influence to Our SONOROUS INVOKATIONS release. A form ov Organic Magick invoked trough the organized mind set ov the JOUJORKA Musicians. Trance states ov Musick waz conceptual and important. The SONOROUS INVOKATIONS release by SLEEPCHAMBER maintained intentions to the conscious awareness to such possibilities being recognized. Brian recognized this az he studied and respected their ethnic culture ov mysticism. Brian waz absorbing all the influence and waz expressing hiz own recreation within hiz Musickal direction. (BRIAN JONES images Special Thanx to)~ (JOSIE COCCIA)~

Its really painful, Brian’s Jones loss ov life. Because we all know that if Brian had continued hiz direction ov Musick, there would be more to wonder about. That’s what makes Brian Jones so influential to real individuals and innovators. Hiz drug using waz not a controllable possibility. Some people can be in total control while on drugs. During the final ROLLING STONES Film “Sympathy for the Devil” there were segments were Brian waz really unfunctional and lost. Whether he waz out ov control or had emotional issues. It became problematic in hiz ability to organize hiz own unique style ov arrangements. From the PIECES signs I have had in SLEEPCHAMBERE this waz an exact same situation. Water Signs are very emotional and unpredictable. Brian’s access to many different Drugs only set a direction that he could not control. Some people are born without an understanding ov conscious control. Brian waz one ov a Individual who lacked control ov hiz inner-self control. Hiz partying had no limits or sense ov consequence. This iz a sign ov pain, a sign ov insecurity and frusrtation. No matter how prolific you are on musickal instruments. Its why he died. (Story tainted) There are rumors that a worker on Brian’s house became party friends with Brian and got envious or greedy and betrayed Brian.. A Movie waz released reflecting this story possibility in 2005. Titled : “STONED”: Its as close az a story az you will find on BRIAN JONES. I pretty much accept the Movie az the most logickal assumption to hiz Death.

Like CID VICIOIUS or JIM MORRISON they died early and their prime, leaving pieces ov their life az fascination to many. The Rarity ov it makes the interest more powerful. Those ov higher consciousness are able to instinctively sense individuals ov interest. Some have the sense but do not understand it. Not knowing the power they sense, and the failure to educate this instinct. Every emotion haz to be recognized and understood. Absolute Control ov emotions iz paramount. Without denying ones emotions to behave naturally. Emotions must be observed during All social atmospheres. Understanding your emotional surroundings iz instinct and the understanding ov Individual perception . All decisions are made consciously. Other emotions can cascade into conscious control and disrupt behavioral control. Focus on your main emotion. The strongest one. Understand its limits. Accept its limits. Never challenge your own control or limits. This iz uncontrolled folly. Challenging the Ego. Without the correct insight ov possible variables. Your Ego iz the corrupted insight to vanity and selfishness. (Vanity)-

SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Courtfield Road”

The Track “Courtfield Road” ( waz the road Brian lived on in South Kensington-London-UK). My intention waz to draw more energy to hiz country home at Cotchford Farm. Where he had passed away. Yet somehow, Oddly the Track maintained this title instead. Most ov the material on this project had some direct link to Brian Jones in one way or another. There iz 2 tracks on the Vinyl LP release that do not appear on the CD release: “Anita”(Last track on side one). The Love ov hiz Life. And the track “Hiz Satanic Majesties” (first track side two).

SIDE ONE~ Invokation, Courtfield Road, Anita -(10″ Vinyl LP)-
SIDE TWO~ His Satanic Majesties, Somewhere in Morocco -(10″ Vinyl LP)


Az serious az I take all SLEEPCHAMBER projects this waz no exception. Knowing that Moroccan Hash waz a favorite ov Brian’s, I managed (after many efforts) to obtain some ‘Blonde Moroccan Hash’. Which iz quite rare and very costly. Also a very small amount ov Nepalese Temple Balls. (a Rare Hash that iz combined with bits ov Opium). It also cost an important fortune keeping the mood ov theze rekording sessions complete with proper Invokations. ( with exotick Hash, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Drambuie Liqueur, Beer and some Weed ). There waz also plenty ov Frankincense tears and Starax incense that waz burning constantly. The real resign stuff. Not the cheap shop imitation stink. The atmosphere waz always full ov haze, and a ‘musky smell -(that never left the Studio) All needed to create the underwater mood and dream state. That Brian suggested about constantly in hiz last days. Only a private studio would allow this. Everyone at ROSHAMBO STUDIO waz accepting and enjoying it all. But they had their limits. Obviously. The project took about eight studio sessions to complete VOL.#1 and parts to VOL.#2. (yet to be released). For one reason or another. VOL. #2 waz short for a full CD release we originally assumed. Many remixes. Conversations continue about the VOL. #2 az a ‘cassette only’ or even a CD. Nothing planned for sure. After current organizing We have found More than enough Musick for VOL. #2 . Suggestions were a 2-CD Set. The other pressing Situation being that the current project ov a SLEEPCHAMBER final release iz paramount and taking priority at this time.


“GOMPER ENCHANTMENT” Studio sheet with Mushrooms.

Rekording ov this project included : LARRY VAN HORN-(guitar, bass, zither, percussion) ANDREW WOOLF-(synths, keyboards, harpsicord, percussion). JOHN ZEWIZZ-(tapes, samples, percussion, zither, violin, piano, exotick horns, sitar). SIN-(flutes, chimes, vocals, percussion). ZORA-(Vocals, percussion, flutes, chimes)-BREX GREEN-(engineer and EFX processing). Special Thanx for Tea & Sympathy : BREX GREEN, Everyone @ ROSHAMBO STUDIO, LARRY LIU, HARRY WALLACE, SANDRA PEPIN, ZORA, SPIKE DEVITT, RRRON, SEMIRAMIS, SHAWN FLEMMING, VINNY, THE FRANX, PETER and JOHNNY SPEED, THE BARBITCHUETTES and All Others that Helped This Happen.

Human Thighbone Horn -used in SONOROUS INVOKATIONS


JOHN ZEWIZZ by Sue Chopelas _(Sonorous Invokations)-1992
SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Magick Mushrooms and The Moon”

One night it waz a Full Moon. No one realized it till late into the night. That’s where the title “Magick Mushrooms and the Moon” waz taken from. It waz untitled at the end ov that night. Yet in the morning it waz the first suggested title. Each session waz like a Ritual. The Magick ov the moods and atmosphere waz an Invokation in itself. Mystic images ov Brian were unavoidable. All ov our mental states were constantly altered. After explaining the direction ov the theme and understanding BRIAN JONES az a profit to the style ov Musick we were invokating – instinctively. There were no stops to explain the concept or the direction ov the energy. It all just evolved naturally. ANDREW WOOLF waz the most serious. He loved the project az much az I did. He waz also the one who pushed to get it released on MANHOOD RECORDS. This waz a strange line-up ov SLEEPCHAMBER for a pet project like this. We were going back and forth between INNER-X-STUDIO and ROSHAMBO STUDIO constantly. I admit it waz the fastest release by SLEEPCHAMBER ever. Normally taking up to a year or more to rekord and master a SLEEPCHAMBER release, this project waz complete in around seven months. It waz serious yet kept simple. No one overdid the ‘Party Favors’ and yet we all seemed to crash at the same time. Sleeping became a sacrament. Only deserved. SLEEPCHAMBER waz also doing Live performances with THE BARBITCHUETTES in between. So, retreating to the ultimate dream waz down time.

SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Forever and a Moment”

Not all waz paradise. Relationship problems with my girlfriend/BARBITCHUETTE arrived. Drama in Romance. Semiramis waz a very demanding girlfriend. After a few problems with attention I dismissed because ov the SONOROUS INVOKATIONS demands. She decided to break our relationship bond. It iz emotionally included at the time period from the rekording sessions in real time: “Forever and a Moment” includes a phone message to me while rekording this project. “I Love you…and I’m going to miss you” waz taken from my phone machine message. It waz included in the track because ov the timing and obviously the real emotional moment. Her ‘message’ arrived the day that we were finalizing the material to the piece. Theze sessions were costing me. Andrew suggested using the phone message audio. I had no problem including it for the time period to the work donated to this project. Same night to final mixing to “F:AA:M” The worst part ov the drama waz I found out that Semiramis waz seeing the pro wrestler -(on the side), “The Undertaker”. I waz informed by loyal BARBITCHUETTES. It waz not az embarrassing az it waz that he waz so popular at the time, that I could not avoid the 7-foot stand-up at a local Tower Record Store. Or the constant TV program advertising. Reminding me there waz little salvation in this relationship. Most ov the time ex-girlfriends fail to hook up with other males to date, the males usually fearing my retribution or recourse. But “The Undertaker” waz out ov my range and league. I waz too wrapped up in this project to continue a broken relationship. Capturing the ’emotional timing’ and Title waz too intense to ignore. Told in sympathy by a BARBITCHUETTE…”Don’t worry…He could not even get it up”….waz yet another false comfort. Like that waz to lighten my emotional burden. So, the track known az “Forever and a Moment” (F:AA:M) carries very powerful memories. Captured for all time. The Bass loop and EFX by LARRY VAN HORN leads into an atmosphere ov synth waves and harp keyboards by ANDREW WOOLF that set a perfect melancholy moment to the piece. A Admirer on You Tube uploaded a ‘Return to Morocco’ video to complete a literal ride in the track “RETURN TO MOROCCO” -(Many thanx)-


SLEEPCHAMBER~ Return to Morocco -(Morocco Fan Taxi Video)- 1985
SLEEPCHAMBER Logo by Laura Graff. Includes John Z crocked nose 1994
SIN and ANDREW WOOLF by Lisa Gourleyx-(at Sessions)-
LARRY VAN HORN 1993 with Ann Costello by Brian Hughes
SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Hash Ghost ov Tangier”
JOHN ZEWIZZ from SONOROUS Sessions 1994 first Session-by Sandra Pepin


RESPECTUS TO BRIAN JONES ~(by John Zewizz) 2/28/1993 -(Happy Birthday Brian)-

Some Ghosts find their way their way thru the stains ov old tattered wallpaper. Some thru cracks ov aged plaster and splintered oak floors. Others bend guitar strings under water demonstrating laughter. Never underestimate the onslaught. The opposition will always be larger. Frazzle them with Mandrax and Starax. Black beads Rubies and Ice. The Nurse always wears white. The Nun, Silk. The last waz A Degree ov Murder. Fetishism and The Blues. Stoned ? Bloodless ? From Gibraltar to Tangier … Salome. Morocco waz Hash and Opium. The Barbary Macaque apes ov the rock heard the Sound ov an Omen. For The Child ov The Moon. No one iz safe, We are all subject to the natural order. Books were left open with Buttons and Flowers. Cocktails and Fingernails. By the lake with lily flowers, while we await the evening hours. Dandelions don’t care about the Time. Now bizarre, when you forget where you are. In Another Land. Sleeping in blonde white sand. I stood and held your hand. We all awoke, saw the joke. And went back to Sleep. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


TRAX Recorded for the Release

1) – INVOKATION…. 2) – COURTFIELD ROAD -(2-Versions)…… 3) – ANITA……. 4) – SOMEWHERE IN MOROCCO -(3-Versions)……. 5) – RETURN TO MOROCCO -(2-Versions)……. 6) – HASH GHOST OV TANGIER…….. 7) – MAGICK MUSHROOMS AND THE MOON…… 8) – GOMPER ENCHANTMENT ……….. 9) – SING THIS ALL TOGETHER-(3-Versions) ………. 10) – FOREVER AND A MOMENT……….. 11) – WATERSOUL -(many versions & mixes)……… 12) – UNDERWATER LAUGHTER ……….. 13) – 2000 LIGHT YEARS FROM HOME -(aka DESERT SANDS)- (Incomplete)……… 14) – AMOBARBITAL DREAMS -(2 versions)………. 15) – ALDEBARAN -(2-Versions) …….. 16)- ITS HERE ! NOWHERE………. 17)- PAN-THE BLONDE GOAT………….. 18) – YESTERDAY AND TOMORROW-(2 versions)………. 19) – STONED & KIEFED-(Dialogue and background Musick)-(incomplete)……… 20) – JOUJORKA MUSICIANS-(Interview and chant “Brian Jones waz Rolling Stone”)BBC…… 21) – MOON CHILD -(Alternate to 1989 released version)…… 22) – CHILD OV THE MOON-(Rolling Stones cover)-(2 mixes)- ….. 23) – HIZ SATANIC MAJESTIES -( aka/MAJESTIES-2-mixes)- …. 24) – BACK TO EDEN -(2-mixes) – Possibly unfinished Musick /

STUDIO Demo trax for SONOROUS INVOKATIONS 2002-(beginning rekording)-
“SING THIS ALL TOGETHER” waz being remixed for release up to 2002. (see date on disc)-

There iz a serious amount ov tapes and CDs with studio or ‘working’ titles. I’m sure their exists material we never revisited or remembered. We were rekording sometimes four different pieces a day. The above trax are the ones we chose from. Leaving the unfinished ones no choice. We selected material for the mood. Not from favorites.

“Hiz Satanic Majesties” (My Favorite track) waz not released on the CD because Piet @ FUNFUNDIVERZIG Records waz nervous about the samples used. The vinyl 10″ LP waz released first. (1995) The CD waz released later in 1998. Ya,.. it took around two years to sort through around 34 hours ov rekordings. Remember- this waz also the peek ov THE BARBITCHUETTES live performances. So, when you want to shun Me for ‘Drugs’… My response iz to look just what I had accomplished. (on Drugs). I waz unaware ov the Musick/Performance Empire that waz arizing from our Musickal adventures. This waz the follow-up to SIAMESE SUCCUBI Release -(CD, 12″EP, VHS/DVD). The video productions from that release alone waz a major undertaking in itself.

JOHN ZEWIZZ with BARBITCHUETTES~ Porcha, Sin, LuLu and Semiramis -(Middle East-1994) by Luna Tsuki

We rekorded “MAJESTIES” the same day az : “Gomper Enchantment”. I used a lot ov samples. Like the guitar riff from THE STONES track “Citadel”. Also horn samples from “Sing this All Together”. The loop that travels through out the piece. With Andrew Woolf on Harpsicord, it instantly grew into an atmosphere. With the psilocybin Mushrooms we were enjoying, it became alive. Sin and Zora were attempting to do high pitch opera style vocals for fill in on the mixes. We were all smiles. (believe Me). The track waz just titled “Majesties”. It took on a life ov its own in a way. We usually play along with a beat or a structured rhythm. This track waz just an improv jam. Me and Andrew sat throughout the whole piece. There were very few overdubs. It waz all ov us being literally locked into a trance from the repeating loop. I waz playing a flute along with Zora, and I set the delay to ‘Lock’. So the flutes just streamed their way throughout the piece. Sin waz doing a vocal witch I also locked into the delay.

Track #20 iz a BBC Interview with a JOUJORKA Musician who briefly sing a chant to a BBC reporter.. “Brian Jones waz a Rolling Stone”. Mixed with atmospheric Musick. Track #13 waz never completely finished. There were also many different mixes and versions to Trax # 4, #5, #11, #12, #15. To tell you the truth it waz getting impossible to keep some ov the Musick straight. You’d get lost in the hypnotic mix ov the percussion and forget where you are and exactly what you were doing. We even tried to imitate the dialog piece from the SATANIC MAJECTIES release where there iz random talking before you hear Mick Jagger say “Where’s that joint ?”. Something about live dialog in rekordings seems more interestingly organic in both ‘ov the moment’ and a ‘sense ov personal energy’… that iz not planned but part ov the rekording moment in time.


SLEEP CHAMBER -10″Vinyl LP release 1995
ANDREW WOOLF & JOHN ZEWIZZ- Sonorous Invokations – Press Release 1995
JOHN ZEWIZZ at P-KING TOMS-1995 after SONOROUS Session by Larry Lue
BRIAN JONES Material from that era Much like the SONOROUS INVOKATIONS direction.


QUOTE BY BRIAN JONES. I use to think it waz engraved on hiz Tombstone, but it iz not. After SLEEPCHAMBER released SONOROUS INVOKATIONS OV BRIAN JONES there waz a surge ov memorial dedication releases by Bands, DJs, Film documents and others.. It doez not matter who waz first or next. It reflects just how many people admire the one time ROLLING STONE ~ Brian Jones. And the influence that he had on all ov us. If you watch the COMPLETE CD Release on You Tube it allows you all the info times for each track. Thanx for your Support az always. I hope you enjoy what I could provide for your interests. Any additional information can be found on SLEEPCHAMBER~Discogs.

MANY THANX to Joe Norton, Zora, Sin, Thomas Kruner, Anthony Mencini, Woolf, Larry van Horn-(wherever you are), Sandra Pepin, guys at RO SHAMBO, Everyone listed or not, the person who uploaded this CD- You were a Moment in This Time ~


Play on You Tube for TITLE LISTING. -(COMPLETE CD Release) 1998



Next ………………………………..SEXMAGICK RITUAL 1987 Release ~ Complete rekordings, dates, Members, Track Listing, including material not used. Different versions-(times), Videos, covers, differences in cassette, CD, LP and VHS releases.

SLEEP CHAMBER ~Sexmagick Ritual -(Vinyl LP)- 1987
SLEEP CHAMBER~ Sexmagick Ritual (Cassette) 1987
SLEEP CHAMBER~ Sexmagick Ritual -(CD)- 1991

Also in Progress ~


SUBMIT TO DESIRE ~ The Complete Info and Story ov the 1985 vinyl LP Project

~ Thanx ~ John Zewizz~