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SLEPCHAMBER PERFORMANCES at MANRAY Nightclub- Cambridge, Mass. The Number 1 House Club that SLEEP CHAMBER seen az Paramount to our multi underground supporters. Representing the Fetish, Bondage, Gay and abstract Individuals. SLEEP CHAMBER developed its own culture ov Eroticka. The local underground sexual scene waz not happy when I waz not interested in leading their underground scene. SLEEP CHAMBER had been doing it since 1983 and had our own Pride to establish. The 1990s people were looking for a leader. I waz greatfull but refused this sexual political position because SLEEP CHAMBER waz international by then.


SLEEP CHAMBER waz performing at a Nightclub in Central Square Cambridge called GROUND ZERO. It waz a small Goth Club. I asked the manager ‘Terry’ if she waz into having SLEEP CHAMBER perform there. It waz a small club. But I told her we could fit in. SLEEP CHAMBER started playing shows in 1988. Up until 1990. SLEEP CHAMBER waz the first band to perform there and we were the final band that closed the club in 1990. It waz a very mixed crowd ov goths, gays, fetishists, and nightclubbers. K00l ~ I did not realize at the time the same owner ov GROUND ZERO-(Don)- also owned a larger dance venue around the corner called MANRAY. It usually drew in high end college students and luxury gays. It waz not my type ov underground scene. It waz more upper class suits. The one time I went there I actually met JFK jr. leaving in the doorway. Don, the owner said “Tell the family I said Hi” …I looked at him face to face and we both humbly just nodded and said “Hi” to each other. That waz my first experience with this Nightclub called MANRAY. GROUND ZERO built up a reputation in the Industrial and Goth Musick scene fast. It waz not long till the bondage and fetish people felt comfortable hanging out. Then organizers and managers started to book bands there after SLEEP CHAMBER had established it az an alternate/underground Musick venue. SLEEP CHAMBER released a vinyl LP/cassette & VHS tape titled SHARP SPIKES & SPURS-(Live @ Ground Zero 2/8/1989. Featuring the Band Line-Up-(Tione-Guitar, Eugene Difrancisco-Guitar & Percussion, Jonathan Briley-Synths, John Zewizz-Vocals & Violin). Larry Van Horn-Sound mixer. And at times Laura Chopelas-Sax. Every show at GROUND ZERO waz Great. There waz such a demand for underground Musick to go with the scene. SLEEP CHAMBER also attracted a rogue element ov individual sexuality and an uninhibited acceptance to all forms ov sexual Fetishism. SLEEP CHAMBER had been up front about their sexual eroticka and a liberation ov the social norms that dominated the Boston Musick scene. Literally despised and dismissed az ‘Anti-Musick’ or unimportant to listings ov Boston Bands or Boston Musick. Yet, the more SLEEP CHAMBER waz rejected by the norm Musick scene (80’s & 90’s) in Boston, the more we became more popular and in-Demand within the underground nightclub scene. This waz all pre BARBITCHUETTE performances. It waz the sexual politics ov a scene that needed no acceptance from Radio DJs or Musick magazines. This iz where the term and eventual attitude THE ULTIMATE MINORITY evolved from.

The 1st GROUND ZERO Performance. Released az a Live VHS-video tape, Cassette & Vinyl LP. 1989 called “SHARP SPIKES & SPURS”


I will list the Set-Lists from GROUND ZERO later. I have to archive VHS tapes. I know one thing the Band Line-Up changed in 1990 from Jonathan Briley being replaced by Arthur Woznic. I waz so fustrated with some ov the Live performances at THE LIZARD LOUNGE and THE RAT Club that I waz ready to lay back with Live shows. The SHARP SPIKES & SPURS Live show made a break through in Live performances for SLEEP CHAMBER. Most band members were “Leos”. With a “Leo/Virgo cusp”. Too many Alphas. Maybe I just did not have my shit together. But I knew what kind ov performances I wanted from the Line-Ups. And waz not satisfied with the Live sound. The GROUND ZERO Show from Feb. 8th 1989 somehow worked in my favor. So much so I had a 1000 Numbered Vinyl Lps made and a cassette-(c-90)-and VHS-video tape-(2-camera shoot) released. The cassette & VHS included the complete performance.


Cassette Release-(Complete 90-minute Show)-
Eugene Difrancisco & John Zewizz from SHARP SPIKES & SPURS VHS 1989 Live Video
Eugene Difrancisco & John Zewizz 1989 by Sue Chopelas

BAND LINE-UPs for GROUND ZERO 1989-1990- (Jonathan Briley-Synths, Percussion, Vocals & back vocals / Larry Van Horn-Bass / Eugene Difrancisco- Guitar, Bass, Talk-Box, & Bongos / Tione-Guitar / Arthur Woznic-Synths / Laura Chopelas- Sax / Ashley Swanson- Guitar / John Zewizz- Vocals, Violin, Percussion).


1990 handbill

The MANRAY SHOWS Started in 1990. It waz a NEW YEARS EVE Show. I waz interested in doing a ROLLING STONES Cover tune from their SOME GIRLS release I favored. We brought Dan Walker in for Drums because the song waz impossible to program on a drum machine. “When The Whip Kums Down”. The opening number. We never even rehearsed it. Not even once. Dan Walker had toured with SLEEP CHAMBER in 1990 on the Texas Tour. He waz playing percussion. Eugene Difrancisco iz an amazing Musician. He told me he could play the song and that waz it. Playing it on the dangerous side I trusted him. He had never let me down on playing Guitar before. So the below version waz performed without rehearsal. Arthur Woznic waz in a panic and angry at the move.

New Years Eve 1990-1991

TIME PERIOD ~ SLEEP CHAMBER had just done a small Tour ov Texas. (TIONE, ARTHUR WOZNIC, JONATHAN BRILEY, JOHN ZEWIZZ) Aug/1989 So upon returning to Boston MANRAY asked SLEEP CHAMBER to headline on New Years by the end ov 1989-1990. I will update this page with the SET LIST. I just have to review the VHS tapes. Not very good footage-(Camera #1) and Camera #2 waz hooked up to the soundboard for rekording the show. That’s why the video only contains ‘Highlights’.


Honestly I can’t tell you how many shows SLEEP CHAMBER played at MANRAY. I can say we were the ‘House band’ every New Years Eve from 1990, for at least 6- shows. Last one waz on New Years 2000-2001. And ended THE BARBITCHUETTES. I had not kept up with them all. The owner ov MANRAY requested SLEEP CHAMBER perform after a missing year or two. He only gave me 2-weeks to get it all together. It waz impossible. The hired Guitarist went missing. And every BARBITCHUETTE backed out on that night. Leaving me with Bob Avakian on Synths and the one and only BARBITCHUETTE~ Semiramis to perform. We Sold Out and got a bonus for all the alcohol they sold. But the show waz the worst ever. I could claim it to be my worst fear ever. Az far az an entertainer anyway. Highly Paid mattered not.

I have found that there a few Live-videos on U-Tube listed az “Live at Lizard Lounge” that are actually MANRAY performances. I understand this waz done by accident. I understand. There are many shows. The way I can tell iz the stages and band line-ups. Not to mention what I’m wearing sometimes. Yrt, this iz where the mistake must have been made. I have worn the same cloths in a few shows if they were done in the same months. So, the black leather bike outfit I wore at MANRAY, LIZARD LOUNGE and VENUS Clubs in Boston in 1992-1993.

BARBITCHUETTES~ Veronica & Devlin-MANRAY 12/31/1993 by Kevin Kelly
John Zewizz- 5/1/1993-MANRAY by Kevin Kelly
MANRAY 1993 PROPAGANDA MAG/Fred Burger Proof Sheet #1
BARBITCHUETTE~ Veronica, Elaine Walker, John Zewizz-(MANRAY 1993)-by Fred Burger
BARBITCHUETTE~Candy, John Zewizz, Darline Victor-(Special guest) -MANRAY 1993 by Fred Burger
SLEEP CHAMBER~ “Submit to Desire”- MANRAY B&D BALL 1992-(2-camera mix)-
SLEEP CHAMBER~ Red Panties- (MANRAY B&D Ball 1992)-
SLEEP CHAMBER~ Catwoman- B&D Ball-(MANRAY 1992)-
Newspaper THE PHOENIX Ads 1993
SLEEP CHAMBER~ “Animal Magnetism” -MANRAY
WOMEN OF THE SS~ “Lick Me”-(MANRAY 1994)-
SLEEP CHAMBER~ May 1st 1993 w/BARBITCHUETTES -(Full Show)- Missing “Kiss The Whip”
Members ov SLEEP CHAMBER and some New BARBITCHUETTES went down to WZBC-Boston College Radio to Promote the MANRAY Show on New Years Eve. 1994-1995 -(Mature Viewing)-
1994 PHOENIX Newspaper AD
SLEEP CHAMBER~ “Kiss the Whip”~MANRAY 8/13/1994- Zewizz Birthday Show
SLEEP CHAMBER~ “Submit to Desire” -(MANRAY 8/13/1994) W/BARBITCHUETTES-(Zewizz Birthday)_
SLEEPCHAMBER~ Catwoman-(MANRAY 12/31/95)
SLEEP CHAMBER~ New Years Eve-MANRAY -(Backstage) 12/31/1995 w/BARBITCHUETTES -(Part #1)-
SLEEP CHAMBER~ Backstage New Years Eve-MANRAY 12/31/1995 w/BARBITCHUETTES -(part # 2)-
SLEEP CHAMBER~ New Years Eve-MANRAY 12/31/1995 (Highlights)- w/BARBITCHUETTES
SLEEP CHAMBER~ Red Panties-(MANRAY)- 1993
SLEEP CHAMBER~ Kiss the Whip-(MANRAY-New Years 1995) Filmed by “Rock Boston” Cable TV Cable Show
SLEEP CHAMBER~ Kiss The Whip-(MANRAY 1992) Private Party
John Zewizz & BARBITCHUETTES-Tia & Gabby -MANRAY 12/31/95 by Luna Tsuki
SLEEP CHAMBER~ Beside Dannae-(MANRAY-New Years Eve 1995)
John Zewizz & BARBITCHUETTES~ Marie & Rachelle-MANRAY 12/31/95 by Kevin Kelly
1994 FLYER
SLEEP CHAMBER & BARBITCHUETTES-1992-Stage Shot by Lisa Gourleyx
BARBITCHUETTE~ Laura , John Zewizz and Craig Wein-MANRAY 1994 by Lisa Gourleyx
John Zewizz with BARBITCHUETTES- Sonyia & Devlin-MANRAY 1993 by Lisa Gourleyx
The Historic visits to the Club MANRAY were amazing performances in the early 90s. Witch featured performances by THE BARBITCHUETTE dancers for SLEEP CHAMBER. An underground sexual movement. For people & Musick.

ABOVE PHOTO LINE UPS- (For 1994- MANRAY Shows). #1)- Jay Keegan-Drums & Percussion / #2)- Ashley Swanson-Guitar / #3)- John Zewizz-Vocals / #4)- Craig Wein-Synths & Guitar / #5)- Andrew Woolf-Percussion & synths. (1994 photo by LAURA GRAFF). NEXT Photo~ BARBITCHUETTES-(Promo picture)-for 1993-1995 Performances in Boston Only. (By John Zewizz)./ Last Photo waz MANRAY SLEEP CHAMBER Line-Up for 1984. In 1995 Spike Devitt waz added for a few 1995 performances at MANRAY, MIDDLE EAST and AVALON. (Photo by LAURA GRAFF)-


1990- Ashley Swanson-Guitar / Eugene Difrancisco-Guitar, Bass & Bongos./ Arthur Woznic- Keyboards & Synths / Dan Walker- Drums /John Zewizz- Vocals. 1991-1992- Ashley Swanson-Guitar / Eugene Difrancisco-Guitar, Bass & Bongos. /Arthur Woznic-Synths / John Zewizz- Vocals. 1992-1993- Ashley Swanson-Guitar,/ Laura Chopelas-Sax / Elaine Walker- Synths & Percussion / John Zewizz-Vocals. 1994- Ashley Swanson- Guitar /Jay Keegan-Drums/ Craig Wein-Synths / Andrew Woolf-Percussion & Synth / John Zewizz- Vocals. 1995- Ashley Swanson-Guitar / Jay Keegan- Drums & Percussion/ Craig Wein-Synths & Guitar / Andrew Woolf-Synths & Percussion/ John Zewizz-Vocals / {*}= Certain shows contained Laura Chopelas on Sax & Spike Devitt on Guitar. In 1993 Darline Victor waz a Special Guest on Bass at a MIDDLE EAST SHOW and then a MANRAY SHOW-(same week). Tione took Eugene Difrancisco’s place in 1991 a few times and even together. Playing dueling Guitars. They did not get together though. 1990-1995 SLEEP CHAMBER waz the headliner act for each NEW YEARS EVE Performance. 1999-2000 SLEEP CHAMBER waz asked to do MANRAY on New Years. Offering a great deal ov payment. Yet only 2-weeks to organize this event. I tried my best but in the end the performance waz below our standard. Way below our bar ov standard. But I waz locked into a Contract. The New Guitarist- vanished in fear that with 1-rehearsal SLEEP CHAMBER would fall. Bob Avakian filled in on Synths. Biggest issue that after those years gone by that THE BARBITCHUETTES were scattered everywhere and collecting them up for a New Big Show failed. They either had plans already or failed to show up. But I had the Queen BARBITCHUETTE- “Semiramis”. I do not remember plowing through a drunken haze ov a depressing performance az I felt. Ya, we had very few issues but they stood out. Many fans and admirers understood the situation and still pumped their energy into us. SLEEP CHAMBER Sold Out and got the extra Bonus for getting the show together in such short time. But NEVER AGAIN will I try to organize a performance and rehearsal with a Line Up in such short time.


(Upkuming / To be Posted) I am Referencing the VHS & Soundboard tape rekordings to get a true factual list ov Songs performed. Our Archives have all this information.

THIS IZ WHAT WE COULD FIT ON ONE BLOG – MANRAY PERFORMANCES ov SLEEP CHAMBER including Their BARBITCHUETTES. 1992-2000 Their were no less than 40 different BABBITCHUETTE Dancers & Performers. If you own the SLEEPING SICKNESS CD release I believe we listed almost all 40 ov them. This waz a True Magickal Event bringing Fetishism to such a high exposure and respect. This could not have been achieved by just my charm and enchantment. They believed in your admiration. Az you believed in theirs. We will attempt in the future to continue this MANRAY legecy in Updates. With will include more facts, photos, songs. and you know that we shot each performance with 2-Cameras. So, I’d like to post a few Crazy FULL PERFORMANCES – That takes a lot ov work. And assistance in the VHS transfering . So, after someone assists me we will offer you hundreds ov hours ov Live and some studio footage to enjoy.

THE BARBITCHUETTES- (My Concept)- Photo by Laura Graff 1994 A Project ov 10 years in Performance. I don’t see many that can beat such a concept ~ JOHN ZEWIZZ :: /:::

Craig Wein & Andrew Woolf- MANRAY 1994 -(photographer unknown)-
Ashley Swanson-MANRAY 1993 by Kevin Kelly
SLEEP CHAMBER~ Way ov The Flesh- (B&D Ball 1992)-

WATCH FOR “MANRAY SHOWS” Part #2 -Includes Exclusive FULL SHOWS and More ~

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