by John Zewizz

BOB AVAKIAN by Johnny Speed 2015 REST IN PEACE BROTHER …So Say All ov Us ….

This Bio ov Bobs life iz in No Way intended to be critical or slanderous. I speak ov Bob from the Times we spent together az Friends and az Band Members.

I first met Bob in Boston while living there az a Heroin addict-(1995). We constantly bumped into each other and became friends quickly. Even with a Gorilla on your back YOU find others who have the same outlook and insight to Life. Bob waz a very smart guy. We shared the same views on Theology, Philosophy, Politics, Mysticism, Musick and Drugs. We all suffer from one Emotional issue or another. Bob waz diagnosed with ‘Border Line Personality’. There were always very low periods where Bob checked himself into a Hospital to receive help with cutting himself and thoughts ov Suicide.

I found Bobs knowledge ov Musick to be above adverage. After visiting Germany under the direction ov Martin Prop in 1996 I requested Bob Tour with SLEEPCHAMBER on the 1997 Tour ov Germany but hiz addiction could not be maintained since mine waz Paramount and that waz more than what could be maintained. After returning back to Boston after the Tour I dumped the Band and hooked up with Bob and we started to rekord new SLEEPCHAMBER Musick. In 1999. Bob played Synths & Keyboards at our last New Years Eve Performance at MANRAY CLUB in Cambridge, Mass. (1999-2000)

The Performance just happen to be in the middle ov Many issues SLEEPCHAMBER waz dealing with. (Try managing 25+ people per Performance). I would say without Bob it would have been pretty much a karaoke show. Bob had also started a SUBOXONE program az I went for the METHADONE madness program. After about 5 years I resigned from the Medical METHADONE programs. Ya, I went to almost all ov them. Bob stopped the IV drug use after getting on the SUBOXONE. Which waz great. I had supported him for over 20 years. Letting him crash at 3 different apartments. I fed him and provided cigarettes. I shared everything with My friend Bob. We spent many conversations locked into everything from Magick to the problems ov Society. We also fought. But always returned to Our Friendship bond and Emotional ties. Bob spent a year in a Boston prison for possession ov Heroin. Even after being released Bob had the same personality. Hiz strong Emotional understanding ov the process kept him alive.

Many don’t know Bob waz inspired by The Beatles, Billy Preston, Miles Davis and others. Being quite off the track ov where I waz directing the SLEEPCHAMBER style. Yet, we always found middle ground. I had to take out the Billy Preston style keyboard out ov a few trax. Bob did 90% ov all Drum programs ov SLEEPCHAMBER Musick since 2009. All the Percussion for STOLEN SLEEP and SCOPOLAMINE CDs plus 50% ov JOHN ZEWIZZ~ “2012” solo CD. Bob haz done about 50% ov the Next SLEEPCHAMBER CDs drums. Sharing the input with KAY TUE and Myself. Bob also waz assisting in the VAMPYRESS rekordings. He did amazing work with Me and Madam Peacock. Like in”Dr Quantum & Mrs Lotus” . The Musick waz to be a SLEEPCHAMBER song. I wrote the Lyrics but SLEEPCHAMBER waz not in action at the time. Or paying attention. The Song “SCOPOLAMINE” waz also rekorded the same day. Bob waz funny. If I did not care for the Musickal track he would suggest we use it in another project. Like VAMPYRESS. And it always worked out. In 2013 Me and Bob worked with ABIGAIL POSVAR with a Song called “I WISH I WAZ THE MOON” . Abigail waz great to work with. Me and Bob did a few mixes. It waz great working with another female lead singer. This waz a new concept for Bob. He loved it. With tears in My Eyes I say I’ll see YOU soon Brother ~

2nd Mix 2012
Bob Avakian & John Zewizz on rekording with ABIGAIL POSVAR 2013
BOB AVAKIAN by Sandra Pepin 2018
VAMPYRESS 2016 song/Musick by Bob Avakian & John Zewizz
Title Track. Musick by Bob Avakian
Gimme”Sparks, John Zewizz, Bob Avakian 2012 by Gil

I always admired Bobs style ov Paino when included in some ov the SLEEPCHAMBER trax. Like in “SHE WANT YOU” (Never released) from the SCOPOLAMINE CD. Also the keyboard work in “SILVERSTAR” from the X-MAS CD-EP.

Written & arranged by John Zewizz. Musick by Bob Avakian 2012

Bob also did hiz first SLEEPCHAMBER Video. “Belladonna” from the SCOPOLAMINE unreleased CD. (az YOU can see YouTube got to it) ~ Sign in.

SLEEPCHAMBER~ Belladonna demo/ Video by Bob Avakian.

SCOPOLAMINE (Unreleased CD) 2011-Trax Rekorded. All Percussion and most keyboards by Bob Avakian. This iz the major list ov trax. Most can be found on YouTube. (from Rekording sessions info): Includes number ov ‘Versions’ : Scopolamine -(2), Belladonna-(8), Thru Your Eyes-(4), Lust Rate-(1), She Wants You-(1), Down Below-(5), Snake Eyes-(2), Jezabel-(3), Lennon 23-(1), Cocktails-(3), Striptease Dancer-(2), and a few others with blank or working titles. After the time lost by major problems the Band chose not to release the CD with the reason the Songs had bekum dated by New Material that waz rekorded afterwards. It waz a hard choice after a year ov working on this CD. Our Channel got its 3rd strike in 2-months. John Crow had just got BANNED FOREVER on YouTube. There iz No Love between SLEEPCHAMBER and YouTube. Half the Musick haz been uploaded 3 times. Now they hunt all the Musick posting ADULT-Sign in blocks to kill the views. They are not listed in the YouTube feed. Some not even in the google search.

John Zewizz & Bob Avakian (summer 2022)
Bob Avakian & TICK-(Summer 2022)
SLEEPCHAMBER~(2022) Bob Avakian, John Zewizz, Tick

Az YOU can only imagine how much ov a Loss this iz to THE ULTIMATE MINORITY (F:AA:M) ~ Jamaja Jamaja ~

Bob Avakian in Inner-X-Studio 2021
Bob Avakian in Inner-X-Studio 2021
Bob Avakian in Inner-X-Studio 2021
Bob Avakian, John Zewizz & Tick at RAFFS PUB 2022
Bob Avakian in Inner-X-Studio 2022
John Zewizz & Bob Avakian-(last visit to Inner-X-Studio) 2022
John Zewizz & Bob Avakian in Inner-X-Studio 2019
Bob Avakian mixing studio session HIZ LAST WORK ~
The very last Musick released by Bob Avakian-(Musick by Bob Avakian & John Zewizz) 2016

BOB AVAKIAN iz a Massive Loss to the current SLEEPCHAMBER line-up.


ADDITIONS: November 11th -(3:23 am)-


I Just found a short Interview with BOB and I’m going to Post it soon. R.I.P. My Brother ~