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Currently Rekording Two New SLEEPCHAMBER Releases. (CDs). The First iz called : SUCCUBUS : It iz being Mastered using a Quartz Crystal Processing System. Much like the designs by NIKOLI TESLA in the transferring ov energy. This iz Not the Final SLEEPCHAMBER CD Release We were planning. That iz still in production stages. We were offered to Master SLEEPCHAMBER Musick with a ‘Quartz Crystal Processing System’ and this Musick waz closer to complete than the final SLEEPCHAMBER project that we were working on. Hopefully we can release both this year. SUCCUBUS iz closer to completion, so … the material will be released first. Hopefully Fall ov 2023.

The ratio ov hertz frequency iz really a new and exotick form ov Mastering for us. Its not just digital. It seems to have an energy source that you can physically feel. In isolation with headphones the sonic textures are a stereo translucent sound. We were interested in experimenting with Holophonic rekording and processing but waz offered a chance to use this Quartz Crystal Processing system. It processes the sound waves at a higher frequency ov conduction. There iz more ‘Factor to Conduction depth’. I waz amazed when I first listened to the Musick played back. On all different volumes and systems. My hearing iz respected az the best within every SLEEPCHAMBER Line-Up over the years. Especially in the studio when Mastering. Ya, you would think my ears would be blown out by now after the volumes and frequencies SLEEPCHAMBER haz performed with. Quite the opposite. I have always protected my ears in the Live performances. Instinctively ~

JOHN ZEWIZZ examining one ov the Quartz Crystals in use. (Inner-X-Studio- 2023) by Sandra Pepin
TUMBLER Stated it had “Sexual Content” … The Image iz being grabbed by A.I. alga-rhythm bots az Subversive Image.
SLEEPCHAMBER~ The Badge -(Shots Fired Version)- Instrumental Demo. (Lyrics to be added) Rekorded @ Inner-X-Studio 2020 -Mixed by John Zewizz. (SPIKE DEVITT-Bass / ZORA-Vocals & Programming / JOHN ZEWIZZ- Synths & Mastering)


This waz one ov the last mixes from the Studio demo. I titled it “Shots Fired Version” because ov the tapes used from the BLM Riots that were going on in the USA at the time. The tapes include Boston & Cambridge Police from a Police scanner. Since then, I have been remixing the Musick and am scrapping the Lyrics about the ‘Honor ov Police” and Law Enforcement. Politically too volatile for my taste. So, I changed the theme ov the track to another subject. You will have to wait to see what the Song haz evolved into. This iz Not SLEEPCHAMBERS Final release. This CD will contain Songs from 2015-2019. I Favored this piece ov material over the other Songs from this release. It just stuck in my ambient-trance-beat psyche.


SONGS BEING CONSIDERED: (All Being Processed with Quartz Crystal Mastering) :

  1. ……..SUCCUBUS -(Mix #1) ……..2) …..THE BADGE-(Working Title)…… 3)….ENCHANTMENT-(2023 Re-Mix) ……..4)….SUCCUBUS -(2023 Re-Mix) … 5)…MEDUSA -(2023 Re-Mix)……. 6)…..CAN YOU FEEL MY BLOOD ? -(Vampyress Song /Zewizz Vocals-2023 Re-Mix)…… 7)…..SUBMIT TO DESIRE -(Re-Make 2022)…. 8) ……SUCCUBUS -(Extended Mix) ……. 9)……LASCIVIOUS LATINA …..10) ….BANG-BANG -(2023 Version) …..11)…THE SPIDER & THE FLY-(Rolling Stones cover/ Featuring Genesis P-Orridge) ….12)… WITCHES TIT…. 13)…..JEZABEL….. 14)…..HER SNAKES……..15)….THE JEZABEL SPIRIT……16) …CATNIP ….
  2. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  3. MUSICIANS INCLUDE: Spike Devitt-Guitar & Bass guitars. John Zewizz-Synths, Tapes, Vocals and Mastering. Zora- Percussion, Vocals, Programming. Kay Tue- Percussion, Samples & Synths. Genesis P-Orridge- Piano. Eugene DiFrancesco- Guitar, Bass guitar, Percussion, Vocals. Adam from Disrupter-(Percussion & arranging)… (At this Time)- Other Guest Cameo additions possible.
EUGENE DIFRANCISCO @ Inner-X-Studio 2023 Rekording New SUCCUBUS CD- (by Paddy)-
John Zewizz with New Crystal Addition- “Dolphin-back” Quartz Crystal -(by Sandy)
JOHN ZEWIZZ & SPIRIT -(6-AM Inner-X-Studio) 2022 by PADDY


JOHN ZEWIZZ & CHRIS GREEN-(Gang Green)-2019 -(Problems)- by MARTIN DOYLE

When we first started rekording with the Quartz system I thought it waz only going to be a one shot deal. A Song or two. It takes hours to set up and test. There are frequencies in the 432 alpha Hz waves to 111 Low frequency drones. Sure to have a physical and mental experience. The Musick Hz waves are not constant. The sounds ov the Musick are processed through the Quartz spectrum analyzer and generated from the Quartz energy az a conduction to a compression Master. It will not induce a trance, only stimulate the alpha-brain waves ov neuropathic path levels ov the mind.

NIKOLA TERLA Testing Quartz Crystal Energy


The Musickal material haz been focused on the Unusual / Unnatural Female that iz superior in seduction, far more than a male. A Female who lacks the Virtue ov compassion ov any sense ov reference when it kums to Romance or Love. Theze Entities enchant most males without mercy. Their spirit and intention iz purely a personal selfish instinct ov Lust. They can never be domesticated or trusted. Their major drive iz sexual and seductive. They have No Control. A Lustful Spirit ov sexual power reins over their sexual drive. They can never be corralled or belong to another Lover. Males who are too eager or foolish to attempting to conquer end up broken hearted and emotionally scarred forever. Yet, something about theze Feral Females attract many good intentional males. Foolish and Egotistical. I have met theze ‘Jezabel Spirits’ and even the SUCCUBUS ov spirit. Most SLEEPCHAMBER Band members stay az far away az possible. For one reason or another. I on the other hand I have an attraction to theze deadly femme fatal entities. Even though I know they will break-my-heart and destroy-my-soul. Its got to be the sexual conquest lacking inhibitions. (Not Whores / Sluts)- Females who are just controlled by an overwhelming sexual drive, Lust and Animal Magnetism. Its a natural instinct in very few. (LYRICS)- ~ (First Crystal Mixed Master)-below.

SLEEPCHAMBER~Succubus -(Mix #1)- (Recorded at Inner-X-Studio 9/2019) SPIKE DEVITT-Guitar, /ZORA- Percussion / JOHN ZEWIZZ-Synths & Production. (Quartz Crystal Mastering).
JOHN ZEWIZZ After Rekording “SUCCUBUS”- 2019 by Jimi
SLEEPCHAMBER ~ “Catnip” -(Demo track)- 2019 Rekording to be included with SUCCUBUS-(2-versions)- CATNIP and CATFIGHT … All Mastered with Quartz Chrystal Processing -(2023)- Additional Info to Follow

New DEMO VERSION ov the Track “CATNIP” …. This iz a first rekording. It iz QUARTZ CHRYSTAL MASTERED. It still need Overdubs & Vocals. (John Zewizz-Synths, Bob Avakian Percussion Processing, Zora-Vocals )-Rekorded at Inner-X-Studio 10/2019.-(Photo: SIN with Squarky & Blacky)-2009 by John Zewizz

JOHN ZEWIZZ after Mastering “SUCCUBUS-2019 by Jimi
JOHN ZEWIZZ & SANDRA PEPIN -2033 by Martin Doyle
EUGENE DIFRANCISCO & JOHN ZEWIZZ -(Finishing Up Inner-X-Rekording) 2022 by PADDY

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: A B S T R A C T E X A M P L E S ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Enchantment” -(2015 version)- Being Re-Mixed and Crystalized for 2023

A Few Mixes on U-Tube exist. This version will be Remastered and Remixed. (Inner-X-Studio 2023) by John Zewizz. This waz a stray Track rekorded in 2015 when SLEEPCHAMBER planned on performing in Tel Aviv- Israel. (Cancelled). The Song iz digitally Mastered so processing it again through the Crystal Mastering should be OK but the Remixing from the start will take some time. Starting all over again. Yet, worth it. The New version will be very different than this version.



SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Medusa” (First Rekorded in 2013 @ Inner-X-Studio) New Version Re-Make with Vocals.

MEDUSA waz just in demo stage. It may or may not appear on SUCCUBUS. We will make it an effort to process it in the same sound style. Members on this track feature BOB AVAKIAN and GIMME”SPARKS. Overdubs ov guitar may be attempted by EUGENE DIFRANCISCO but BOB & GIMME will receive credit for arrangement and Musick.



VAMPYRESS- Can You Feel My Blood ? -(Zewizz & Peacock project 2016)- New Version Zewizz Vocals & Crystalized Production

CAN YOU FEEL MY BLOOD ? -A VAMPYRESS Song by Madam Peacock-Vocals & John Zewizz-Musick. We will remove the Peacock vocals and John Zewizz will cover the Song. Musick composed by John Zewizz. Production will be more prolific.



SLEEPCHAMBER~ Bang-Bang -2014 studio version. New Version Re-Make/Re-Mastered. (Lyrics the same)

BANG-BANG – Lyrics will stay the same. The Musick will be totally different. Although this Song stands up great for a Studio Demo its lost its Time period. I’m sure that the Remake will be much more modern in Sound and Production.

JOHN ZEWIZZ on hiz 68th Birthday- (Aug-15-3023) By Sandra Pepin
JOHN ZEWIZZ Exclusive Birthday Wish at 68 years old -(8/15/23)-

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