FEMME FATAL by John Zewizz

WOMEN OF THE SS~ (MANRAY 93) by Luna Tsuki
WOMEN OF THE SS-(The MIDDLE EAST Club 93) by Luna Tsuki

WOMEN OF THE SS ~ Femme Fatal

(VHS TAPE ov the Videos)-“Naughty And Nice Nazis” 1993 (All Videos by John Zewizz)

STATEMENT : Women of the SS – “We Deplore Hate Crimes of Any Kind”

WOMEN OF THE SS-(1993 INNER-X-VHS Video Tape) by Cindy Von Buhler

I officially started WOMEN OF THE SS in 1984. I had been working with synth mixing on a SLEEP CHAMBER track. I liked getting lost in the mix ov synth waves. Some ov the material I waz working on with SLEEPCHAMBER were not in the same style az the main Project. I decided to start mixing foreign female accents for vocals. Some from porn in the beginning. See, one ov My personal Fetishes iz ‘Verbal Stimulation’. Mainly a foreign accent. To reach My Fetish within the WOMEN OF THE SS I quickly found actual Female vocals to narrate thru the track. Women with exotick accents. There were cassettes being released by INNER-X-RECORDS. I did have complete control over the material but had assistants with advice and choices. So many ov the cassettes were taken from collections ov Musick I waz working on at the time. Some cassettes had very minimal electronic material. I waz not that happy. Yet with all the cassettes Inner-X-Musick waz selling WOMEN OF THE SS the most. At times were out selling SLEEPCHAMBER. WOMEN OF THE SS waz to be a project I worked on when time allowed. And now its competing with My major Musick project (SLEEP CHAMBER). What I waz spending all everything on. (The Studios, marketing, Channels, etc). When it came to WOMEN OF THE SS I waz spending spare time. The underground Musick scene picked up on the Musick fast. I could not believe people were uploading it to YouTube. The Musick waz minimal in all honestly. The golden section to WOMEN OF THE SS waz the female vocals. (Lyrics).

The cassettes were selling faster than we could have them made. I started to take the Musick ov this project more serious. When working with the SS masters I started to really put much more attention into the concept ov the Musick. The early material waz much more ov a tape manipulation/samples concept. Now the Vocals were the most important. They carried the lust to the Fetish. Yet, the Musick must be just az important. My intention with the whole WOMEN OF THE SS project waz to capture the emotional eroticka ov the female vixen voice. Erotick, dirty and just wildly arousing. I had captured real emotion in SLEEPCHAMBER-(‘Silvermoon’ w/phone and ‘Forever and a Moment’). Theze were emotions ov sadness. What about capturing arousal in a Musickal concept ? If YOU are comfortable with your Fetishes and Turn-ons then YOU will understand what (in confidence) works for YOU. That means that there others with the same Fetishes. Now I wanted a naturally empowered Woman. Add the forbidden uniform. One ov the Rarest Fetishes to compose on a burlesque stage. No Politics. FUCK THAT. To prove that WOMEN OF THE SS waz a surreal-Fetish type ov burlesque that contains NO HATE or Political Shit YOU got to leave your inhibitions at the door. Many exciting Fetishes evolve from taboo superstition. I expected the ignorant, predictable and instant hatred for this simple Musick concept. I stopped going into detail explaining that WOMEN OF THE SS waz just a Fetish. Then I stopped defending it. I’ve excepted that it iz too taboo for most ov society. The Videos uploaded to YouTube were BANNED in most European countries. Try to defend a sexual Nazi video. (impossible). I guess I could just have called this Concept …THE WOMEN COPS, or try Any other female Uniform group. Ya, there iz no other exciting name that beats WOMEN OF THE SS. Anyone who haz ever heard the Lyrics to any ov the Musickal tracks would find that it iz all sexual. All Sexual. My Fetish arranged in Musick. I stand behind it. I’ve had women quit. It waz only to form WOMEN OF SODOM. No connection to Inner-X-Musick or Me. The Women who performed WOMEN OF THE SS live moved on to that project.

I found several different choices when rekording the Vocals. One girl from The Czech and another from Russia. A Jewish Russian ? YUP. This iz where some should See that WOMEN OF THE SS iz a burlesque concept. NOT POLITICAL. But a fetish concept that included direct sexual narration. Or stimulation. I guess it depends on your Fetish.

I got a week off on Facebook for Posting the above ‘Barbie Doll’. FB Noted that it waz considered a ‘Hate Image’.

Even though I did not expect it, WOMEN OF THE SS waz gaining more popularity than I could keep up with. Managing SLEEP CHAMBER and this project waz getting impossible. The first vinyl 7″EP “Possession ov the Matrix” Sold Out instantly. (Found vocal/ synth wave). 2500 Copies made with picture sleeve. (below).

The very first Live performance waz at INNERSLEEVE RECORD SHOP. About 50 people. It waz packed. Rachelle Royer did the vocals and danced nude in a cloud ov smoke. The Musick waz rekorded on a Fostex 4-track. I arranged the Musick to be panned from 4 large monitor speakers. Making it a Quadraphonic Live performance. Each track had its monitor. The sound waz amazing coming from front to back and side to side. It waz released az a cassette only. Mostly Musick. (There does exist a video ov this show). It waz one ov the last performances at INNERSLEEVE RECORDS. 12/21/84 (side one) .

At this time period there were about 5 cassettes released. The Vinyl single got many other labels interested in getting WOMEN OF THE SS on their international electronic compilations. Cassettes and Vinyl. (CDs had yet to exist). The WOMEN OF THE SS products are few. Rare ? All ov them are ov course. I made it clear from the start with My Musick. Its Underground and iz not made for the masses. YOU can see WOMEN OF THE SS being a ‘Fetish Product’. When I first saw the peek in the project waz when google had pictures ov the cassettes and a few images. It waz in some sort ov competition with ROB ZOMBIES~ “WAREWOLF WOMEN OF THE SS”. I assume WOMEN OF THE SS waz established before ROB ZOMBIE’S Old-Grindhouse Film style project ? We also have the Classic ILSA-SHEWOLF OV THE SS. (I’d have to admit an major inspiration). It waz filmed on the HOGAN HEROS Film set.

Not having enuff problems with YouTube After the popularity ov WOMEN OF THE SS grew and PC culture grew YouTube started removing uploads with a claim ov ‘3rd Party Contract’ ???. Google haz also reduced pix and info with an ‘All-ov-A-Sudden’ surge ov Real Nazi Women of the SS and a favoritism to ROB ZOMBIES SS projects. Yet, they who matter know what iz Underground Musick and Fetish-burlesque really iz. Pick your entertainment. Serious or joking. The images and concept iz that ov the ‘Femme Fatal’ in an alpha-fetish state. Most men favor a strong aggressive woman. (most). Everyone haz a different attraction. MINE iz this concept. It iz the dominant female in uniform. This does not make Me a submissive. Far from it. Az the fetish grows the Musick evolves. The Videos will be released on DVD by 2022. Including from the Original Master : AND AZ I WAZ-(unedited) Opening video UNEDITED Version. The video that waz Removed from YouTube also known az “NAUGHTY & NICE NAZIS”. It waz an edited version at around 12 minutes. Original version 15 min and footage left off the YouTube version. Removed after 5 years and around 151 thousand views. (Banned in Israel, Germany and other Countries). Reason being “it waz making people feel uncomfortable”. Other videos include: WATERSPORTS, BLUE & BLACK ROOM, TRYING TO PLEASE THE SS, PIANO TIME, SS PET, I AM WOMAN OF THE SS, SS-TRAILER, SS-Backstage Club Babyhead-TV, and maybe a couple others.

I have WOMEN OF THE SS Musick from different periods ov the 90’s left to release. I have had offers and I have had rip-offs. There are only a few videos. I made all 8 out ov 11 ov them. Most ov the footage iz from CINDY’S house. At the Piano Room and upstairs in bed. All shot on the same day.-(9-hours)-I got to admit this video session will go into My little black book ov “Best Sexual Adventures”. Never to be forgotten. We also made a STOLI VODKA fake Ad that’s pretty funny. There were 2 or 3 videos up on YouTube for awhile that were made by fans. I’m pretty sure from Europe. Pro quality. They were eventually removed. The videos were pretty good too. A Must to any serious collector.


In the early 90’s WOMEN OF THE SS waz popular enuff to be an opening act for SLEEPCHAMBER. I waz working with BARBITCHUETTE dancers at the time. There were a few alpha females that were ready to crash into each other. Organizing 10 women at a time iz hard for Anyone & Everyone. WOMEN OF THE SS being an opener for SLEEP CHAMBER worked in too many ways not to do it. I took a few ov the BARBITCHUETTE girls that were friends and asked their alpha CINDY if she wanted to perform the concept WOMEN OF THE SS live. Since theze girls were already BARBITCHUETTES the offer only gave CINDY more freedom. She agreed and waz very excited to run the whole show ov SS. I rekorded some random noize and electronics on a DAT tape and they made up their own sexual lyrics. A nice touch waz CINDY arranging the original SS theme live in person. The Live WOMEN OF THE SS performances took males from the audience and put them in cages, melted wax on them, whipped them, and even gave a few enemas. Truly an original performance. Overly sexual ? Sure.


WOMEN OF THE SS material-wize iz not like SLEEPCHAMBER. (more unreleased than released). What iz left to release iz a few early trax and about a CDs worth ov the last material I rekorded. (2010-2012). The sound iz high end dbx stereo. One track iz up on YouTube. This track iz the quality and style ov remaining unreleased material. (below).

STILL from WOMEN OF THE SS video. 1993

After performing Boston, Cambridge, Providence, and New York City WOMEN OF THE SS disbanded and transformed into a more safer name: WOMEN OF SODOM. It waz also no longer under the control ov JOHN ZEWIZZ. There were some unhappy moments between the break from WOMEN OF THE SS. Plainly, just who waz in control ov the concept. Since it waz clearly ZEWIZZ. They went their way and they released a CD under the name WOMEN OF SODOM. Then vanished. CINDY made it to some female magazine covers for her Musick work in Boston. They had better Musick for the WOMEN OF SODOM CD but went kinda alternative rock. Everyone knows thats a killing field to maintain. The last time I saw CINDY she admitted to Me she never knew how hard it waz to run a band. We both laughed.


WOMEN OF THE SS VIDEOS~ I filmed them in a weekend. CINDY had the perfect house to film theze videos. Very unusual. Red Walls, a piano, and real lace curtains. LARISSA had the perfect Russian accent. I Loved it. I say the best out ov all the vocalists. Most ov the vocal narration I use in WOMEN OF THE SS iz not even German. Again, the exotick accent gives the track its full effect. Including the lyrics ov course. Filming the session waz getting sexually charged. Az some ov My videos do. Being original and unique iz all about the project and not the temptations. Watch for the DVD release this summer-(2022).

WOMEN OF THE SS ~ (promo Poster by John Zewizz) 1995
WOMEN OF THE SS~ (CD on RRRecords) 1993

WOMEN OF THE SS ~(images)

The Covers to their CDs, Posters and Covers are all BANNED obviously on facebook and other Social Media Sites. I can understand why. No matter how YOU try to defend such a provokative image YOU are unable to bring such a Fetish Burlesque concept to society. Plainly for those with obscure taste. Most Fetishes are Taboo to begin with. Let those who understand not, complain and bitch from their self centered belief systems. This project waz made for the very few. Those who see Romance and attraction in an Inage ov a ‘Empowered Woman’. I see not submission from My part. Just a Woman that haz reached a Fantasy ov equal or even more established confidence and Will power.

WOMEN OF THE SS~ (Larissa & Cindy) MANRAY 93 by Luna Tsuki
WOMEN OF THE SS-(inside cover to CD) 1993
WOMEN OF THE SS~ (hand-bill 1993) by Ashley Swanson
WOMEN OF THE SS~ (CD-back cover) 1993 by Ashley Swanson
WOMEN OF THE SS ~ (Middle East 93 flyer)
WOMEN OF THE SS~ Larissa-(Middle East 93) by Luna Tsuki

WOMEN OF THE SS ~ waz created to be for those who see this sexual Fetish a turn-on and not too much more. There iz No Politics behind the Image or the Songs. Even though out ov the 4-5 Performances there haz always been some sort ov drama. The short life ov this Inner-X-Project for Me lasted long enough. It haz left its mark and sent on the Underground Musick scene. I retired the concept in 2012. I also tried to do a last release-(CD) that year but ran short ov time and interest. I’m sure the 2012 CD will be issued. Along with the DVD ov their videos. Maybe a combined CD/DVD project ?

WOMEN OF THE SS~ Larissa -(by John Zewizz)
WOMEN OF THE SS~ “And Az I Waz” (video still 1992) by John Zewizz
WOMEN OF THE SS~ “SS Orgy” / “SS Bitch” ( 7’vinyl single )
WOMEN OF THE SS~ (Middle East Club 1993) by Luna Tsuki
WOMEN OF THE SS~ (Middle East Club 1993) by Luna Tsuki
WOMEN OF THE SS~ (Middle East Club 1993) by Luna Tsuki
WOMEN OF THE SS~ (Middle East Club 1993) by Luna Tsuki
WOMEN OF THE SS~ (promo image) by John Zewizz
WOMEN OF THE SS~ (MANRAY 94) by Luna Tsuki
WOMEN OF THE SS~ (MANRAY 93) by Luna Tsuki
WOMEN OF THE SS ~ Rare release (100 only) on Inner-X-Musick
WOMEN OF THE SS~ (Double C-90 cassette Box & booklet) on Inner-X-Musick -(50 made)
WOMEN OF THE SS~ (Still from “Blue & Black Room” Video) 1993 by John Zewizz
WOMEN OF THE SS~ (MANRAY 93) by Luna Tsuki
WOMEN OF THE SS ~ 1984 Benefit for John Zewizz in Detox
John Zewizz & Cynthia from WOMEN OF THE SS ~(backstage RAT Club-Boston)
WOMEN OF THE SS~ (MANRAY 93) by Luna Tsuki


Women of the SS started with cassette releases in the 80’s. By the 90’s they were ready to open for SLEEP CHAMBER. They did not take on a life ov their own. When I started THE BARBITCHUETTES in the mid 90’s sexuality waz high in the S&M / B&D movement. I waz asked to organize and represent this movement. I declined. I waz organizing My vixen BARBITCHUETTES. When I needed an opener I asked Cynthia if she would be able to do a live performance by WOMEN OF THE SS. Cynthia loved the idea. Besides her Larissa & Karri were already BARBITCHUETTES. So, I had some to spare. The original WOMEN OF THE SS group line up were already BARBITCHUETTES ~ John Zewizz~

Published by John Zewizz

Leader to SLEEPCHAMBER, WOMEN OF THE SS, VAMPYRESS, and others. Has worked on many electronic/ tribal releases in the past 40 years. Still making music. I waz born in England-(South End on Sea)-Essex. Grew up in Dorchester-Mass. Then at 17 I moved with My family to the South Shore-(Pembroke). I grew up in the 60's. Started making Musick in the 70's. Published a ROLLING STONES FAN CLUB in the early 70's called "SMOOTH". Then went on to publish "THE OTHER SOUND". A Mag that was full ov Underground Musick & Artists (late 70s-80s). Made about 11 International Compilation LPs, cassettes & CDs and Videos. Opened a Record shop in Allston,Mass.(1983-1986). Drove a Train for MBTA az a motorman (1988-1993) Then quit to run SleepChamber full time. Still making Musick and Video. WATCH for upcuming Site: THE ULTIMATE MINORITY. (The official History & Documentation ov My Musickal projects) up till present. Thanx for Your Support~ JOHN Z~

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