I will try to bring The Inner-X-Audience what Rarities and info on them I can. This page will be updated least ov all. There iz only few items people are interested in obtaining. Sometimes the Liner Notes are ov notice. I’ll date & credit what I can.

I’m attempting to offer FULL SHOWS and Original Video releases UNavailable anywhere else. Please Remember theze Videos are for Ages 18+ Up. They are mature and for the adult enjoyment ov Musick and Erotick video. Some will be available ONLY HERE. And depending how hard it iz to go from VHS and Sony Digital upload to a File I’m hoping for someone to assist. That knowz I’m at or in need for digital assistance.

First Small-Run True Reissue. Run off direct Master. (NEXT MONTH) ~ Video sample below

The first DVD iz “LIVE AT THE LIMELIGHT WITH THE BARBITCHUETTES” 1994 (No Over editing)- …Most ov the Show iz shot by one Camera. Half dozen high shots. Yet, I think it captured SLEEPCHAMBER and Their BARBITCHUETTES at their Best. 2 Songs I would have cut …but you would have missed KISS THE WHIP. Its just a Rare and Atmospheric type ov Performance. Feeling affected ov where everyone wants to let go. Sometimes your animal sexual sense needs to feel Free. From it all. Real Reality iz what we all fight. Every day… some … All day Everyday… , AN EXHIBIT ov RARE FINDS ~ A SPECIAL THANX to You Underground Channels that Pop up Some ov My Musick on line. MY RESPECT~ (J.Z.)

SLEEP CHAMBER~ Best ov the Rest -(12 live cassettes in small cassette box). 100 made and numbered. Material iz a combination ov Soundboard tapes and local FM live broadcasts from the early 1980’s..

https://www.discogs.com/release/1288655-Sleep-Chamber-Best-Ov-The-Rest DISCOGS Song listing ov BEST OV THE REST -(12 cassette Box Set)-


SLEEPCHAMBER~ 696 -Private Issue CD./100 made. Theme being a ritual/electro piece from 1986, 1996, and lastly one track from 2006. All Unreleased. It waz a pet project ov a fellow Brad. The Musick waz sitting around. It needed little mastering. It waz complete in a month. (7/2009)
SLEEPCHAMBER-(696 CD) Trax::: SACRAFICE-(1986), INSOMNIA-(Zewizz solo/2009), BLOOD ov BLOOD-(2006)-


STRAY CAT FLESH-(USA bootleg)- Various-Studio Sessions and Mastered Demos. -(2013)-
STRAY CAT FLESH- Take #1 & #2 /(Rolling Stones cover~ “Stray Cat Blues”)

Other than the rehearsal ov STRAY CAT FLESH-(2007)- theze were the first trax rekorded by the Band Line-Up ov -(Bob Avakian-Percussion, Gimme”Sparks-Guitar, John Zewizz-Vocals). Archived for the STOLEN SLEEP CD -(2009)-

. The rest ov the material iz master remixes and in between rehearsals for “WAY OV THE FLESH” -(John Zewizz-Vocals, Ashley Swanson-Guitar, Arthur Woznic-percussion & synth) Gearing up for the 1982 LEATHER & LUST TOUR ov California.
SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Way ov the Flesh” Studio Rehearsals 1990 ~#1
SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Way ov the Flesh” Studio Rehearsals 1990 ~ #2


SOME GODZ NEVER DIE-(bootleg)- Studio Sessions for the SOME GODZ DIE YOUNG SESSIONS 1995
Original 1st Version ov NIGHTSHADE w/waves. / INFATUATION-(Dubs)-
Studio Jamming and NIGHTSHADE-(take #3)

There are 2-versions ov this bootleg CD~ SOME GODZ NEVER DIE. Same Covers. One version contains MONKEYMAN, SILVERMOON, Rehearsals and a different version ov UNDERTOW. The quality iz great on both unofficial releases. I don’t mind admirers releasing a favorite show or event, on a CD or Vinyl. They are not THE REAL SHARKS ! If I waz sent a copy ov your bootleg releases. It would be even better. ~


SLEEPCHAMBER~ STOLEN SLEEP -(Inner-X-Records)- 2009 / Featuring BOB AVAKIAN, GIMME”SPARKS, JOHN ZEWIZZ and ZORA. (Cover by KAY TUE. Layout by BRAD MILLER). UNRELEASED Instrumental- “Meet … Anubis”. A leftover track that really got misplaced. when it came to BOB AVAKIAN Mastering the CD he searched for it everywhere.. (Below).

SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Meet … Anubis” (Unreleased)-2009
SANCTUARY -(Unreleased Track)- from STOLEN SLEEP CD -2009

The 1st track rekorded for The STOLEN SLEEP CD waz “La Mort”. Rekorded 12/2005. This track waz just not chosen to be included on the CD Release.-(Unreleased)- When we started to plan out SLOLEN SLEEP it waz going to be about The 4-Horsemen, Lucid Dreaming and Reapers. The songs just followed the inspiration ov the Title. There waz a track called “4-Horsemen”. It ended up az the Musick for “Spy vs Spy” on John Zewizz 2012 solo CD on Old Europia Cafe Records-Italy. Lyrics were changed and a different production. Yet there exists a “4-Horsemen” song by SLEEP CHAMBER in outtake quality. It waz lost when THE OFFICIAL SLEEP CHAMBER FAN PAGE waz deleted by U-Tube along with other Unreleased Musick.

SLEEPCHAMBER~ “La Mort” (2009 Unreleased)-


MORE INFO to Follow in the Next Posts.

SNAKEBITE~( U.K. bootleg Live CD)- Novelty rubber snake waz included. Small run, Hard to find. Sound quality iz not the best. MIDDLE EAST Show 7/13/1994/ Songs Include: MONKEYMAN, NIGHTSHADE, CATWOMAN, COCKWORK, WAY OV THE FLESH, ANAKONDA, ANIMAL MAGNETISM, NO ONES HEART BEATS HARDER, BESIDE DANNAE, SNAKEBITE, SALOME, COBRA HEARTBEAT, KISS THE WHIP. (Complete 1994 Show).
A collection ov Rare and Underground releases on Inner-X-Musick and bootleg releases. Part ov the hundreds ov releases by John Zewizz and other artists.
SHADOW SPIRITS-(bootleg CD) Ritual /tribal FM & Studio instrumentals / 1984-1990.
TRAX for SHADOW SPIRITS-(bootleg CD)-Rare audio Ritual musick 2001
SLEEPCHAMBER~ AzA Moon -(unreleased track from SIRKLE ZERO CD-1990). Included on bootleg CD “SHADOW SPIRITS”. The material iz all instrumentals from Radio & Studio. (Great Quality).
SLEEPCHAMBER~ The Vision & Voice- (The RAT Club-3/24/85) featured on SHADOW SPIRITS bootleg CD.
SLEEPCHAMBER~ Studio alternatives -( Sex Hex 23) Bootleg CD.. (material ranges from SIAMESE SUCCUBI 1992 demos to another version ov THE LEFT SIDE from the follow up CD SLEEPING SICKNESS 1994.). adding song list ~
SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Cockwork” Studio Versions 1993
Bootleg Cassette -(Material Unknown)-
A CD-in a Box Set. Strictly Limited / 2-Versions. (First 10 were Prerelease copies/signed by JOHN ZEWIZZ).

This waz put together by a few girls in the studio. It waz their idea. “SOUNDTRAX” and it can be all Soundtrack Musick ? … I said “Sure” … but their project…. with Brad Miller. There are a few really rare trax on it. I waz happy with its release. But we also had other CDs being released at the same time. I know we only sold it for about 2-months. No reorder. Now, a bitch to find. Be careful ov bootleg copies. I’ll post up original label and info. Its so eazy for people to copy our black and white covers. I’m trying to keep all covers ‘Glossy’. I understand …if you can’t get it … you got to get the next best thing. -(a Good copy)- Then you got those elite collectors that are so serious, Originals, Mint, Oddities. And sure can afford to take their Interest az serious az it gets. FULL RESPECT ~ ……. You only Live for a few short years. Live Life to its Fullest. Serious People are Hip to just how Special The way You Live your Life really matters. Theze next trax were planned or are on the SOUNDTRAX CD. (Line-Up: John Zewizz, Jonathan Briley, Arthur Woznic).

SLEEPCHAMBER~ Black Mask -(1990)
SLEEPCHAMBER~ 888-Retitled later -(1990)=


Backstage ARMBAND -official 1993- NEW YEARS EVE
7″ Vinyl single issued with 5-Postcards FRONT
7″Vinyl single. BACK
Sensory-Overload Video played at early SLEEP CHAMBER shows. Released in 1987
SLEEP CHAMBER~ Sleep Sanatorium” (Complete cassette Soundtrack) 1987
SLEEP CHAMBER~ Sleep Sanatorium (Video Excerpts) includes Light Scopes, Dream Machine and ETC !-(1987 VHS Video)-
5000 RED Made / 500 BLACK made
First 100 Issued with a TAROT DECK
MESCALINE DREAMS-Worchester Mass- 1989 -(DVD)-
KISS THE WHIP~ Worchester 1989 -(From DVD)- We ran out ov songs. So, we did KISS THE WHIP twice. No one cared, not even us.
Bootleg Canadian VHS Video 1986-(Flesh on Flesh-X-Rated)-and a video for “The Evil Within”
Original Cover VHS Video 1987-(All Videos by John Zewizz except for IDF-(Mortality) “Regression”
Back Cover Info Philosophy quote by John Zewizz
INNER-X-MUSICK VHS Video compilation tape 1990. (75% ov Videos by John Zewizz) See Listing ov artists on DISCOGS Link below.



INNER-X-MUSICK -(Aka Triple X Records)- XXX-LP-1 THE OBLIQUE COLLECTION (Vinyl LP) Produced by John Zewizz. 8/1983. Within 6-months-(1984)- waz Reissued with printed cover. Both shown below. First issue waz only 200 Copies. Artist Include: SLEEP CHAMBER~ Freak Accident, Dream Distillate. HIDIOUS IN STRENGTH~ Self Wheel, Barby, Life of Sussain, DOKUMENT~ Stupor. SLEEP CHAMBER~ Under the Green Sky, DOKUMENT~ Hand in Hand. DAZE OF TRANCE~ Incidence. HIDIOUS IN STRENGTH~ Nun with a Gun. DAZE OF TRANCE~ The Surgeon. (All artist are incestious to each others Musick project) HIDIOUS IN STRENGTH iz a solo electronic project by John Zewizz and at times includes other artists. Malcolm Smith ov DOKUMENT joined SLEEP CHAMBER in 1983 to sometime in 1986 where he waz in some Live events. Eugene Difrancisco ov DAZE OF TRANCE joined SLEEP CHAMBER in sometime in the early 80’s and haz been an ‘0fficial’ fluid member being involved in many SLEEP CHAMBER releases and waz in the 1992-LEATHER & LUST TOUR ov California. He iz also working on the 2023 planned SUCCUBUS CD Release.

FIRST PRESSING -(200 Copies) 1983
Second Issue -(1984)-
SLEEP CHAMBER~ Dream Distillate 1983
SLLEEP CHAMBER~ Palace Roads Theatre-(Mass College ov Art) 1986 -Bootleg vinyl LP -(2nd Show)-
1992 LEATHER & LUST TOUR Bumper-Sticker
1985 7″ 45rpm single -(1000 Numbered only)-Inner-X-Records
1985 Plastic Card-handbill



Bootleg vinyl LP- Live @ AXIS-Boston 1989. -(Audience Rekording)-


Bootleg vinyl LP- LIVE @ THE CHANNEL 1985 -(Soundboard Rekording)
White Label Promo Copy SLEEP OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PIECE vinyl LP 1990 -(25 made)-
BABYLON -12″vinyl EP-(Test Pressing with cover slick) 1-only 1986
CUCKOO COCK / REALITY REVEALED -(7′ vinyl /10 color Picture Sleeves-(Private)- 1995

7″ PICTURE DISC ov Above -(100 made) 1995
Bootleg CD- Possibly same az SALAMANDAR CD
First SLEEP CHAMBER Vinyl 7″ EP 1982

A;so known az SALAMANDER” (bootleg CD) Track #15 iz from 1990-91 (New Years Eve)-Not 1993
WHEN THE WHIP KUMS DOWN -(Soundboard tape) Info wrong track iz from 1990/91 New Years Eve.
MARTYRS OV MAYHEN -(1996 Studio Outtake)-
BESIDE DANNAE -(Studio Demo)- Darline Victor, Ashley Swanson, John Zewizz / 1993


SMACK- Live @ THE CAGE-Allston- 4/6/1989. -(Rumored quality to be not so good)-Bootleg

Back cover to SMACK bootleg Live CD @ THE CAGE 1989-(Complete Show)-


SEXMAGICK RITUAL -(German Funfundiverzig CD-Test Pressing) 1991

TEST PRESSING -(3-first run offs) 1995


JOHN ZEWIZZ-2012-( Top/USA Version)-Inner-X-Musick CD -(100 Only) /Lower/-(Italian version-Old Europia Cafe-Italy-CD)
JOHN ZEWIZZ~ 2012 –(USA Mix first ) and 2012 -(Italy Mix)-Produced by John Zewizz
JOHN ZEWIZZ~ “I Want You”~(USA Version)-B&W Cover.
JOHN ZEWIZZ~ “I Want You” ~(Italian Version)- Color cover


LIEZ IN THE SKYZ-(demo) / SNAKEBITE-(Live) / SUBMIT TO DESIRE-(Live)= 100 made 1998 KLANGGALENE 7″ Vinyl 7″ EP
Numbered only 100 made . (#37 /100) `1998
SLEEP CHAMBER~ Original Musick for Mannequins -(c-60) Reel Box w/ Artwork -(100 only) 1984
PROMO ONLY – 23 CDs Made -(contained 3-Versions/ 2-Studio versions/ 1-Live from WBRS-FM Soundcheck-(2011 PROMO)-

Info on this Release~ https://www.discogs.com/release/2666074-Sleepchamber-Vinyl-Venom-Vixen


Unreleased Layout for CD~ SORCERY, SPELLS and SERPANT CHARMS release. 2008-2009. The Test Layout Musick contained different mixes and a different track. Original title waz just SORCERY.
CD Cover rejects
Chosen CD Cover rejected at last


Private Promo CD. John Zewizz & Band discussing STOLEN SLEEP CD 2009 -(For Radio Show)- Less than 5-Made.
Vinyl LP Release 230 Copies made. Not released on the CD waz LYNX, DREAMS ON THE RESPIRATOR, CLOUD ABOVE THE SANCTURY https://www.discogs.com/release/359190-Sleep-Chamber-Secrets-Ov-23


PROMO COPY-(Mini LP Remixes)- Promo Copies came with Stickers, Cards, Napkin and Plastic Lunchbox 1992
PROMO LUNCHBOX included with SIAMESE SUCCUBI Mini LP Remix 12″ (1992)-
SIAMESE SUCCUBI 12″Vinyl Mini LP / Remixes -(1992)-
10″ Vinyl LP-(1993)- includes “Hiz Satanic Majesties” & “Anita” -(Not on CD Release)- 1995
Inner-X-Musick Vinyl Compilation LP 1986
SLEEP CHAMBER~ “Eyez ov Torture” -(exclusive track from 1986 vinyl compilation)- Also released on the Inner-X-Musick cassette by SLEEP CHAMBER-“Flesh on Flesh”. A collection ov rare and compilation trax.
Double C-60 Cassettes w/small booklet. (Limited to 500 Copies)
SPELLBONDAGE 1987 vinyl LP Original “Scratch & Sniff” Sticker
Jonathan Briley C-90 cassette-(100 made w/booklet)-
Back sleeve & Label. 1980
Ad in BOSTON ROCK #1 (1980)-
FETISH GARDEN Cassette Box Set-(200 made) 1988
SLEEPCHAMBER~ Laytex Lover from 1988 cassette Box Set “FETISH GARDEN
JONATHAN BRILEY-Original Copy ov THE WILL TO POWER 1986-(All Inner-X-Musick/ Most all cassettes were issued with color xerox Covers). Some compilation cassettes were Not released with color xerox covers.
MANRAY “INFO Magazine” # 9 contained a 7″45rpm Vinyl single with the SLEEP CHAMBER unreleased track “LUST” on side two.
H-23 MAGAZINE Complete with vinyl 7″ EP/compilation includes- SLEEP CHAMBER~ “No Air, No Way-Dreams on the Respirator” 1989 Industrial Mag.
REISSUED in 1993 on SWEET DREAMS SWEET Cassette SLEEP CHAMBER compilation odd-ball trax.
Original 1984 First Vinyl LP release. (300 made)
3-CDs & 1-DVD ov Rare and Unreleased Material 2011-Bootleg

https://www.discogs.com/release/2728444-SLEEPCHAMBER-Sexbox Check Releases with DISCOGS INFO for Material on SEXBOX -(bootleg CD/DVD Box Set)-

Private CD-release by THE JOHN ZEWIZZ APPRECIATION SOCIETY. (Contains outtakes from John Zewizz solo CD track “INSOMNIA” & other Unreleased studio material from 2012)
From the INSOMNIA/SACRAFICE Private CD Release 2012
1983-GUT LEVEL ONE -Cassette compilation features ‘Live Version’ ov DREAM DISTILLATE.
1986 INNER-X-MUSICK cassette & book sleeve Compilation. Features exclusive material & interviews by SLEEP CHAMBER, WOMEN OF THE SS, JONATHAN BRILEY, 7-FROM LIFE, MAHCANIK and NOIZECLOT. Interviews with John Zewizz, Jonathan Briley, Lawrence Van Horn and Michael Moynihan. (Conversations). Very Rare and Impossible to Find.
1986 INNER-X-MUSICK cassette compilation. Theze are the only 2-trax that have been uploaded from this Rare release. Look at DISCOGS for additional info on contents ~

https://www.discogs.com/release/1128341-Various-6-Years INFO on “6-YEARS” cassette

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