Lyrics & Song Writing


Song Writing within SLEEPCHAMBER iz unique if not obscure by natural Song writing skills. Obviously SLEEPCHAMBER Song writing iz far from traditional by any means. Most Songs written are by JOHN ZEWIZZ other than ‘Covers’ which range anywhere from Artists JAGGER/RICHARD-ROLLING STONES. DANIEL MILLER-THE NORMAL-(‘Warm Leatherette’). DEVOTO/SHELLEY/McGEOCH-(MAGAZINE)-‘The Light Pours Out ov Me’. MADONNA/CRAVATS- (‘Justify My Love’). ZEWIZZ/BRILEY- (‘Prescription’, Nessus’, ‘Her Second Skin’, ‘Mount the Moon’), BRILEY/LARRY VAN HORN- ‘Vortex’, (‘Site ov Pain, Site ov Pleasure’ & ‘Thats Romance’) by Jonathan Briley. / PEGGY LEE- (‘Fever’). by Zewizz





The Light Pours Out ov Me ~12″ Vinyl EP on Inner-X-Records (1992)- REMIX – IXRVR- 003
The Light Pours Out ov Me -(The Paradise Oct. 15, 1991)

SUBMIT TO DESIRE -(Zewizz) 1985

SUBMIT TO DESIRE :: iz the most popular release by SLEEPCHAMBER. The Cover alone reflects a style ov Musick and sexuality . In 1985 I launched this material not only to provide another style ov alternative Musick but to include a Individual culture that had its own view and taste. Far from what waz being programmed into you by commercial radio and TV. There iz nothing wrong with popular Musick. I enjoy all different styles ov Musick. SLEEPCHAMBER from the beginning haz always claimed that The Musick included a sexual and philosophical content. With an attitude ov “its for us, not them”. Side one iz a Song side. All rekorded at Newbury Sound Studio-Boston. The second side contains electronic instrumentals that are Tribal pieces. Which were rekorded from FM Live broadcasts in Boston. A-Side~ FETISH, SUBTERRANEAN SUBHUMAN, KUM KLEOPATRA KUM, SUBMIT TO DESIRE. / B-Side~ PRIESTESS, THE EMPRESS, ORAL MAZE, EROTIK APPARITION. (Songs not chosen for the LP release)- UNDER THE GREEN SKY, RAINDANCE, WARM LEATHERETTE. (All rekorded at Newbury Sound Studio-Boston)

FETISH – {SUBMIT TO DESIRE} -(Zewizz) 1985


Newbury Sound -Boston

A funny story on how the Lyrics to VORTEX were created. LARRY VAN HORN had been writing this and ended up throwing it away. JONATHAN BRILEY took it out ov the trash and said ..”This iz Fucking Great”. I seen him making changes and adding to the Lyrics. Within the same session at Newbury Sound Studio. VORTEX went from an instrumental to having Lyrics. I added some deep rrrrrraahhhhh moaning back vocals and it waz finished faster than any other ov the Songs on SPELLBONDAGE. Other than JONATHAN BRILEYs “Site ov Pain-Site ov Pleasure”… I wrote the rest ov the Lyrics to SPELLBONDAGE Songs in the Studio at the same time we were rekording . Basic time for rekording and completing a Song waz 8-10 hours each. (Musick, Singing, Overdubs) Mixing never took more than another 10-hours). A full session at Newbury Sound. Unless we did more than one version. This waz the way I wrote Lyrics in 1987. Since then, it takes weeks to compose a Song now. Then you got to arrange the Lyrics to a Song. I write the Song first. No Musick. After I complete the Lyrics I pick an Instrumental to arrange the Lyrics to the Musick. If the rhythm ov the Lyrics fit into an Instrumental I then arrange the Lyrics in harmony to the Song. We have had demos where a Song had different Musick. This iz common way ov writing and arranging the Musick in SLEEPCHAMBER. Most Songs. But not all.

VORTEX {SPELLBONDAGE} (Briley/Van Horn) 1987


Jonathan Briley had previously written a version ov this Song on hiz first cassette he brought to My record shop and Cassette label and distribution. It waz ‘Darker Profits’ C-60 cassette (1986) I Liked hiz style. Jonathan waz hanging out with SLEEPCHAMBER members and the Fetish groupies. Hiz image waz Respected and Feared. It waz the Muscle I needed around the Band. Hiz shyness grew off and he wanted Full In on joining SLEEPCHAMBER. There waz an attraction to him because ov hiz Alpha stance. Jonathan’s only weakness – (Coffee, he would drink 20+ cups a day and had to Stop). WE were Blood-Brothers. Sealed. When other Band members-(2)- turned against Me and bad-mouthed Me to Jonathan, they Assumed they Won a fantasy homo-erotick Relationship with Jonathan. I went to Harvard Square to meet up the 2-members who quit. Stole some Jonathan Briley Masters and tried to convince him how shallow and unfocused I waz. Me and Jonathan were too close and He asked Me not to Fight them. I waz ready. With a bag ov piss & shit …to enshrine the event. Angry I said OK. Neither Band member ever appeared on the Same stage az Jonathan. They quit in 1886 Jonathan joined in early 1987. I offered Jonathan a place in SLEEPCHAMBER- He waz a synth player. Especially after hearing hiz cassette version ov ‘Site ov Pain’ …Jonathan waz a Natural in SLEEPCHAMBER. The wining vanished claiming that I “Made Jonathan Cry” …waz pathetic. I Buried My Father in 1986 and Jonathan Briley guarded My back at all times. Az I have hiz. Warning :: Even though We are Both Alpha-Males We managed to except each other. Mystically SLEEPCHAMBER had 1988-90 -(Jonathan Briley-Leo/ John Zewizz-Leo/ Laura Chopelas-Leo/ Eugene Difrancisco-Leo/Virgo-Cusp/ -SHARP SPIKES & SPURS- Live LP, Cassette and VHS tape. (1000 # copies made)- Band lasted 1-year. Splintered up when Jonathan left 1991. Laura yo-yoed back & forth. Mainly Live performances. Playing Sax or az a BARBITCHUETTE. Eugene Left and returned for the 1992 Leather & Lust Tour ov California. Joined by Arthur Woznic & Ashley Swanson. Using ‘Hired Guns’ for musicians iz tough. Everyone involved wants to be part ov the ‘Inner-Circle’ or part ov The SLEEPCHAMBER Family. Its not an eazy Club to run. Friendships are rare. Each Individual controls their out side Life. No one hangs together. Thats why when brought together they have respect and admiration towards each other. The formula iz volatile. I design the set SLEEPCHAMBER will be directing their energy and insight to.


SLEEPCHAMBER~ Site ov Pain, Site ov Pleasure -(excerpt AXIS-Dallas, Tx 8/1989 )



Most ov the time SLEEPCHAMBER members worked on the Musick. I did the arranging and mixing. Also Produced most all musick except for ARTHUR WOZNIC produced and mixed the JUSTIFY MY LOVE vinyl 45. Label design by ASHLEY SWANSON 1991. I mixed the ‘Dance Version’ for a later release on the SOPOR CD. The STOLEN SLEEP CD waz mixed and produced by BOB AVAKIAN. I waz in a detox at the time and waz not in the condition to focus on Musick.

PAUL ARNOLD & JEFF DOVNER Mastered the final Productions to SUBMIT TO DESIRE, SPELLBONDAGE, SATANIC SANCTION and parts ov SLEEP OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PIECE. There were never problems in the Studio with JONATHAN BRILEY. Both us being Leo-Alpha males, this could make decisions difficult, but never did. I obviously had issues with ARTHUR WOZNIC. It waz difficult for him to except a dictatorship in The Band. He never did. Arthur waz great at what he did with Synths, Mixing and Production. I even allowed Arthur to sing one ov hiz own Songs live. In the middle ov the Performance. It only lasted a year. A ‘Highlights’ piece ov footage that includes Arthur singing live. PARADISE-Boston -(below)-

SLEEPCHAMBER~ Paradise-Boston 7/13/91 -(highlights)-

. He waz from Russia and Culture egos constantly crashed between us. He had a 24 track studio at home. After producing JUSTIFY MY LOVE he rekorded himself singing it in Russian. To send home. I never got a copy. I waz lucky he let me hear it. Arthur waz very clever in the studio with getting just what he wanted. There iz a short clip ov Arthur singing at The Paradise Theater 1991. I let him try it out a few times. Then cancelled it.

I later made an alternate version to “Justify”. I boosted the Kick and brought in some Synths. Mixed it up a bit. It waz pounding in the Studio ~

SLEEPCHAMBER ~ Justify My Love -(Fetish dance mix)-

There are 2-different versions ov the ‘0fficial video’ for JUSTIFY MY LOVE. Slight visual editing. Both are B&W. I waz working on VHS Camera’s & VHS Editing. Boost the color, so I did not loose texture in the Master. -(VHS)- It waz actually released az a ‘Video single’ with the early version from 1986 -NO ONES HEART BEATS HARDER-(0fficial video)-(flip to Justify 45). Strange product. We did sell about 1000. I filmed the Video in one day with an early BARBITCHUETTE Line-up. We got drunk and had a great time. It waz really fun. This waz really kind ov the first 0fficial BARBITCHUETTE Line-up. They stayed Loyal and lasted. (Laura, Laura, Mimi, Larissa, Gabby, Martina). Pix by John Zewizz 1990 ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’

SLEEPCHAMBER~ Justify My Love -(0fficial video)- #2


Some engineers feel it important to constantly try different effects on every track. Instead ov knowing what you want: Reverb, Delay or whatever on a track, they waste time shuffling through all the different effects seeing what ‘sounds good’. At times loosing a Song. Arthur always knew what he wanted. And sure had a bitch about :hiz version. Arthur waz good in the Studio. Hiz main Drum trax are on the SLEEP OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PIECE-(LP, CD, DVD) 1990 – Like ~ DOMINATRIX, SNAKEBITE-(1st version), EL TOPO, A BETTER WAY, SKULDUGGERY. Arthur also worked on the SIRKLE ZERO release. (Mixing & Mastering). Synth too. But he came from the DJ era. People were calling us ‘disco’. I knew it waz not. Any true Musickal journalist that start out with ” ..Apparently. Actually, or Obviously ” are shallow in thought. (Sarcastic)- not having the creative experience to do anything but Compare SLEEPCHAMBER Musick to something that reminds them ov some other band or Musick.. How Deep ?. Skills that don’t know …… that people like to decide for Them self. No 0ffence …

Arthur waz from old Russian stock. He had a 4-foot pony tail on just one side. It waz hidden most ov the time. I don’t know if it stands for hiz Tribe in Russia or Not. It waz important to him for sure. He waz a bit over Religious, and instantly started to assume I waz satanic and evil. Once he thought that, He would never change hiz mind. I teased him a lot in good fun. It waz just too eazy. Hiz accusing Me ov all crazy stuff. Its fucking funny. We had fist-fights and arguments about everything. From the studio to mixing Musick, to Girls, to hiz image in the videos.). Crazy Ruski… We always sent Arthur to collect our pay. He waz like the nut in “Trainspotting” film. He waz in SLEEPCHAMBER from `1989-1992. I know that our adventures together were hiz Best. Last time I seen him We were landing in Logan Airport -Boston 1992, And everyone hated each other. Badly. Me especially. Every one hates their boss. Never failed to complete a Performance. the SLEEPCHAMBER History Knights Him az 0fficial. ARTHER WOZNIC died sometime in 2000. He had a heart defect. A hole in hiz heart. He waz not really a drug person. He waz not even a ‘drinker’ either. R.I.P. -{Arthur Woznic}

BFVF STUDIO-Boston 1989

JUSTIFY MY LOVE -aka- JUSTIFY MY LUST -(Madonna / Cravats) {7″Vinyl 45} 1991




It iz True that I wrote theze Lyrics in two lucid dreams. Consciously I had problems ov maintaining My existence in being Aware that I waz dreaming. This took constant attempts. I found an access to that part ov My Insight. Usually when the awareness that you are dreaming iz observed you naturally wake up. Why ? What iz this response ? In this situation you have to maintain how to ‘Surf’ your dream. How to stay In-Your-Dream. This takes training. Consciously directing your Dream-state takes skills that we are never encouraged to imagine. With DREAM DISTILLATE I felt like a ‘Cat Burglar’ (Meyow). I followed patterns ov My life and how it waz connected to the Dreams. I Dreamed that I waz collecting abstract information-(Literally)- to transfer such information to my consciousness. Dreams contain uncertainty, distress and curiosity among other emotional threads. Capturing an emotional piece ov yourself and removing it from your Dream can only be accomplished by Reflection*. All haz to be preplanned. (You have to consciously know what your intent iz). When the awareness that you are dreaming bekums obvious, Relax, be open to the Dream. You wake up because a natural response sparks within your Insight, waking you in a transfer from one existence to another. (why you recall parts ov your Dream). The Transfer*. Programming this Transfer to the ability to direct the exchange to consciousness. Not only remembering but control also. I have never had a disruption or nightmares after learning how to understand My Dreams. Training your subconsciousness iz not eazy. Yet, its not az difficult az it seems. It iz Serious. Know this~ The practice ov understanding your Dreams haz a direct reflection on your Personality. ‘Surfing’ makes you more aware ov your opinion, your confidence and your faults. The Courtroom ov the mind. This iz a state ov Enlightenment. No Liez or denial can exist here. Confusion ? Sure. This iz where you get to challenge your mind and your process ov understanding. (Not without a focused agenda). Your agenda must be detailed. Its not a trick. It iz not simple. Start by observing your images. Az images are more powerful than logic here. Logic haz no ability to maintain focus (yet)-Obviously. That’s why your Dreams are ‘weird’. First step iz to keep a ‘Dream Diary’. Much like in the practice ov Magick, a ‘Magick Diary’ iz paramount for you to keep track ov your intention and what results may contribute to your Dream Agenda. Start simple. Results are quite amazing. You will later get frustrated because you are still unable to direct the Kaos trapped in your subconscious. Training takes discipline. After adapting the ability ov understanding your abstract emotional activity you will maintain a power ov ability. Those who are not confident or are disabled by fears ov failure are ones that have no Control ov their trust in them self and others. They lack the ability to process conscious energy. In most cases their energy gets misdirected and builds a wall inside their mind ov unsafe and uncertain possibilities. Which evolves into Fear. (Another Page in Progress). Will continue this Process ov analyzing and empowering your Individual Soul. You are either someone or you are no one. Simple. Check this site for upkuming Page : (“ENCHANTMENT” …Where we will dream and Understand.)~




SOME GODZ DIE YOUNG waz going to be the Last CD by SLEEPCHAMBER in 1997. It waz popular enough that some ov the leaked Musick showed up on Bootlegged CDs ov Studio sessions and Song outtakes. There were at least two different bootleg CDs with the clever title : SOME GODZ NEVER DIE. Getting copies waz impossible. I waz lucky to get one ov the two. I still am searching for the one with MONKEYMAN and ONLY AN ANGEL outtakes. (Below)-SOME GODZ DIE YOUNG-(Full CD) / SOME GODZ NEVER DIE-(outtakes bootleg CD) SOME GODZ DIE YOUNG-(EP-CD-Remixes) Many ov you Assume I have a Copy ov Everything. I have much. And I have holes in My collection I would like to complete. Trades Welkum ~


Another early version exists ov this Song. An ‘0fficial video’ also. It waz rekorded at Newbury Sound in 1989 and made it-(edited)- to the flip side to the “Justify My Love” vinyl single. The Lyrics are slightly different.


THE NUN -(Fetish Convent) -{SPELLBONDAGE} (Zewizz) 1987


A SMALL GIRL -{SOPOR} (Zewizz) 1994

SOPOR CD-EP. -Itchy Bitchy, Seconal Shuffle, Flesh on Flesh-(remake), No Ones Heart Beats Harder-(remake)- Justify My Love-(remake)-, A Small Girl. 1995 Cover by Cynthia Von Buller. SOPOR iz another brand ov Quaalude.



This waz one ov the most emotional Songs I’ve ever written. I waz loosing the Love-ov-My-Life. The Unconditional Love that waz said to exist. I fought with Everything I could but failed to remember that she waz 10 years younger and had been introduced to ‘My World’. The possibilities were endless for her. Its sucks to be such a mad romantic. Its a state ov mind where you have the possibility ov enjoying Love and sanctuary. The Lyrics to SILVERMOON were so emotional to Me I could only sing it in the dark. With no lights. It made Me cry. It hurt to say the words. We only rekorded it about four times. Picked Take #1. Again, the Musick waz already rekorded. I picked this Song to sing the Lyrics to. It Magickly always fits. Because it iz done with reverence and sense. Very little arrangement went into the final Mastering. Some roto-toms and synth. I could tell it evoked emotion. Andrew Woolf & Craig Wein were amazed that it fit the drum track so well. They also noticed the emotion it had on Me singing it. Nothing waz ever discussed. LAURA- who the Song waz written intensely to did not respond az I had hoped. This only added to the drama ov singing it in Live Performance to her personally. We arranged a bar stool to be brought out to the stage. Where LAURA would sit and smoke a cigarette. Intentionally ignoring Me az I poured My heart out to her. She would act less than interested. Musickly, I had accomplished something I have yet to see any other Musician accomplish. I wrote a broken-heart letter to My Love. Sang it to her live in Performance. Reflecting real emotions to the person the Song iz about. LAURA- acted az I felt the response effected her. I Captured real emotion then presented it to the person it waz about. Real life imitating Art ~ SLEEPCHAMBER performed it a few times when it waz new. When Laura left the BARBITCHUETTES it waz taken out ov The Set. I waz surprised when We first did it live. People actually enjoyed it. This Song haz so much power to it because I contains parts ov My Soul I used for the insanity ov Love. I also added the phone message just to evoke more empathy from the listener. Between both the Lyrics & Message you are already bekuming emotionally intrigued. The melancholy Musick completes the packaged Heart Break and Sympathy iz understood az you relate to your fallen Love. It sounds real, because it iz Real ~




INSPIRATION -{First LP} (Zewizz) 1984


SPELLBONDAGE Vinyl LP 1987 Issued with Cherry Cheesecake “Scratch & Sniff” sticker.

ODORATUS SEXUALIS ~ Rekorded at Newbury Sound-Boston 9/1987

SLEEPCHAMBER ~ Odoratus Sexualis



I’m Inspired by your sanction. From my own foolish passion. INFATUATION – INFATUATION – INFATUATION An extended realm, part ov the scene. Part ov the intrigue. Nothing too discreet for my lovely bittersweet. INFATUATION – INFATUATION – INFATUATION From the silver to the silence, the wings on my back may cause an attack INFATUATION, INFATUATION, INFATUATION. A slave to the pain with nothing to gain. Devoted to a deadly oyster. Allured by my own INFATUATION … INFATUATION- INFATUATION- INFATUATION My virtuous fire flower. Burns me every hour. No place like home when you sleep alone. Your love iz like Poison. (Poison). INFATUATION- INFATUATION- INFATUATION. The seahorse she screams and haz eaten my dreams. Az all our secret moments are now lost …like tears in rain. Like tears in rain. INFATUATION- INFATUATION- INFATUATION ~


VIVISECTION – {First LP} -(Zewizz) 1984




One great instinctive depravity. And the one great instinctive revenge. For which no means are venomous enough or secret subtle or small enough~ I call it the one immortal blemish on the human race. When you ask ov emotional enchantment … I can only speak ov an insanity ov knowledge. Where my accomplishments have burst the realm ov reality. USE BLOOD…USE BLOOD…USE BLOOD…USE BLOOD…USE BLOOD …. Knowledge iz from the heart. I am the sperm bearer ov the Golden Cup. USE BLOOD ~

When I started rekording for My 2nd Solo CD. It waz going to be titled from a VIMEO notice I recieved from some behind-the-scenes filming. I guess it got popular fast and VIMEO deleted it stating “It waz too Sexually Stimulating” . I thought it would make a great release title. I rekorded from 2015-2018 some Solo demos to be put together and Mastered. Bob Avakian and Spike Devitt really worked hard. Most trax they assisted greatly on. Kay Tue also contributed to the next SLEEPCHAMBER CD Release. The first Song I did waz “FEVER” a Peggy Lee Song. Below iz some studio warming up.

Rekording Session for “FEVER” (2015) Zewizz solo

FEVER -(Originally by PEGGY LEE) -(Zewizz version) 2014

Never know how much I Love you, Never know how much I care. When you wrap your legs around Me, I get a FEVER that’s just not fair. FEVER- in the morning FEVER- all through the night FEVER- when you kiss me FEVER- when you hold Me tight Romeo and Julliette had pretty wild affair …when she wrapped her Tits around him He got a Fever he just couldn’t bear -FEVER -in the morning, FEVER-all through the night, FEVER- when you kiss Me, FEVER- when you hold Me tight. FEVER- when you soak My sheets. You give Me FEVER baby. Everybody got the FEVER- something we all know. FEVER is not such a new thing FEVER started long ago. FEVER-FEVER-FEVER – you give Me FEVER baby. Captain Smith and Pocahontas had pretty mad affair. When she wrapped her legs around him he got a FEVER that just waz not fair FEVER- in the morning FEVER-all through the night. FEVER-when you kiss Me. FEVER- when you hold Me real tight. Dracula and Belladonna had pretty bloodless love affair. When he stuck hiz teeth into her they had a bloody Love affair. FEVER- in the morning. FEVER- all through the night FEVER- in the morning. FEVER- every single night. FEVER- when you pee My bed. FEVER- what a lovely way to burn. FEVER- what a crazy way to burn …I got FEVER baby …FEVER, FEVER, FEVER ~

JOHN ZEWIZZ~ FEVER -(2014)- Video by KAY TUE
SUCCUBUS-Original Mix 2019

SUCCUBUS -(Zewizz) 2019

With the voice ov the Siren’s Song- She moves for Me to belong. Each others Soul ment to bond. SUCCUBUS SUCCUBUS SUCCUBUS ~ Ruby red Lips- Cherry red thigh highs. My sins are on fire- Laced with Lust and Desire. SUCCUBUS SUCCUBUS SUCCUBUS ~ Deploy the decoy- SUCCUBUS SUCCUBUS SUCCUBUS ~ My dreams are all in screams. Demon dreams ov lust ~ SUCCUBUS-SUCCUBUS ~ You toy so coy SUCCUBUS. Only to destroy ,only to destroy~ SUCCUBUS-SUCCUBUS ~ To control inside My Soul- SUCCUBUS SUCCUBUS SUCCUBUS ~ My sins are on fire- They’re laced with desire ~ SUCCUBUS SUCCUBUS SUCCUBUS Who can I trust trust ? Just SUCCUBUS, just SUCCUBUS, just SUCCUBUS ~ Demons dreams, all ov My screams. SUCCUBUS SUCCUBUS SUCCUBUS ~ Your control to to suck My Soul- SUCCUBUS SUCCUBUS SUCCUBUS ~ She got the Sirens song, She wants for Me to belong-our Souls will bond. SUCCUBUS SUCCUBUS SUCCUBUS ~


FETISH GARDEN -(Cassette Box & LP Box-Set 666)-(Zewizz) 1988

Mirror Mirror on the wall-Whos the fairest ov them all ? This iz Me and that iz you. She went on and on, her obsession waz insane. Self love waz obvious. Her selfishness. Touching and teasing, teasing and touching. Feeling herself…roaming every inch. She knew every inch. She knew how to persuade her own desire. The mirror waz her audience. She waz exposed. She had attention. She had her own attention that focused on her desire. She could be herself. She could be someone else or anything she wanted. Her long lusty fingers showed her where to go. Two fetish females observed her in front ov the mirror. And az they watched, they quietly spoke and caressed each other. While the masturbation mirror drew her in deeper and deeper. This three way mirror waz soon to bekum a diamond. For not only were theze fetish-beauties voyeuring but they themselves were also being watched. A small sound broke the romantic mood. This intrusion waz not taken lightly. The trespasser waz bound. And the trespasser waz gagged, harnessed and tied. They knew no restriction or restraint. Voyeurism iz a crime punishable by bondage. Az the trespasser bound and harnessed the fetish beauties took turns riding the trespasser and humiliating the trespasser and whipping the trespasser. By now the girl in front ov the mirror joined the two in the punishment ov the trespasser. But az one ov the riders noticed upon kuming too close to the mirror, something strange waz energizing from the mirror. There waz energy, there waz sound, there waz emotion kuming from the mirror. Az they stepped closed to the mirror there seemed to be a garden. A Fetish Garden … A Fetish Garden ~




Under the project name VAMPYRESS singer Madam Peacock and John Zewizz of Sleep Chamber have been working on something in the Studio. The music project is called VAMPYRESS. The mood and style of the music seems a bit of a gothic-electronic mix . They were really in the Studio a lot in the beginning. John told us that “We recorded about 6 Songs for VAMPYRESS. A few more to go “. assisting for one Song was BOB AVAKIAN. They worked on the Song -DR QUANTUM & MRS LOCUS. The Sessions lasted for 2-weeks. Much time waz spent on mixing vocal levels in such a high energy track. John did all the music and production in CAN YOU FEEL MY BLOOD. Together Bob and John worked hard on the DR Q Song. “Madam waz a joy to work with… I love her Vocals” – John Z.

The VAMPYRESS concept lasted about a year-2015-2016. Madam Peacock-(Vocals) , John Zewizz-(Synths, piano, mixing, Production), Bob Avakian -(Programming, Keys) SONGS Recorded :: Can You Feel My Blood/ Dr Quantum & Mrs Lotus/ Fever/ Madhouse/ DMT Directions/ I Cried When Bowie Died. INNER-X-PRESS RELEASE – Sept. 2 2016

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Starting in 2015 with the Song “Can You Feel My Blood “… An official video waz organized and produced by KAY TUE.-(Underground Night gasher ov Street sheeting). Elite Mystickal and modern abstract Artwork. Graffiti Hybrid. Also iz leader ov underground band NEUROPTIX. Haz also worked with the Newest SLEEPCHAMBER CD Release. KAY TUE haz also designed the CD Covers for STOLEN SLEEP (2009)-and SCOPOLAMINE-(2014).

VAMPYRESS~ Can You Feel My Blood -(official video)- 2016

The first Song CAN YOU FEEL… waz a SLEEPCHAMBER track I had sitting around. When producing the mix, I really think you can feel those treated synths. Like Snakes. We really spent a lot ov time, well I did. Miss PEACOCK told Me she could Sing. I hear this all the time. So we went into the Studio. She did CAN YOU FEEL MY BLOOD on one take. I waz astonished. We started rekording right away. The Concept fell apart for reasons that I don’t understand. Last Song rekorded an mixed waz I CRIED WHEN BOWIE DIED. I wrote the Lyrics. They are taken from Bowie songs and themes. I wrote it on the day Bowie died. Bowies death had an unexpected emotional impact on Me. I don’t know why. Since it waz so strong I wrote the Song. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I CRIED WHEN BOWIE DIED -(Vampyress-unreleased)-(Zewizz) 2016

Angry are the Fears. There’s Blood in My Tears. My Heart Tong Tied. Like God had Lied. I cried the day Bowie died. I cried the day Bowie died. Oh trashcan spaceman, You’re My Diamond Dog. The Reign ov the Lad Insane. In Stardust and Red Rust, I found Ziggys Lust. Major Tom knew it would not be too long. Tell hiz Wife he Loved her so. (I Love you Tom). She Knows. He had the Mad itch to play the Queen bitch. Amber Angel with Hood-strap and Mind Wrap. TVC15 waz Mine. TVC15 iz Mine. Andy Warhol he’s a Scream. Andy Warhol iz part ov the Scene. Hold Me, Touch Me. She Turns Me On. (John ? ) Don’t get Me wrong I’m only Dancing. And Romancing. Never thought I’d see the day, kum what May. He only left hiz Sorrow. Sorrow …. I Cried the Day That Bowie Died. I Cried the Day that Bowie Died ~ I Died the Day Bowie Died ~

VAMPYRESS- I Cried When Bowie Died

My writing style starts with Emotion or an interest that draws My Attention. I don’t know scales or bars. I arrange the Lyrics around the rhythm changes. I also pick the rhythm where the Lyrics fit that the Mood ov the Song.

……………………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………………………………….. DR QUAMTUN & MRS LOTUS -(Vampyress-unreleased) -(Zewizz)- 2016

Doctor Quamtum and Mrs Lotus … Scientist with Succubus. Hiz sentment iz so Surreal. Her Flowered vein, it still steals DNA. Wondering if I Find a Way to Open up for Us to See. Lights into Days, Days into Nights. Shows us our Life. We’ll be out ov here. We’ll be Lost Forever. Gamma Face and Atomic Space. We’ll be out ov here, and we will be lost Forever. Out ov here to the Exosphere. No one goez and No one knows. Dr Quamtum knows the way. To be Lost Forever. By the time the Agency kums for Me, We’ll be gone again Permanently ….

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: VICTMM – (Drastic Perversions-(vinyl Comp. LP) -(Zewizz) 1983


DOWN BELOW~ ( SLEEPCHAMBER~ Scopolamine /Unreleased ) -(Zewizz)- 2014

There iz No Grace, In the Human Race. Fucking.. Jesus says He sees us …..Pray for sucicide ov the Species. Its all gone Wrong, and its Won’t be long. Our eye corronna, See a Super Nova. While cloning Souls from salad bowls. Can a shappened life kill a Human knife ? While Coperate Spies tell fucking Liez … Beyond all amaze ~ Where to begin ? With Original Sin ? … Cain & Abel on a Blood soaked table. And The Mistake by Alisander the Great … slaughtered millions and called it hate. Its all a little too late, A little too late. To care about any Myarters mistake. Just live & Learn, Get ready to burn. Where to begin, Now Mortal Sin ? I Never Declined to be Devine. With a Steel-built spine. I’ll always inquire about theze Fucking wires. And all Gods liars. Who build Human Fires- Spilled more blood then even the Flood. What Souls get saved from being Deprved…. And a Love thats Craved. Necks will crack when its time to when its time to kum back. There’s all theze whispers in your ears. Its Time to go. Void any ov your Fears., soaked in Angel tears. Known az satins beer. Its tit for tat, and you know that Now you’ve Sinned. And time haz been spent.

DOWN BELOW – Cover by Kay Tue


INFATUATION~ (SLEEPCHAMBER~Some Godz Die Young)-(Zewizz hand written Lyrics) 1994

CATWOMAN~(Siamese Succubi) (Zewizz) 1993

SLEEPCHAMBER~ “Catwoman” 12″ Vinyl Version


ONLY AN ANGEL -(Some Godz Die Young)-(Zewizz) 1996

An aura ov Safire. Her Lips suck barbed wire. Sensuous iz the Satyr, Malicious Masturbator. Only an Angel, Evokes a Vampire … Only an Angel, Evokes a Vampire … Only an Angel, Evokes a Vampire … When the liar sees the fire. She dreams ov your agony. She lusts for your screams. Frigid flower ov all ills. Her dark oils ov scents She spills. Only an Angel, Evokes a Vampire … Only an Angel, Evokes a Vampire … Only an Angel, Evokes a Vampire … Hate the daylight, Out at midnight. Love the Twilight. Placid iz the fire, the agony … Only an Angel, Evokes a Vampire … Only an Angel, Evokes a Vampire … Only an Angel, Evokes a Vampire …

SLEEPCHAMBER~ Only an Angel -(Filmed by Paul Johnson) at Insane Asylum


2012 -(Zewizz Solo 2012)- (Zewizz)- 2011

2012- All sales we see what you say. Kum what may. Round and round, World upside down. Keeper ov the reaper, Sargent ov the sneaker. World ov toy soldiers. Save our Souls. Flesh in salad bowls. Moments ov Love, say what you reap. Swelter in Helter-Skelter. 2012 Orgies ov rubies, Species ov incompetence. 2012 Selfish iz their wish, selfish iz their wish. 2012 The greed ov refusing to coincide. 2012 -2012 Liar on fire. Navigate, reciprocate. The end ov it all. 2012 Forget to dress in access. 2012 The end ov it all. In the sands ov the under hand. 2012 The end ov it all. Even for the healthy, even for the wealthy. Free trade for the lampshade. Obey what I say. 2012 See what you say, its not far away. 2012 -2012 See what you say, its not far away … The footpath from the aftermath. Polinade-Prominade. The worlds hand grenade. 2012 Delve- see what you say, its not far away. The best way to test your Soul. Its not far away. Save our Souls. Save our Souls … Places you creep, darker than deep. No time to weep. 2012 Not too far away, do what you say. Confirm the Firm ~

(USA Copy-(Inner-X-Musick/ Italian Copy-(Old Europia Cafe-Italy). Some Song differences include the 2012 Title track mix and ‘I WANT YOU’-(different version).

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