The Elite Soldier. A Jagernaut to hiz social adept circle. Early Industrial Muscle Musick. An Alpha brute that expresses hiz admirations and expressions through hiz Music and philosophy. Delivered in a very unique and established fashion. Jonathan Briley stands outside and beyond most other Industrial artist. Hiz Musick always reflects straight out aggression. Labeled az ‘Extreme’. Which iz really an understatement.

JONATHAN BRILEY 1990 by Sue Chopelas

I introduced Jonathan to what hiz potential could be. . Jonathan waz mild mannered. (CLARK KENT style) when I first met him. It waz there, but unable to surface to paramount levels till he combined hiz philosophy through a eunique style ov Musick. I remember Jonathan visiting My Record Shop INNERSLEEVE RECORDS in 1985 in Boston. He waz a frequent visitor. Buying electronic Musick such az KLAUS SHULTZ and TANGERINE DREAM. Jonathan waz searching for something Musickly more edgy. He waz a ‘natural’ in hiz efforts to express hiz inner Will. He waz Not very interested in the typical trends ov Alister Crowley, Charles Manson, Jim Jones, and the occult. Although he did have an interest in The Satanic Bible. Which Larry van Horn offered him a hard cover copy to read. (Jonathan iz a big hard cover book admirer). Ov all people Anton Levey ? More satanic than mystickal. Which plays a major part in SLEEPCHAMBER. Az you will see.

Shared philosophy between both ov us 1986

Observing the way I ran SLEEPCHAMBER -(az a dictatorship)- I think he admired the respect and acceptance ov My Direction. I watched as Jonathan grew into the Hulk ov pure Nietzsche influenced insight. Admiring such writers and poets az Marques de Sade-(one ov hiz all time favorites). Owning hard cover green leather copies ov hiz works. He also enjoyed Oswald Spengler, Sun Tzu, Victor Hugo, Edward Alan Poe, Joseph Goebbels, Greek poet Homer, Charles Baudelaire, Charles Bukowski, Fredrich Nietzsche, and other outcast philosophers and thinkers. Jonathan waz a big reader. He waz also gifted with the talent to infuse influences into hiz Musick. Some ov hiz favorite Musickal artists were that ov Musique Concrete composers like John Cage, Karl Stockhausen, Steven Stapleton-(Nurse with Wound) and other artist that experimented with organic and ‘found sounds’ . It had to be extreme or he just waz not interested.

JONATHAN BRILEY with SLEEPCHAMBER-Worchester Performance Center 1989. by Sue Chopelas

Jonathan waz not satanic az much az he waz against the organized dogma ways ov programming. Much ov hiz major Focus waz on death, suffering, Individual thinking and living. Jonathan believes in the ‘Superman’. The full potential ov the Will and the endgame. With a taste for brutal reality and a distaste for human incompetence. He hated stupid and shallow people. He also had a dislike for rich and phony ministers. Ones who lead their flocks into weak minded dependence on social goals and their own greed. Jonathan waz interested in mystic writers but not puppets who speak in riddles. What got him drafted az a official member ov SLEEPCHAMBER waz the Song “SITE OV PAIN-SITE OV PLEASURE. 1985 cassette Solo version and 1987 SLEEPCHAMBER version.(below). The video made for the 1987 SPELLBONDAGE Release iz too hard core to be uploaded anywhere. Reflecting S&M and intense images most found offensive.


JONATHAN BRILEY~ Site ov Pain-Site ov Pleasure-(Solo cassette version) 1985
SLEEPCHAMBER~ Site ov Pain-Site ov Pleasure 1987

Jonathan evolved fast with hiz Musickal directions. Hiz major efforts were in hiz solo releases.-(1985-1988)- Which included experimenting with noize, tape loops and exotick percussion. He really enjoyed the screeching high pitch noizes and low-end drones ov synths. Jonathan had little time to spend in some ov the SLEEPCHAMBER Studio sessions. Which I allowed. I felt he had a ‘Pass’ because hiz contributions were more powerful than the Musickal efforts ov certain Band member line ups at that time. Band relationships always form within the group. All are different. Jonathan had more ov a serious attitude in SLEEPCHAMBER, that waz important to the direction ov the Musick and what it represented. Being the apex alpha I awaited for struggle between us. Yet, it never happened. All members admired him. Most importantly respected him. We saw each other az brothers.-(both being alpha males and Leo’s). Brothers with a blood trust that longed for ‘the meaning ov mattering’. Agreeing that your Ego had been trained to reflect the convenient assumptions that your emotions will question your natural instinct-(a Profile)- which iz not fowl or crewel. Its your first instinct. Known az your “Gut Feeling”. It iz true that by nature we are all born ‘Prejudice’. To deny this iz a folly ov your awareness to fear and understanding the human truth. Powerless to reflect and change. We always shared philosophies like “There iz no safety in existence, we are all subject to a natural order”….”You are who you have made yourself” … Many Nietzsche inspired concepts. It ran very heavy in our rekording and the direction ov the Musick.

In one ov the Newbury Sound studio sessions Larry van Horn waz writing lyrics. At one point he threw the lyrics to “VORTEX” into the trash. Jonathan reached in and opened up the crumbled up page and said “This iz Great Larry”. Then started to add to the pre written lyrics. The only Song written between the both ov them. Looking back, I wish I had encouraged more ov this collaboration style ov Song writing in the Band. (see Lyrics & Song writing).

SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Vortex” (from SPELLBONDAGE vinyl LP) 1987

We believed that Racism waz the Weapon ov the establishment , and would attack the population with their tools ov hate and Fear that sadly effects most people. They can not change. Their Fear and greed will scar society in all manners. Most social adjusting iz because ov lack ov confidence. THE INDIVUAL. iz your only way to be Free enough to claim your Will. . Me and Jonathan discussed this many times. During Song writing and studio sessions. Jonathan and Me started rekording the SATANIC SANCTION project in Feb. ov 1988. All the Musick on the releases were usually improv sessions. Done with a live mood ov intention. . The Label MMM-in Italy waz interested in releasing our Electro-Tribal style ov ritual pieces. We did some great releases on that label. (SIRKLE ZERO, SECRETS OV 23, SACROSANCT).

SLEEPCHAMBER~ Equim Exeo D’etat -(official SIRKLE ZERO video)-1990

SIRKLE ZERO- CD -1990. Jonathan waz very much into this project. Even though it being about Full Moon Magick, he engulfed hiz part fully. He waz not big on Magick like Religion. Arthur Woznick waz just joining SLEEPCHAMBER then. Who waz not particularly fond ov this style ov Musick yet had a great degree ov production mastering ov our Musick. SIRKLE ZERO waz a project I had been gathering for a year, Arthur waz getting impatient. SLEEPCHAMBER waz also rekording the SLEEP OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PIECE LP. There were a few different studios we were using. Newbury Sound, BFVF-(Boston Film & Video studio), Inner-X-Studio etc. at that time. Me and Arthur had some real pissy fights. One release waz poly rhythmic Songs and the other waz an Instrumental release. Some overlaps were trax like “MOUNT THE MOON”. (appears on both releases). Arthur did his first Mastering and Production for SLEEP OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PIECE trax except for Songs: THE LIGHT POURS OUT OV ME, MRS GOODBAR, MOUNT THE MOON, and SKULLDUHERY. He mastered most ov the SIRKLE ZERO trax along with SNAKEBITE, DOMINATRIX, A SYNTHETIC WOMAN, A BETTER WAY and EL TOPO.

ARTHUR WOZNICK at AXIS-Boston 1990 by Sue Chopelas

Arthur Liked Jonathan and Jonathan admired Arthurs abilities, But it waz eazy to tease a complex than to reason with one. Arthur had the Arnold Schwarzenegger accent (being from Russia) and Jonathan had the ‘Terminator’ build. Before leaving SLEEPCHAMBER Jonathan waz working on hiz 5th degree black-belt in Karatti and martial arts.


At INNERSLEEVE RECORDS we specialized in Industrial and Punk Musick more than any other Boston record shop would/could offer. We also were one ov the first Record shops to offer Underground cassettes. Jonathan grew more interested with each independent cassette release he purchased. He owned a 4-track reel-to-reel, that he bought after parting with hiz UZI machine gun. Our friendship grew with the hunger for more inspiration on Industrial and Electronic styles ov Musick. Especially the independent releases. He went through the ladder ov obscure Musicks. In short time he started experimenting with hiz own style ov Musick. Unfortunately, he waz married. Which iz az demanding ov much ov your time like making Musick. Clearly. Yet he found hiz place in making hiz own Industrial Musick. Eventually being invited to join SLEEPCHAMBER in 1986. This gave Jonathan a front row to not only create Musick, but to perform it Live. He did a few live solo shows opening for SLEEPCHAMBER before he had joined the band. Singing hiz Songs “SITE OV PAIN-SITE OV PLEASURE” & “THATS ROMANCE”. The better shows were when he performed both Songs in a set.

SLEEPCHAMBER -Local Boston magazine 1989

After providing Me with Musick for a possible release on INNER-X-MUSICK in 1985 one ov the first vocal trax waz “Site ov Pain-Site ov Pleasure”. Which from hiz solo version to the SLEEPCHAMBER version both include hiz Sister JACQUELINE BRILEY on back vocals. Jonathan had given Me instrumental Musick up until then. Az soon az I heard hiz style ov singing I seen the unique and original attempt that needed more than cassette production. Hiz vocals were what I wanted. I knew I could drive a more powerful Musickal direction with hiz input. Later he would provide Me with a C-60 worth ov Musick for hiz first INNER-X-Release. DARKER PROFITS 1985. I mastered it instantly to a DAT cassette. Ready for release.


DARKER PROFITS -(c-60) cassette 1985 /Inner-X-Musick THE WILL TO POWER -(c-60) cassette 1985 /Inner-X-Musick THE LOSS OF INNOCENCE -(c-60) cassette 1986 /Broken Flag Records AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS -(c-60) cassette 1986 /Inner-X-Musick FROM KAIN TO ABEL -(c-60) cassette 1987 /Inner-X-Musick THROWAWAYS -(c-60) cassette 1988 /Inner-X-Musick BRILEY/ZEWIZZ -(c-60) cassette 1988 /Inner-X-Musick

BEYOND FLESH -(VHS video) 1986 / Inner-X-Musick (Unreleased/ Live Show at THE RAT Club-Boston 12/18/1985) Interview piece from 1986

Jonathan Briley at BFVF Studio-Boston 1989
JONATHAN BRILEY @ THE RAT-Boston 1985 by Eugene Difrancisco

I AM MY OWN REDEEMER ( CD- Collection /Released material) 2009 /Inner-X-Musick COMPLETE WORKS (7-CD Box Set) 2021 /Diophantine Discs

COMPILATION Contributions -(incomplete)-

SLAUGHTER OV THE INNOCENT -(Nightmare for Hannas) vinyl LP- 1986 MUSICA VANNAE -(Nux Vomica) C-60 cassette w/booklet- 1986 MORE THAN YOU BARGIN FOR – VHS tape 1986 (Shemhamforash ! / From the Ashes of the Black Deity / Heaven’s Sounding Sweeter all the Time) videos by John Zewizz NEVER SAY WHEN-(Broken Flag LP compilation) The Hunter

JONATHAN BRILEY with SLEEPCHAMBER- Ground Zero 1989) by Lisa Gourleyx
JONATHAN BRILEY- AXIS-Boston 1991 -(Jonathans Last Live Performance w/SLEEPCHAMBER) by Sue Chopelas


SLEEPCHAMBER-Highlights to Rare AXIS-Boston 1991 Performance/Hiz last show with SLEEPCHAMBER.

JONATHAN BRILEY waz not only a serious body builder with a full-time membership to a gym, but waz also the best back up to any or all disturbances on Stage or the street. He told Me that he did not believe in the ‘Belt-system’. Which I agreed. Every Teacher iz different az with each pupil. We shared some great street scraps. Always dominating. Az when you get groups ov Individuals together, there are always drama issues. Jonathan did not accept all members the same. He liked Eugene Difrancisco and Larry van Horn az Family. Waz not the same with Malcolm Smith-(DOKUMENT) or Arthur Woznick. No matter what Line-Up SLEEPCHAMBER waz evolving into, Jonathan accepted the new change ov members and Musickal releases. When in SLEEPCHAMBER he adapted az an official member instantly. (singer/songwriter/synth player) Which iz not the same az all personal that perform in SLEEPCHAMBER. When I draft a new member into SLEEPCHAMBER I choose a genuine personality. I have made mistakes choosing members over the years. But Jonathan waz not one ov them. I knew he would bring in another direction to each SLEEPCHAMBER release. He waz eazy to work with. Better than most. After we became personal friends and we understood that both ov us together were far more effective and dangerous than not. Nightclubs in Boston feared us after a few Tribal/Instrumental shows because ov the intensity.

They perceived it az a ‘Black Mass’ or ‘Anti-Musick’. Along with a blend ov home made incense and strobe lights SLEEPCHAMBER used hammers, axes, pipes along with 55 gallon drums for percussion. Also using 3-large TV monitors on both sides ov the stage. Playing SLEEPCHAMBER specially designed videos for each performance . Some night clubs would not book us for a year because they claimed we “were too much ov a problem”.

JONATHAN BRILEY ~ Realm of the Lepers -(1986 cassette Mountains of Madness.)

Jonathans first real Studio time came while rekording the SPELLBONDAGE LP in 1987. He had done some live performances with SLEEPCHAMBER starting at THE RAT-Boston in 1986 where he opened the show with hiz Solo material. This evolved to Jonathan playing in SLEEPCHAMBER on stage at MASS COLLEGE OV ART, GROUND ZERO, AXIS, THE LIZARD LOUNGE, THE PARADISE, TT THE BEARS, and Worchester Performance Center. (from 1986-1991). in Boston. Jonathan waz also featured on the 1989 TOUR OV TEXAS. (some footage captured by VIDEOPHILE VIDEO-Texas).

Making this Clear Here: Thomas Thorn-(Hellfire Club) and Michael Moynihan-(Blood Axis) NEVER Shared the stage with Jonathan. Both admired him obsessively. Michael could have played percussion at MASS COLLEGE OV ART show. I don’t remember. That would be it.

SLEEPCHAMBER~ THE CHANNEL-Boston 1985 (John Zewizz & Michal Moynihan) by Judy Timpa

They both have a Fetish about him. Yet after leaving SLEEPCHAMBER in 1986. Jonathan filled their spot. Quite Ironic. A fight for Jonathans friendship came one day when I waz working on the MBTA Trains. I returned home and noticed that Thomas Thorn had moved out without mentioning anything. I also noticed that the Inner-X-Cassette masters were disturbed. After a closer view, I noticed that the Jonathan Briley masters-(some)-were missing. Seems that Michael & Thomas had contacted Jonathan and mentioned I waz bad-mouthing him behind hiz back. They also stole some masters they could find. This waz a power-play to incite Jonathan against me. Details being vague but obviously a territorial friendship move. What both ov them failed to realize waz that me and Jonathan shared more than a Musickal relationship. Neither ov us hero-worshiped the other. Az Thorn and Moynihan did with Jonathan. I called and threatened them both and agreed to meet them in Harvard Square in Cambridge. Az I pulled up in the square I caught sight ov Jonathan. They had contacted him for protection and my confrontment. I approached Jonathan not knowing if this would be a fight or not. I fully explained what I had in mind for them. And it waz not good. Me and Jonathan talked. I reminded him ov our mutual friendship bond. He discouraged me from my violent intentions. Then we both emotionally accepted the plot. He then shed a tear ov reverence. Remembering my Fathers funeral and a part he played in my moment ov need. Which upset the pair ov young admirers ov Jonathan. Complaining that I “made Jonathan cry”… Never understanding that hero worship waz not a weapon that could seduce hiz ego. I hold no anger or grudge against them. They were only young ov Will at that time. We all have grown older and wiser. Hopefully respecting each others accomplishments and remembering the value ov that time period ov our lives. Each now have moved on with our Musicks.

Tione, Jonathan Briley, John Zewizz-(SLEEP CHAMBER~Houston-TX-1989) by Jasper Burns

At the Mass College ov Art performance I accidently hit him in the balls with a large metal chain I waz using for percussion. He took it proudly az we both laughed. There waz also a complete exhaust system from a car mistakenly thrown into the audience covering the front rows in rust and metal parts. It waz a prop for “Warm Leatherette”. The audience Loved it…”It made us part ov the show they claimed. …SLEEPCHAMBER experimented with theze styles ov Ritual performances for only a few years. We found out it waz not accomplishing the atmosphere that we desired. We then started combining Songs with Ritual pieces to create the combined mood ov both styles ov Musick. . After this SLEEPCHAMBER would only use a Tribal instrumental to open a performance. (Weapons ov Magick, Leviathan, Priestess, etc).

Jonathan Briley w/SLEEPCHAMBER~ Mass College ov Art 1986
FLYER for 1986 Performance
SLEEPCHAMBER~ Palace Roads Theatre MASS ART-1986 -(Live vinyl Bootleg LP)-

In 1986 SLEEPCHAMBER performed on WZBC-Radio-Boston College Radio. Part ov the performance iz included on the SEXMAGICK RITUAL vinyl LP. “Flesh Trixsen”


SLEEP CHAMBER- T.T. THE BEARS 1987 -(Prescot, Briley, Zewizz, Van Horn)-

LIVE @ TT THE BEARS-Cambridge, Mass. 7/8/1987 featuring JONATHAN BRILEY, LARRY VAN HORN, DAVE PRESCOT, JOHN ZEWIZZ. (Inner-X-Cassette C-60) Songs Include: Extreme Unktion, Raindance, Babes ov Babylon, Her Second Skin, Fetish, Submit to Desire, Site ov Pain-Site ov Pleasure. A small run ov cassette releases. About 500. The sound waz taken from the soundboard tape. About A- quality B- performance.



Featuring Jonathan Briley, Laura Chopelas, Tione, Arthur Woznick, Eugene Difrancisco, John Zewizz
Jonathan Briley @ Newbury Sound 1987 by LVH


1988 Inner-X-Cassette. (BRILEY/ZEWIZZ Solo material-split) Rare~

Just before rekording the SATANIC SANCTION Release Jonathan and me were both working with electronic Musick and tape experiments. The above cassette split release waz a collection ov odd-ball Musick sitting on shelves at Inner-X-Studio. Brex Green suggested it be a great release. I offered him the project. There waz little info on the material other than the dates and titles. Its about az obscure ov a release az it gets. Quite rare az only about 100 copies were released. I’m sure bootleg copies are around. It waz not really an official release-(No Number matrix)- just for the staff and friends.

John Zewizz & Jonathan Briley -(Dallas-TX 8/1989)- by Jasper Burns

In 1989 SLEEPCHAMBER played a small Tour ov Texas. About 5 shows. It waz in August. Hot az hell. None ov the clubs had air conditioning. At 98 degrees I say really Hot. One club cancelled our performance in Dallas because ov graffeeti on the back ov their club-(video below)- THE VIDEO BAR. We were also approached by some skinheads who had a problem with me wearing red laces in my black doc martins.(stands for ‘A Bull’…leader to a skinhead gang)- Jonathan stepped up and said “Bring all your friends. He-(me) will take two ov you and I will take five ov you”. (pic below) skins to the right. (behind girl). They were bragging about beating up an undercover cop. The footage waz broadcast on Cable TV that night and the 2-dinks got arrested. They also left-out to the fight.


VIDEOPHILE footage-Dallas,TX 1989
SLEEPCHAMBER -Tione, Jonathan Briley, John Zewizz, Arthur Woznick- (by Jasper Burns-Dallas 1989)
Eugene Difrancisco & Jonathan Briley- (Ground Zero-Boston 2/28/89) with SLEEPCHAMBER
Jonathan Briley- back cover photos for SLEEP CHAMBER~ SPELLBONDAGE LP -(by John Zewizz) 1987
JONATHAN BRILEY~ T”Ward the Red Wall -(Mountains of Madness 1986 cassette) INNER-X-MUSICK
Jonathan Briley @ GROUND ZERO 2/28/89 with SLEEPCHAMBER

Jonathans final Musick waz “THATS ROMANCE” from the SLEEPCHAMBER on the vinyl LP SLEEP OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PIECE 1991 vinyl LP/ CD. It waz hiz last Song rekorded with SLEEPCHAMBER. (There were 2 other demo versions ov THATS ROMANCE done.)-Rekorded at Newbury Sound-Boston late 1987. Produced by Paul Arnold. (Sony 48-track digital)-We spent about 6-days there. Larry Van Horn, Arthur Woznick, Eugene Difrancisco, Tione, Jonathan and Me, rekording and Mastering the Production to Songs like THATS ROMANCE, THE LIGHT POURS OUT OV ME, and MRS GOODBAR. The rest ov the Musick waz rekorded at WALTZ STUDIO-(BFVF)-Boston. SNAKEBITE, DOMINTRIZ, A SYNTHIC WOMAN and EL TOPO. (featured footage on SLEEPING SICKNESS documentary on You Tube).


I had some girl footage from the 1989 Texas Tour ov a girl twirling on a bed… Also a Klan ov Snakes. Filmed a few versions ov JONATHAN Rekording the Song. It waz pretty much done in 2 takes. I insisted JOHATHAN laugh at the end ov the Song. Nice~

SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Thats Romance” (Jonathan Briley/ video by John Zewizz) 1990

The VIDEO PROMOS are footage ov the studio Rekording ov the SPLELLBONDAGE 1987 LP at Newbury Sound. It doez contain some real moments ov Energy that iz being Invoked. Thanx KAY TUE for the editing.

SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Thats Romance” (analog LP version) 1990
SLEEPCHAMBER~ Mount the Moon -(official video)-1990

Michael Moynehan and Thomas Thorn quit SLEEP CHAMBER in 1986 during the BABYLON EP Rekording sessions. Claiming “Babes ov Babylon” waz “too disco” for them. I requested JONATHAN to help finish up the vinyl EP release. In the Song “HER SECOND SKIN”. We also used the track “NESSUS”-(which ended up on SEXMAGICK RITUAL az an edited version on vinyl LP and a longer version on the Inner-X-Cassette release. 1987.

SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Her Second Skin” (BABYLON EP 1986) Jonathan Briley intro

JONATHAN had some sort ov medical issue. After 25 cups ov coffee a day hiz doctor insisted that he quit. Jonathan did not ‘Drug’ or even drink. Hiz rare Fetish waz a cigarette. Usually after a SLEEPCHAMBER show he would ask for one. And enjoy the shit out ov it. A cigarette a month ? Ya, Pretty Wild … Cigs & Coffee guy. Thats why ~

JONATHAN BRILEY-w/SLEEPCHAMBER~ Lizard Lounge 1989 by Sue Chopelas

Briley, Zewizz, Woznick-(Dallas-TX-69) by Jasper Burns
JOHN ZEWIZZ & JONATHAN BRILEY-(Dallas-Tx. 89) by Jasper Burns

John Zewizz & Jonathan Briley-(Dallas-Tx 89) by Jasper Burns
JONATHAN BRILEY ~ When Fate Meets Detention. -(Throwaways cassette 1987)- INNER-X-MUSICK

“THROWAWAYS” waz a collection ov Musick Jonathan had either given me or trax that remained unreleased and rare. 1987


The Word “SHEMHAMFORASH” haz many Hebrew meanings, Most importantly iz it iz what Mosses called to the Heavens when he parted the Red Sea. Some say the invokation ov the name ov God.

JONATHAN BRILEY~ Metal Erection 1985

Here iz a SLEEPCHAMBER Performance at AXIS -Boston Halloween on Friday the 13th. (10/31/91). JONATHANS last live Performance. I brought him up from the audience to do “THAT’S ROMANCE”. I saw him in the audience and knew we had “That’s Romance” on digital backup with us.( a bit rusty, but still Great). Rare~


SLEEPCHAMBER~ Highlights~ Briley does THATS ROMANCE -(Axis-Boston 91)-


SLEEPCHAMBER~ Worchester Performance Center 1989 -JONATNAN BRILEY- Site ov Pain- Site ov Pleasure (Live)-

I’m not going to review any ov the JONATHAN BRILEY solo releases. You already know what kind ultimate Musick he doez. But what made JONATHAN BRILEY so different ? .. Hiz Alpha attitude and Philosophy. It waz genuine. Hiz Musick stood above many other Industrial attempts to matter. When he speaks ov ‘The Supermen’ and demi-god attitudes its az convincing az hiz personality. One fight we had at VENUS Di MILO- in Boston a couple ov sorry college jocks claiming “You are sick and he’s Insane”…. Well, (sort-ov). It waz right after a 65 minute show. The fight lasted less than 2-minutes. Jonathan iz not a sadist az much az you may assume. He iz more ov a masochist. And desires it rough. I can’t go much more than that, He puts it out there.

John Zewizz, Jonathan Briley, Arthur Woznick -SLEEPCHAMBER 1990 by Sue Chopelas

Our interest in adding vocals waz not important in the Ritual releases. The only ones that were : OV THIS FLESH, PERSCRIPTION, and the Mantra in PRESSENCE OV THEE MAGUS. We used some ov LAURA CHOPELAS Sax samples backwards for a unique process ov sound. Our Intention with this release waz to do another style and sound different than the SEXMAGICK RITUAL LP in 1987. Jonathan clung on till the SIRKLE ZERO CD az more Magick Musick. Like SATANIC SANCTION 1989. Jonathan got excited when he started to be introduced into the different scenes, I trusted hiz direction. I introduced him into the Bondage Clubs and the S&M movements. He waz burning with joy. He waz also Married. So, Jonathan flirted with Fetish/Goth Girls who were impressed with the propaganda ov hiz unusual Image. I’ve heard they nickname him…’The Beast’… I’ve been in more than a few scraps with Jonathan. Its over before I know it, always a joy.

I had some Cowboy in a Dallas bar who just took on that mind-set that He hated Me. He waz getting aggressive fast. Over hiz shoulder bumps Jonathan, The guy eyes see him and The Cowboy instantly withdrew. We were walking down Boylston street in Boston with a Girl on each side. (The Chopelas sisters)- We get to the corner and a guy yells out hiz window -(in Traffic)- “How would you like My little dinky up your bummy ?” …at the sisters. I’m Fast, but Jonathan iz a one man Destroyer. He haz a conditioned mind that automaticly responds az a reflex. He ran up to the pick up truck -backwards !…and ran past the truck. Then started walking back backwards towards the truck he passed, on purpose. Az he approached the driver ov the truck he did a spinning Roundhouse. Knocked off hiz door mirror in pieces, The other guy yelled “GO”…they drove over the middle ov the road lines and went through a Red light…crashing into a MBTA Buss on the other side. (Mass Ave & Boylston street intersection). They drove around the bus and took off. We laughed for an hour. I seen hiz Chest in 1989, and the Level ov Karatti Black-Belt bruises he had for 9 months. You could only defend yourself with one side ov your body for months. . Hiz whole right side -(legs, thighs, ribs)- were bruised in different stages. Then they switch to only the other side for use another 9-months. But He waz into it. I thought this iz real brutal discipline that takes commitment. Jonathan could go right into instant attack if He did not like the situation being unfair, unjust, or if He waz Spooked. He gets so serious, He iz not listening. He iz Planning. But what I admired waz hiz ability to approach the Problem with silence and a calm approach. In a instant recoil. Perfect reflexes. I then Introduced Jonathan to Larry Van Horn. (another member). We are all excentric in Our own ways. Larry waz a fucking Great character …They got together well. Both historians and Philosophers and making Musick for Inner-X-cassette releases. I Think a very High point in their life. They both: SEVEN FROM LIFE-Larry and JONATHAN BRILEY released some serious Musick others will never forget. ~

SLEEPCHAMBER~ Mescaline Dreams Live 1989 DVD
JONATHAN from Shehamforash ! video on MORE THAN YOU BARGIN FOR -(VHS 1989)
SPELLBONDAGE 1987 Postcard

JONATHAN BRILEY -Lizard Lounge 1988 by Sue Chopelas

When SLEEPCHAMBER performed Live with-Jonathan Briley it featured line ups that included Larry Van Horn, Malcolm Smith, Eugene Difrancisco, Tione, Arthur Woznick, Laura Chopelas, and John Zewizz.

JONATHAN BRILEY -(complete works/ Box Set CDs)-

I am continiously approached by Lables and Individuals requesting to release something from the Inner-x-Musick back catalogue from 1980’s and 90’s for Re issues. (CD/cassettes). I kinda lost this request for a COMPLETE WORKS CD-BOX SET by JONATHAN BRILEY . I waz happy to see it released. I really feel that it waz overdue. I’m so glad hiz admires finally showed their admiration for Him and this unique Musickal release. . Like No Other. The JONATHAN BRILEY cassettes were Mastered from Jonathans Reel-to-Reel 4-track to a high bias cassette then I would master it from there to a Digital Cassette Master. Copies were run from this Original DAT Master. Amazingly the Released c-60’s maintained their quality. This release iz a ‘Must’ for any collector. The packaging iz also top shelf. Showing the original covers ov the cassette releases. While we are here. All first 100 copies had Color covers. Others are bootlegs and copies.

The Box-Set Release maintains all the quality and guts JOHATHAN BRILEY taunted. Although Jonathan played an important role while a member ov SLEEPCHAMBER hiz solo cassettes can not be underestamated. They reflect a complete cycle ov hiz Musick.

JONATHAN BRILEY- Street Gods-Street Violence (‘Mountains of Madness’ cassette) 1986

Jonathan suggested the Title for the LIVE @ GROUND ZERO vinyl LP-(Limited Numbered to 1000) 2/28/89 “SHARP SPIKES AND SPURS”. Featuring Eugene Difrancisco, Jonathan, Tione, Larry van Horn and myself. LP Songs-(Fetish, That’s Romance, Site ov Pain-Site ov Pleasure, Odoratus Sexualis, Ov this Flesh, Mandrax & Stryax, Kiss the Whip, The Light Pours Out ov Me). The cassette C-90 and VHS tape contain the complete performance,

Limited Edition 1000 Numbered Copies /Live vinyl LP. Features SITE OV PAIN & THATS ROMANCE by Briley 1989
SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Site ov Pain-Site ov Pleasure” (GROUND ZERO 1989) from SHARP SPIKES & SPURS VHS release.


Back Cover to SLEEPCHAMBER ~”Spellbondage” 1987 vinyl LP- (autographed)-


SLEEPCHAMBER~ Presence ov theee Magus-(0fficial video)- 1989

JONATHN came up with the title SATANIC SANCTION az he also suggested the “SHARP SPIKES & SPURS” title (Lmd. Live LP)-. He played a bigger part in SATANIC SANCTION-(MMM Records 1989)- than on the SEXMAGICK RITUAL-(Trinity Records 1987)- release. It waz released on MMM Records-Italy on vinyl LP-(Flat finish cover/1st issue) & (Shinny finish cover 2nd issue) in 1989 along with a VHS video ov colorized videos ov saturated feedback and themes. Many simple subliminal images. The first Musick rekordings were done at Inner-X-Studio in 1988. Before brought to Newbury Sound Studio in Boston for 24 track mastering. Arranged and produced by Jeff Dovner. There waz a point where I wanted more lower EQ Bass drums. But Jeff claimed that the ‘higher-end’ percussion would be a better production. I did the videos for SIRKLE ZERO and SATANIC SANCTION. (there are 2-video versions ov OV THIS FLESH, 2-vesions ov PRESENCE OV THE MAGUS-(an 18 minute one). and (2 versions ov POISON).


SLEEPCHAMBER~” Prescription “-(0fficial video)- 1989
JONATHAN BRILEY @ Worcester Performance Center 1989
JONATHAN BRILEY~ Nux Vomica -(Musica Vanenae- International Industrial cassette compilation)-1985
SLEEPCHAMBER~ Ov This Flesh -(0fficial video)_

SLEEPCHAMBER~ Reality Revealed
SLEEPCHAMBER~ Nessus -1987

I found this on BITCHUTE. I waz quite surprised that many see Jonathan az a real satanic Individual. When he iz more ov a philosopher and poet.

JONATHAN BRILEY- Shamhamforash -(video on Nexist ‘aths’Xend)–(fan video)- 2020
JONATHAN BRILEY~ Heaven Sounder Sweeter All the Time-(edited video)-all X-rated clips removed.


You Tube JONATHAN BRILEY Playlist ~

SLEEPCHAMBER~ Flesh on Flesh-(AXIS 89)

SLEEPCHAMBER~ Weapons ov Magick -(Live AXIS 1989)

SLEEPCHAMBER~ Weapons ov Magick

SLEEPCHAMBER~ Mass ov the Dervish-(official video)-

SLEEPCHAMBER~ Presence ov the Magus-(official video)-

SLEEPCHAMBER~ Site ov Pain-Site ov Pleasure-(Live)

JONATHAN BRILEY Played on the following SLEEPCHAMBER Releases: Sexmagick Ritual, Satanic Sanction, Sirkle Zero, Spellbondage, Sleep or Forever Hold Your Piece, Sharp Spikes and Spurs, Sirkus and others.


JONATHAN BRILEY~ “I am My Own Redeemer” (C-90)-private INNER-X-Cassette and Booklet- 1995

A Promo ov 100 copies ov a release to see what JONATHAN BRILEYS popularity waz before releasing the CD ov the same title. It includes more material than the CD.

TRAX INCLUDE: -(1985-1990) ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… WHIMPERING WAILS OV WOE.. THE HUNTER.. VORTEX -(SleepChamber version)- .. SITE OV PAIN-SITE OV PLEASURE -(original)- .. REQUIEM TO A SMALL BLIND BOY … FOR SHILING-(The 120 Days)- … SHEMHAMFORASH ! … KISS OV THE WHIP-(aka BLOODFUCKING)- … PRESCRIPTION -(SleepChamber /alternate version)-… SYMPHONY TO THE BLACK FIELDS … THE LONG THIN LINE BETWEEN A WHISPER TO A SCREAM -(aka THE LONG THIN LINE)- SITE OV PAIN-SITE OV PLEASURE-(SleepChamber Live from Palace Roads bootleg LP)- TO BAUDELAIRE … THE LAST TIME WE MADE LOVE … THE END OV IT ALL -(aka AN END TO IT ALL)- Noted az last track he rekorded.


This Collection waz put together by people working at INNER-X-MUSICK at the time. I requested that they put together a collection ov material from all hiz Inner-X-Musick I could choose from for a CD release. This cassette package waz the precursor ov a CD ov the same title. Some thought it important to include Jonathans contributions with SLEEPCHAMBER az an important part ov hiz Musickal history on the release. Although not stated in the package listing ov the trax, they are noted here. So that the material iz not assumed to be hiz solo work. They are some ov hiz important Musick while being an official member ov SLEEPCHAMBER. I will admit that I have met more educated supporters ov Jonathans recently than the ones who were in charge ov this fine and original concept. Jonathan had provided me with an assortment ov items over the years. An interesting piece were hiz KORG-Monopoly synth settings for “The Pain ov Sleep” and footnotes.

The package iz simple yet an important part ov hiz historical efforts in Industrial Musick. Obviously there were other trax I wanted to include. But projects like this can bekum endless unless you decide with your first choice. Another page included the below submitted info by Jonathan himself. -(PACKAGE LAYOUT by Brex Green).

JONATHAN BRILEY~ Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion

INSPIRATIONS: Life, death, living, Adolf Hitler, Friedrich Nietzsche, Anton Levey, Marques de Sade, William Burroughs, Oswald Spengler, Salvador Dali, Nurse with Wound, Tangerine Dream, The Dark Brothers Films, Mishima, Heinrich Himmler, El Topo, Salo, John Zewizz, Larry Van Horn, Surrealism, F.F. Coppola, Clockwork Orange, JG Ballard, William Reich, DISLIKES: Organized religions, Manson, Jim Jones, disorganized cults, modern Nazi fools, Thomas Thorn, Political pigs, bugs, insects, spicy foods, ignorant people, know-it-alls. wimps, geeks, fuck-ups, the masses. LIKES: Jonathan-(My Son), Mary-(My Wife), karate, books, movies, musick, surrealism, group sex, S&M, B&D, body building, weapons, writing. INTERESTS: karate, death-sport, writing, musick, hand-to-hand fighting. READING: anything by Mishima, anything by Nietzsche, Spengler, JG Ballard, Levey, or William Burroughs. Any surreal novels, sadism, masochism, William Reich. Anything on death, early or hardcore porn, S&M stories. OTHER: A LEO sign, haz tattoo ov “Way ov the Fist’ right upper arm, “Death Dragon” on left upper arm.